”Where do you heard about that? ” Bai Shu Jin turned and lifted up his eyebrows to Wang De Ang.

I have my spies around you. ” Wang De Ang joked.

”Is she beautiful? ” Yian He could not help to ask that question.

Lian Guan knocked Yian He ’s head.

”Ouch! Why are you hitting me? ” Yian He held his head.

”But I have heard that she has rejected you. ” Wang De Ang raised his eyebrows.

”What? There is a woman dares to reject you? ” Yian He was shocked.

Lian Guan also reacted that same way.
Of course, it was shocking news.
A woman rejected such a handsome and rich man like Bai Shu Jin.

”She already has a boyfriend at the moment.
That is why she has rejected me. ” Bai Shu Jin made an excuse to make him felt better.

”Is her boyfriend more handsome or rich than you? That should not make sense she reject you just because she already has a boyfriend. ” Yian He said.

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”Well, I don ’t know about that.
But I still want to try again in the future. ” Bai Shu Jin gave a faint smile.

”That girl must be beautiful since our Shu Jin can not forget her.
Don ’t be sad, Shu Jin.
For today, let ’s drink. ” Yian He filled a glass with the drink and gave it to Bai Shu Jin.


”I can ’t believe that we are going to graduate soon. ” So Pang Lim said.

They already returned to the room after having fun on the dance stage.
So Pang Lim already in a drunk state.

I still don ’t have a boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim sighed.

”Why do you want to have a boyfriend so much? ” Mei Lilli asked.

She already heard multiple times that So Pang Lim wanted a boyfriend.
She was curious why So Pang Lim wanted to get a boyfriend so desperately.

”My aunties always brag about their daughters who have gotten wonderful boyfriends.
Then they will be asking me when will I get a boyfriend? My ears hurt when ever they ask me that question. ” So Pang Lim explained while crying.
Then, she poured another drink.

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Don ’t drink anymore.
You will be sick. ” Yu Qi prevented So Pang Lim from drinking too much.
”I think it is time for us to leave. ”

”No, I will not leave.
I want to drink and dance more. ” So Pang Lim cried even more.

Putting her hand on her forehead, Mei Lilli sighed.
”Pang Lim, we will leave you here. ”

”No~~~ Don ’t leave me. ” So Pang Lim shouted.

”Then, stand up and let ’s go. ” Mei Lilli sternly ordered So Pang Lim.

”Okay~~~. ” So Pang Lim obeyed followed Mei Lilli ’s order.

Song Ha Ting was getting closer to Ding Na An and whispered to Ding Na An.
”Lilli is like a mother to Pang Lim. ”

”Indeed. ” Ding Na An chuckled.

Mei Lilli and Ding Na An helped So Pang Lim to walk while Yun Xiao and Yu Qi went to settle the bills.
Coincidently when they were about to leave, they came across with Bai Shu Jin and his friends.
However, Yian He was the one who reacted first when seeing Yu Qi.

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”You are the girl from earlier ” Yian He shouted to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned around and saw Bai Shu Jin and the men that she just met before.
Seeing Bai Shu Jin here, Yu Qi clicked her tongue.

”Tsk. ” It was not too loud or too slow but everyone there could heard that since the payment area usually did not have many people.

”Miss Tang, long time no see. ” Bai Shu Jin greeted Yu Qi with smile on his lips.

Wang De Ang ’s eyes flashed some excitement.
Bai Shu Jin usually acting aloof and cold to women.
This time, he greeted this woman first.
Was this woman the rumoured woman?

”Oh, hello Mr.
Bai. ” Yu Qi greeted Bai Shu Jin and then turned around to leave.

Bai Shu Jin wanted to stop Yu Qi and talk with her more but seeing the expression on Yu Qi ’s face, he cancelled the idea.
It had been a long time since he saw her.
She looked better.

”Shu Jin, you know her? ” Yian He asked.

”She is from the same university as me. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

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”You know what? She is the woman that make my body stop moving for a few moments.
I wonder what she has done to me. ” Yian He told the earlier incident.

”To tell you, she is a doctor to be and granddaughter of the legendary doctor. ” Bai Shu Jin told his friends about Yu Qi ’s identity.

”What? Legendary doctor? You mean… ” Yian He was surprised.

”Only one person is worthy to be called ’legendary doctor ’ which is Doctor Tang Jiang Man.
No wonder…
No wonder… ” Lian Guan nodded several times.

”I have heard that the granddaughter of Doctor Tang is dating that ’Long Hui ’. ” Lian Guan said.

Hearing this, Yian He almost jumped due to shock.
”Are …
You sure about that? ”

”Yeah. ” Lian Guan nodded.

”Am I going to get killed by him? ” Gulp.
Yian He was shaking.

He had seen Long Hui before.
He was indeed handsome but he also looked murderous.
He wondered if that was how a soldier supposed to look like.

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”Relax, buddy.
I don ’t think Miss Tang will tell Mr.
Long about that.
But if she does tell Mr.
Long, I will lift up a candle and pray for you. ” Lian Guan laughed.

”You bastard. ” Yian He shouted angrily to Lian Guan.

Wang De Ang was still silent and observed Bai Shu Jin.
He already turned to ’normal ’ Bai Shu Jin.
If he was not quickly enough just now, he might missed that expression.

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