Yu Qi could climb back but that was too difficult to doing so because the escalator was moving.
She might fall back.

So, Yu Qi observed her surroundings.
Looking for something that she could find to help her from falling down and getting injured in the process.
She saw the wires but it was so thin, she figured it would not be helping her at all.

Then she saw a poster.
The poster was indeed long.
It reached the first floor.
From what she could see, the poster was made up of some kind of cloth.
If she jumped and grabbed the poster, she could slide down.

But the distance of the poster was currently a little bit far from her.
She needed some accelerator to jump forward to the poster.

Using her hands, she swang forward and backward.
Seeing her act, people below were screaming. 

”Girl, hang on. ”

”Be strong. ”

A lot of encouraging words had been shouted from the people below.
Yu Qi ignored them.
She increased the speed of the swing.
When she felt the speed was enough, she jumped straight to the poster. 

Everyone keeps screaming.
Even louder than before.
The police and the paramedic were arrived at the scene and looked at Yu Qi ’s act.
They indeed felt it was very dangerous.

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However, Yu Qi successfully grabbed the poster.
She began to slide down.
From screaming in fear, the people below began to cheer to Yu Qi.
In the minute, she reached the first floor. 

’Aoi, where are you? ’ Yu Qi asked Aoi.

’Master, I ’m chasing the man.
He currently on the fourth floor.
I guess he wants to run to the parking car area on the fifth floor. ’ Aoi informed Yu Qi.

I ’m heading to you, now. ’ Yu Qi replied.

”Miss, are you okay? ” The police officer asked Yu Qi when he saw Yu Qi was standing up in silence.

”I ’m okay.
Can you step aside? I want to catch someone. ” Yu Qi asked the police officer.

Because Yu Qi sounded very cold, the people made a way for her to pass by.
Yu Qi ran toward the emergency stairs and climbed up.
She ran at high speed.
The police officers that ran behind Yu Qi were astonished by her speed.
In three minutes, Yu Qi already on the fifth floor.

Yu Qi found Aoi with the blood bond.
Aoi was currently 50 meters from her location.
She ran toward Aoi.
She saw Aoi.

’Master, there is him. ’ Aoi showed the man.

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Yu Qi approached the man from behind.
Because the man did not realize someone behind him, he could not avoid Yu Qi ’s kick.
The kick was very strong.
The man fell forward.

”What the f.u.c.k? ” The man cursed. 

Yu Qi turned the man facing her and gave the punch straight on his nose several times.
The man could not fight back. 

”That is the price for pushing me. ” Yu Qi pulled out the handkerchief and wiped the blood on her hand and looked down at the man.

The police officers arrived at the scene.
They could see the man was laid down and the girl seemed to wipe her hand. 

”What is going on here? ” One of the police officers asked Yu Qi.

”He is the man that pushed me off the escalator.
And he is probably the drug dealer. ” Yu Qi answered.

”What? ” 

The police officers quickly inspected the man ’s body and found about five packets of pills and some cash money.
The man wanted to struggle but the police officers hurriedly resistant the man.
The man had been handcuffed by the police officers.

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”If you don ’t push me, you will not be ended up with this. ” Yu Qi said to the man before the man brought away from the place.

The police officers that heard the sentence were dumbfounded.
The man was having the drug on his hand,  had just been caught because he pushed the girl. 

”Miss, can you follow us and make the sentence? ” The police officer said politely after seeing the savage side of the girl in front of him.

Yu Qi looked at her watch.
Well, she still got time. 

”Come Aoi, we have to stop by at the police station before going to the orphanage. ” Yu Qi called Aoi.

Yu Qi and Aoi ride the police car.
Arrived at the police station, Yu Qi and Aoi were bring into a room.
The police officer asked a few questions about her, like who was she? Where was she came from?

Yu Qi answered the truth, saying she was a student from Starlight University.
Coming here to visit the Harmony Orphanage. 

They also asked why she wanted to visit the orphanage.
Yu Qi directly said that was because she was also from that orphanage.
That made the police officer shut up for a moment.

So, they began to ask about the incident today.
Yu Qi began her story when she suddenly being pushed by the man and ended up falling from the escalator.
Using her own strength, she managed to save herself without getting any injuries.

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Then, the police officer asked how she knew that the man would be in the parking car area.
Yu Qi pointed to Aoi and saying, she had her dog ’s help. 

The police officers confirmed the story from the eye witness.
After recording everything that Yu Qi had just said, the police officer released Yu Qi and Aoi go.
They offered Yu Qi a drive to the Harmony Orphanage.

Yu Qi rejected their offer.
It would give a bad impression to the kids at the orphanage. 

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