”Is that okay to do something like that? ” Song Ha Ting asked.
She was a little bit afraid with what happened just now.

”Don ’t worry.
He will be fine. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Both of them returned to their room.
Right now, Yu Qi was the one who led them into the right room.
When they entered the room, only Ding Na An was there.

”Where are the others? ” Yu Qi asked.

”They have gone to dance.
Both of you have gone to the toilet, right? Why have you taken so long? ” Ding Na An asked them back.

”We have encountered a problem just now.
But it have been solved. ” Yu Qi explained.
She did not go any detail of what happened just now.

Song Ha Ting also did not want to talk about it.
All after, it was her fault entering the wrong room and getting Yu Qi involved in that matter.

”Are they with Yun Xiao? ” Yu Qi asked about Mei Lilli and So Pang Lim.

”Yeah. ” Ding Na An nodded.

”Having a man with them is good. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”I can move again. ” The man that had been stuck by Yu Qi ’s needles gained his body movement again.

”Yian He, I think you better go and check with the doctor in case something bad happens to your body. ” Lian Guan, one of Yian He ’s friend gave the advise.

”That woman, if I see her again… ” Yian He could not continue the sentence.

”You what? I don ’t think you should provoke her.
She is not a normal girl.
She seems to be proficient in what she was doing to you just now.
I think if you disturb her again, you will die.
You see her ability just now. ” Wang Den Ang, another friend of Yian He said to Yian He.

Yian He gulped.
That girl was not simple.
Provoking her would not doing any good for him.

Then someone entered the room.
All eyes directly looking at the door to see who coming.
It was their friends, Bai Shu Jin.

”Shu Jin, you are here. ” Yian He greeted Bai Shu Jin.

They were Bai Shu Jin ’s childhood friends.
Their parents were either had a businesses family too or had a high position in the political career.

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Bai Shu Jin frowned as he entered the room and saw women in the room as well.
He thought it was just a gathering among themselves.

”What is this? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

”What? A party of course. ” Yian He grinned.

”With those women? ” Bai Shu Jin ’s dislike pointed to the women that sat beside his friends.

”Chill brother.
What party without women… ” Yian He played stupid.
Not like he did not know that Bai Shu Jin disliked women when they planned to drink together.

”I am going. ” Bai Shu Jin turned around to get out of the room.

Fine. ” Yian He gave up.
”You girls, time to go.
We will meet again. ” He ordered the girls to get out.

Some of them were reluctant to leave.
They even made flirtous eyes contact with Bai Shu Jin.
Of course, Bai Shu Jin ignored them.
Then, the girls left the room leaving only men inside the room.

”Shu Jin, you really have no fun. ” Yian He commented.

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”If you want to accompany by those girls, I will leave. ” Bai Shu Jin said.

Okay… ” Yian He said to Bai Shu Jin.

”Yian He, remember.
You just frozen because of one woman. ” Lian Guan reminded Yian He.

I just forget.
Don ’t remind me. ” Yian He was displeased with that incident.

”What happen? ” Bai Shu Jin inquired.

”Before you come inside, there are two chicks come into our room.
I thought they were hired girls.
Turned out they were not.
They wanted to go out but this idiot… ” Wang De Ang pointed to Yian He before continuing his story.
”He stopped them asking them to join us.
One of the girls got angry and did something to him. ”

”Something what? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

”We actually don ’t know.
But Yian He ’s body was frozen for fifteen minutes.
He could not move his body at all.
The girl approached Yian He and pulled the needles.
We were very shocked because we did not even know when the girl put the needles on Yian He.
Crazy, right? ” Lian Guan continued Wang De Ang ’s story.

”Oh, interesting. ” Bai Shu Jin also felt amazing toward the girl.

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”If I know the girl… ” Yian He said again.

”You know the girl and what? You might be frozen again by that girl. ” Lian Guan laughed.

Lian Guan was the one who pulled trick when Yian He in the freeze mode just now.
He pulled Yian He ’s hair, he pinched Yian He ’s cheek and many pranks that he did just now.

”But seriously that girl was indeed a beauty. ” Yian He grinned.

Bai Shu Jin did not pay much attention to the beauty mentioned by Yian He.

”Shu Jin, you must thinking that your dream girl is much better right? ” Wang De Ang looked at Bai Shu Jin.

Bai Shu Jin did not deny it.
Indeed compered to that person, he felt she was the most beautiful girl.

”What? You already got the girlfriend, Shu Jin? ” Yian He asked with interest.

It was a first time he heard about this.
Even Lian Guan became interested with the news.

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I don ’t have a girlfriend. ” Bai Shu Jin shook his head.

”But the thing about your dream girl is true, right? ” Wang De Ang asked.

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