Man Lee Hi immediately told her manager.
Her manager praised her very much.
However, Han Jue An felt he needed some money.
So, Man Lee Hi told her manager.

Man Lee Hi ’s manager did not think much about that.
She immediately gave Han Jue An the money that Han Jue An requested.
It would nothing much compared to profit that would be increasing later.


The police recorded the statement given by Han Jue An.
He gave full cooperation working with the police.
He told the detail how this happened.

Han Jue An told them everything because he felt that he could not run away.
And because of Yu Qi ’s words too.

Yu Qi told him that he better admit the truth so that his sentence would be lower.
So, he could get outside from the jail sooner to take care of his family.
Otherwise this case would be prologued for so long.

Listening that, Han Jue An felt that Yu Qi was right.
He was indeed in the wrong side.
Fighting that, it was useless.

On Man Lee Hi ’s side, the police still tried to make Man Lee Hi talked.
She still did not admit that.
She shook her head telling that Han Jue An was trying to frame her up.

She even made a story that Han Jue An fancied her.
However, she did not respond to Han Jue An making Han Jue An angry.
And that was why he wanted to frame her up.

She felt that she was so genius thinking of the great idea.
Actually she thought that Qi Qi Skincare did not have any evidence at all.
They just wanted to intimidate her in order to make her confessed.
She would not admit that.

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”You mean, she has told that Han Jue An has framed her up? ” Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai.

”Yes. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”Let her be for now.
How about Lovely Spa? Is there any movement? ” Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi.

The head of the Lovely Spa has quickly removed Qi Qi skincare from their treatment after viewing the evidence from us.
Even though Lovely Spa is backed up by Bai Group, she is scared to be involved in such problem like that. ” Su Yu Hi answered.

”Our aim here is not to make Lovely Spa close its business.
We just want to make sure that they can ’t use our product on their treatment. ” Yu Qi said.
Then she continued again.
”However, as for that woman, Man Lee Hi, made sure that she will be punished for that crime. ”

”Yu Qi, don ’t you think the recipe of the Qi Qi Skincare product has been leaked out? ” Ming Xuehai wondered.

I bet they have already taken to those labs since they really want to see what it contains.
And they will be trying to create the same product. ” Yu Qi predicted the scenario.

”Then, don ’t you think it will be very dangerous to us since they can create the same thing? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

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”You don ’t need to worry about that, Brother Xuehai.
Do you think my products are too easy to create if you just know the content? ” Yu Qi smirked.

”Oh… ” That came out from Ming Xuehai ’s mouth.

”You have to combine those ingredients in the correct order.
And before combining them, those ingredients need to be prepare in the specific condition.
My products is not easy to copy if you don ’t have the correct method. ” Yu Qi said with a smile lingering on her lips.

”I see.
You have already predicted it, right? ” Su Yu Hi chuckled.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered in a cute manner.


”Why don ’t they still don ’t send me a lawyer yet? ” Man Lee Hi was mumbling as the police officer was still in front of her.

The police officer chuckled.
He heard that mumbling.

”You think your boss really cares about you, right now? ” The police officer sneered to Man Lee Hi.

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”What do you mean by that? ” Man Lee Hi lifted her face and glared to the police officer.

”I think you have already understood what is the meaning of this. ” The police officer said.

They just can ’t abandoned me like this. ” Man Lee Hi began to shake her head.

She believed that Lovely Spa would never abandon her like this since she had been bringing the profit to Lovely Spa.

Another police officer came to the room and whispered something to the police officer that sat in front of Man Lee Hi.
He nodded as he understood what his colleague whispered to him.
His colleague went out after that.

”Someone wants to meet you. ” The police officer said to Man Lee Hi.

Listening to that, Man Lee Hi was immediately happy.
’See, they would never abandon me cruelly. ’

The police officer went out and invited those people that wanted to see her.
She was expecting.
However, she was dumbfounded as she saw the ones who walked into the room was her husband and another woman.

”Husband? Why are you here? ” Man Lee Hi was kind of confused.

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Then her expression changed again.
She smiled as she thought that it might be the Lovely Spa sent her husband to help her.
She completely ignored the woman beside her husband.

”You come to see me because Lovely Spa asked you, right? ” Man Lee Hi asked happily.

The husband and the woman looked at each other for a moment before staring back to Man Lee Hi.

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