”You!!! ” Bo Ya was surprised to see Long Hui behind them.
He could not feel this man ’s presence at all.
”How long have you been standing behind us? ”

”When you have said that Bai Shu Jin has come to Qi Qi. ” Long Hui just being honest.

Bo Ya ’s eyes widened.
’F.u.c.k! He had stayed for a long time but I did not realize that.
Why did this happen? I should notice it once he was in my detection range. ’

Bo Ya looked at Long Hui curiously.
There was something with his body.
Bo Ya was firmed about that.

”Can you take me out? ” Long Hui asked.

In order to get out from this space, my master needs to bring you out personally. ” Bo Ya said.

”Is there anything that you can do about that? ” Long Hui gritted his teeth.
He wanted to come out to see his beloved Qi Qi.

It is the law.
Even I don ’t have the power to bring you out. ” Bo Ya told the truth.

Long Hui frowned.
When could his beloved Qi Qi come inside? Bo Ya observed Long Hui.

”However, I can tell my master that you are awake. ” Bo Ya said.

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”Oh? Thank you. ” Long Hui nodded.


Yu Qi was blinking after getting the report from Bo Ya through telepathy.
Bo Ya was informing her that Long Hui had been awake.

Yu Qi acknowledged that.
Thinking about the time difference between the outside world and her space, she believed that Long Hui had been resting well.

”Yu Qi, what are you thinking? ” Song Ha Ting asked when seeing Yu Qi dazed off.

”Huh? Oh, nothing. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

”She must be thinking about her boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim teased Yu Qi.

”Well, I am indeed thinking about him. ” Yu Qi admitted honestly.

”She has admitted it.
Oh, I am getting goosebumps. ” So Pang Lim shook her body.

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”By the way, what is the present that you have gotten from the man before? You look so happy about that. ” Mei Lilli was curious.

”Oh, that…
Let ’s say…
It is is another chance for me to make more money. ” Yu Qi grinned.

Qin Xia had given her a space to open the spa inside the world class resort that was currently being built in Guanying City.
The area was so big.
She was thinking to give some space to open a shop to sell the Qi Qi skincare products over there.

”You money-like monster… ” Mei Lilli chuckled.

”By the way, how about the gift from Senior Bai? What are you going to do with it? ” Ding Na An glanced at the other box in front of them

”I will return it. ” Yu Qi said.
She would never accept anything from that man.

”But, did Senior Bai said that he would not take it back? ” Song Ha Ting tilted her head over.

”Well, just not return to him but someone related with him. ” Yu Qi told Song Ha Ting.

”But who…
Oh, her… ” So Pang Lim understood what Yu Qi was trying to say.

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”Oh, you mean, Bai Feng Jiu? ” Ding Na An also got what Yu Qi was trying to say.

”Her graduation ceremony is in this evening. ” Mei Lilli said.
She looked over her watch.
”It is about time for them to finish. ”

I will go and hand over that gift to Bai Feng Jiu. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I want to follow you. ” So Pang Lim wanted to see a show.

”Me too…
Me too. ” Song Ha Ting also wanted to follow Yu Qi.

”I also have nothing to do. ” Mei Lilli grinned.

”Yeah. ” Ding Na An also nodded.

”I will return to my hotel then.
I am tired.
Let ’s have breakfast together tomorrow.
Since we will be going to leave. ” Yun Xiao yawned.
He was a little bit tired.

”Sure. ” Everyone agreed with that.

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So, the girls went to the hall.
Mei Lilli ’s guess was indeed right.
The ceremony was about to finish.
They were waiting outside to see Bai Feng Jiu.

Then Yu Qi saw Bai Feng Jiu walked out together with one older man and two older women.
Yu Qi recognized one of the older women.
It was Bai Jian, known as Mrs Bai, wife of Bai Group ’s chairman.

Yu Qi straight walked towards them.
Her friends did not follow her.
They just looked from the far.

Yu Qi stopped right before Bai Feng Jiu.
Bai Feng Jiu was very surprised to see Yu Qi here.

”Tang Yu Qi. ” Bai Feng Jiu said.

She looked at the things that Yu Qi was holding in her arms.
’Is that gift that her cousin, Bai Shu Jin has brought to Yu Qi? ’ She knew Bai Shu Jin told her about that.

At first, she thought that Bai Shu Jin prepared that gift for her.
When she asked about that, Bai Shu Jin straightly told her that it was his gift for Yu Qi.

”Bai Feng Jiu, here take it back.
Tell him that I don ’t need it.
Anyway, congratulations on your graduation. ” After giving the box to Bai Feng Jiu and saying what she needed to say, Yu Qi quickly left them giving Bai Feng Jiu no time to reply to her.

”What? ” Bai Feng Jiu could not process the thing right now.

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”What is all about? ” Bai Feng Jiu ’s mother asked.

”That girl is the one that Shu Jin likes right? ” Bai Jian also recognized Yu Qi.
She remembered that girl vividly since she was together with Yung Ha Ren.

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