”Thank you. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

”I will leave first.
You can tell us if you have something that you need. ” The girl said before leaving.

”Sister Mei, is it alright for him to sit at that place? We have been ordered to get him to sit at the VVIP section. ” The girl that greeted Grandpa Tang first asked her colleagues.

”You can see that he wants to sit with his family.
If we force him to sit at the VVIP section, he might feel offended.
I know we need to follow the orders but we also need to be flexsible, understand? ” The girl that with name ’Sister Mei ’ advised her colleagues.

”I see.
I have learnt my lesson. ” The girl nodded.

”Grandpa is really famous. ” Tang Jin Wei commented.

”This is nothing. ” Grandpa Tang raised his chin.

”Wow, Grandpa, you look so arrogant like this. ” Tang Jin Wei glanced to Grandpa Tang.

”You can enjoy privilege like this if you are in my place as well. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”No, thank.
I am already enjoying my life. ” Tang Jin Wei rejected straightforward.

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Yu Qi arrived at her arranged seat.
Beside her was Ding Na An.
Her other friends sat five seats away, not far from her.
She saw them and greeted them by waving her hand to them.

”Morning Yu Qi. ” Ding Na An said to Yu Qi.

Only the two of us are separate from them. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

Do you already remember your speech? ” Ding Na An asked.

The top students needed to prepare a speech to represent other students.
Since Yu Qi was the top student in her faculty, she had that responsibility.

I have already remembered it.
Don ’t worry. ” Yu Qi said.

The ceremony began with MC talked.
The MC introduced some of the VVIP that came to celebrate the graduation day with the students.
That included her grandfather.

When MC introduced Grandpa Tang, the camera zoomed in Grandpa Tang ’s face.
It showed on the big screen.
Grandpa Tang maintained a cool image.

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Yu Qi almost laughed as she saw her grandfather played a cool image on the screen since his real image was the opposite of it.

”Doctor Tang is really amazing.
It is my first time seeing him. ”

”Look at the three men beside Doctor Tang.
Is that his sons? ”

”I think the older one is his son and the younger ones are his grandsons. ”

”That ’s right.
The two handsome men is his grandson.
They are also a doctor that specialist in their own field. ”

”And to think, we are in the same year as Doctor Tang ’s granddaughter makes me proud of myself. ”

”Yeah. ”

The students talked among them.

The event continued with the Chancellor of the Starlight University ’s speech.
Then the audience had been entertained with the show made by the current students.

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After that, the event continued with the representing the students that had been successful graduated onto the stage by calling their names one by one.

Since Yu Qi was the top student of her batch, her name had been called first.
Hearing her name been called, she stood up, fix her robe and stepped onto the stage.

On the right of her corner eyes, she could see her family smiling while clapping their hands.
On the other side, her brother, Tang Jin Wei moved closer to the stage to take her pictures with that high definition camera that he mentioned just now.

The one who would be give the award was the Chancellor himself.

”Congratulations for your graduation.
I have been followed your progress and achievements, Miss Tang. ” The Chancellor congratulated Yu Qi.

”Thank you, Mr.
Sun. ” Yu Qi smiled.

While, they had been talking among them, the MC was talking about Yu Qi ’s achievement to the audience.

”As expected Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee was very impressed with his sister ’s achievement.

”I pick up a gem. ” Grandpa Tang clapped his hands loudly.

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The MC called another students to come up to the stage which was Ding Na An that had similar result with Yu Qi, only lower two points from Yu Qi.

The other student ’s names had been calling one by one.
The students of the Medical Faculty that had been successful graduated for this year was 100%.
Not one left or forcely extended their study.

Now it was time for Yu Qi to represent her speech.
She once again had been invited to go up onto the stage.
She had been given the microphone.

”Good morning to Our Chancellor, Mr Sun, the vice Chancellor, Mrs Wei, the VVIP, VIP, our professors and lecturers, my fellow friends who have graduated with me today and lastly to the audience.
It is my honour to receive a chance to present a speech here.

To tell you the truth, I have never imagined that I will be standing here with a title ’doctor to be ’.
Either in my life before, I imagine I will be going to be a doctor.

But everything change.
It is when I meet my grandfather.
At that time, I was just a teenager who happened going to the mountain to find some herbs.
And I find a precious ginseng.
So, I went to a herbs shop to sell that ginseng.

That was when I met my grandfather for the first time.
He took me as his disciple.
When he heard about my hard life, he adopted me as her granddaughter.
At that time, I still don ’t know who he was.
I thought that he was just a regular old doctor. ”

Yu Qi smiled and looked straight at Grandpa Tang.

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