”Long time no see. ” The woman named Sophie smiled at Lu Qina.

Yu Qi and Feng Yue looked at each other.
Yu Qi asked Feng Yue whether she knew the woman.
Feng Yue shook her head.

”Yeah, long time no see. ” Lu Qina twitched her lips.

”Don ’t look at me like that.
Are we are friends, right? ” Sophie chuckled.

”Friends? After what you have done to Tiang Tiang? You dare to call me friend? ” Lu Qina growled.

”It is not my fault.
After I am more beautiful than her.
That is why Brother Lian has chosen me.
But in the end, he is not suitable for me. ” Sophie laughed.

”You shameless whore. ” Lu Qina sneered.

”What do you say to me? ” Sophie glared back at Lu Qina.

”Oh, I don ’t know that you are deaf.
I will repeat it again.
Shameless whore. ” Lu Qina mocked her at the beginning of the sentence and repeated the last two words with a slightly higher voice.

Sophie stepped forward to slap Lu Qina.
However, she was held back by someone else.

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”Don ’t you dare slap my wife? Or I will make a hell of your life. ” Fu Shi Zian pushed Sophie ’s hand.

Sophie was pushed back.
She looked at Fu Shi Zian.
She heard that Lu Qina had been married to a man.
However, she did not pay much attention to him since at that time, she was tied with someone else who suited her taste.
Now, when she looked at him, she was impressed with Fu Shi Zian ’s looks.

”Your husband is good looking one. ” Sophie licked her tongue.

”Humph!!! Now you want to seduce my husband? You can try. ” Lu Qina smirked.

”Seducing me with that look and body? Are you joking? ” Fu Shi Zian rolled his eyes.

Sophie gritted her teeth before smiling brightly.
”You never know if you don ’t try. ”

Everyone was speechless.
Even the waitress that led them was shocked after hearing the statement.

”I have never seen a shameless woman like her before.
It is quite refreshing. ” Feng Yue said to Yu Qi without even lowering her tone.

Sophie just paid her attention to Lu Qina and Fu Shi Zian finally noticed that the others were with them.
She was startled after her eyes laid on Feng Yue ’s face.

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”Tiang? ” Sophie was blinking her eyes.
”How? Oh, I forget that she had been married and had a daughter.
You must be her daughter. ”

Feng Yue did not say anything.

”But she does not know how to keep her man stay with her.
Like Brother Lian, her husband cheated on her.
After she died, her husband brought the mistress and daughter back.
” Sophie was laughing.

This time, Feng Yue did not stay still.
She moved forward and slapped Sophie very hard.
Sophie fell to the ground.
There was some blood at the corner of Sophie ’s lips.

”You dare to slap me??? ” Sophie stood while holding her cheek.
She could feel her cheek had become red.

”I have already slapped you.
What do you want to do with me? ” Feng Yue sneered.

”Sure enough.
A child without a mother…
Your father probably doesn ’t like you much. ” Sophie replied.

”Sophie!!! ” Lu Qina shouted at Sophie.

”My mother is an unfortunate woman.
She has loved the wrong person.
But it is not something that you can casually comment about that. ” Feng Yue said.
”You should look at yourself.
Do you think that you are above my mother since you can grab her boyfriend before? You are just a whore.
Let ’s go.
We don ’t need to waste our time just for a woman like her. ”

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”Right. ” Lu Qina nodded.
She looked at Sophie and sneered at her.

Yu Qi walked away following others.
The waitress led them to the room again.

”Auntie Lu, who is she? ” Yu Qi whispered to Lu Qina.

”She is one of our friends before.
Yue ’s mother and I.
Even though she came from a poor family, we did not care much about that.
However, she was very calculative.
She actually wanted to be our friends because of the status.
And the most shameless thing she had to do was sleeping with Tiang Tiang ’s boyfriend.
Oh, Tiang Tiang is Long Tiang, Yue ’s mother.
After that, we cut off our friendship.
It had been a long time since I met her. ” Lu Qina explained.

”Oh… ” Yu Qi nodded several times.

”However, she did not know that Tiang Tiang did not like that Lian Wei bastard.
She accepted him because she thought they already knew each other for a long time.
So, when that Lian Wei bastard confessed to her, she easily accepted that. ” Lu Qina continued her story.
Then she sighed.
”Ah, I really pity Tiang Tiang, she did love a wrong person. ”

”You meant Auntie Tiang loved Yue ’s father? ” Yu Qi asked.

Uncle Long did not like him much.
But Tiang Tiang insisted to get married to him. ” Lu Qina remembered vividly the old times.

”Why does Grandfather dislike my father, Auntie Lu? ” The question from Feng Yue made both of them startled.

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They did not expect Feng Yue to listen to their conversation too.

”I don ’t know about that. ” Lu Qina answered.
”You need to ask your grandfather yourself about that. ”

”Oh… ” Feng Yue just nodded.
She remembered that her Grandpa Long did not like her father much.
She did not remember seeing both of them talked each other even her mother was still alive.

”Sir, Madam, Missus, your room are here. ” The waitress opened a room.

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