Chapter 826: The Exciting Event (Part Two)

”Brother Hui… ” Yu Qi greeted him.

She missed him so much.

”You have planned this, haven ’t you? ” Yu Qi asked.

Aunties are helping me too. ” Long Hui revealed everything.
”Do you like it? ”

I like it very much. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I still have something to do though. ” Long Hui said.

”What? You are leaving right now? ” Yu Qi could not help to feel sad.
She still wanted to be with him tonight.

”No… ” Long Hui reached out for something in his pocket.
Kneeled down on one leg while looking up to his beloved Qi Qi.

Yu Qi was surprised to see this situation.
Her brain could not process anything right now.

”Qi Qi, my life lit up when I have met you.
Before this, I have never felt that I will meet a woman like you.
On our first meeting, my eyes have seemed to follow you around.
My heart has always been filled with joy ever since I have met you, you are my dream that has come true, I have never thought that I will meet a wonderful girl like you.

You make everything beautiful when you are around, every moment I have spent with you is like I ’m in paradise on earth, I want to live closer to your heart for the rest of our life, I want you to be my wife and the lovely mother for our children to be, my sweet love, will you marry me? ” Long Hui opened the small box and offered the ring inside the box to Yu Qi.

Long Hui ’s speech was so romantic.
She was speechless.
She did not expect to be proposed tonight.

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui called Yu Qi.

He saw Yu Qi was looking very shocked.
’Does she hate being proposed like this? ’

Let me be your wife and the lovely mother for our children to be. ” It was clear.
Yu Qi smiled.

Listening to Yu Qi, Long Hui put on the ring onto Yu Qi ’s finger.
He stood up and kissed his beloved Qi Qi.

”My dear, thank you for accepting my proposal.
I will not let you down. ” Long Hui hugged while whispering in Yu Qi ’s ear.

Then, they could hear the cheers around him.
Looked like they got an audience.
Ming Yue, Su Xiao, Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei were there.
Tang Jin Wei was holding the camera recording what was in front of him.

The maids had already watched it.
They let out the excited shouts seeing their young miss being proposed to by her boyfriend.
What an exciting event.
They suited each other.

”It is a very sweet proposal. ”

”Our young miss actually does not know there will be a proposal tonight. ”

”Really? ”

Both of our madams have hidden the event. ”

”Kya!!! That is very exciting… ”

”Okay…The event has already ended.
Let ’s go and continue to work. ” Bulter Huang dismissed all the maids that watched the event.

”Let ’s have dinner. ” Tang Jin Wei called the couple to enter.

”You can talk more tonight. ” Ming Yue gave an ambiguous look to the couple.

Yu Qi and Long Hui looked at each other while smiled shyly hearing Ming Yue ’s words.

At the dining table, only Ming Yue, Su Xiao, Tang Jin Wei, Tang Han Lee and the couple were there.
Both of Yu Qi ’s uncles had the night shift as well as Tang Qin Hao.

”Mum, when did you plan this? ” Tang Jin Wei asked while they were eating.

A week ago.
Xiao Hui came and asked for our advice, right, Su Xiao? ” Ming Yue excitedly revealed the plan while looking at Su Xiao.

It was very funny. ” Su Xiao nodded.

Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei looked at each other.
Their mother and auntie used people ’s love as their entertainment.

”You have recorded everything, right? ” Ming Yue asked her son.

I have gotten everything in the camera. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.

”Okay. ” Tang Jin Wei made a signal ’okay ’ with his fingers.

”By the way, Xiao Hui, tomorrow, your grandfather will be coming here, right? ” Ming Yue turned to Long Hui.

”Yes. ” Long Hui answered in one word.

”Then, we need to do some preparation. ” Ming Yue clapped her hand.

”Your grandfather wants to come tomorrow? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

”Yes. ” Long Hui nodded.

”But why? ”

”To discuss our marriage. ” Long Hui mentioned it like it was a normal thing.

”What? Marriage? ” Yu Qi was shocked.

”Of course.
You have already agreed to marry me.
So, we need to proceed to the next stage. ” Long Hui explained.

”I see.
Does my grandpa know about this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I have already discussed with him.
He knows. ” Long Hui nodded.

Does the secret thing that you have been talking about with my Grandpa is this matter? ” Yu Qi remembered that Long Hui seemed to talk in riddles with her grandpa.

”Indeed. ” Long Hui nodded again.

”You have kept a secret like this from me… ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui while pouting her cheeks.

Long Hui smiled.
Using his finger, he touched her pouting cheek.

”Don ’t touch my cheek. ” Yu Qi turned her head around.

”I am sorry, okay? I will not do it again. ” Long Hui smiled while coaxing his beloved Qi Qi.

”Hmph! ” Yu Qi ignored Long Hui.


Both Ming Yue and Su Xiao looked at them with smiles on their faces.
Yu Qi had actually forgotten that she was not alone with Long Hui.
Her aunties and her brother were there too.

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