Listening to the old man talking, Yu Qi ’s eyes turned cold.
’That old man thought to reward his bodyguards with her after he had finished? Are you so sure that I will just go with your plans willingly? Do you think I will give you the chance on doing so? ’ Yu Qi came out from hiding at fast speed.

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While running and dodging the bullets that came for her, Yu Qi also fired back.
When she made the shot, one fell down, one bullet, one life.
They could see that the shots she had fired were all aiming for the center of the forehead and she had yet to miss.

The remaining bodyguards suddenly felt scared when they were looking at this young girl.
This young girl definitely had been training a lot to make such a clean shot like that.
Why had they encountered her? She was a professional shooter for her to shoot with that accurate and precision aiming.

”Relax everyone, she will be running out of bullets very soon.
Then we can take her down after she has run out. ” One of the bodyguards shouted.

Yu Qi could only smile when she heard that remark.
She had come prepared.
She knew that only one pistol would not be enough, so she had already taken out a spare magazine full of bullets.
She knew this was the time to use the gun inside her space.
There was no better time to use it if she did not use it now.

Yu Qi wanted to play with them too, so, she randomly shot until the bullets were almost gone from her gun.
The bodyguards who saw this smiled.
Their prediction was right, this young girl ran out of bullets.

When they confirmed she was empty, they all came out from their hiding place.
They approached the location where the girl was hiding.
They could catch this young girl right now.

”Come out, come out, where ever you are, young girl.
You can not hide or run anymore. ” One of the bodyguards said.

Then something happened.
The bodyguard that was closest to Yu Qi ’s hiding place was shot.
One bullet through his forehead.
He immediately fell down.

”She still can shoot? ” The remaining bodyguards scrambled to find a place to hide.

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Unfortunately for them, Yu Qi ’s bullets were faster.
Adding to the fact that Yu Qi currently held the two guns in her hand, the remaining bodyguards no longer stood a chance and fell down, dead.
The only people left standing were the scarred man and the old man.
The scarred man actually did not join in the earlier battle, he was standing in the corner enjoying the show.

Yu Qi turned to the scarred man.
”Do you still want to fight me? ”

”No, I will not fight.
I know my limit. ” The scarred man said.

”Then… ” Like a devil, Yu Qi turned to the old man.

The old man was scared.
He wanted to run away from this devil girl, she was definitely not normal.
He had about fifty bodyguards, but right now, they were already dead, laying on the floor with a bullet in each of their heads.
He decided that there was no way for him to win and he needed to leave first.
However, the girl already saw through his plans.

”Where do you want to go, hmm? ”

Hearing this question coming from the young girl, the old man felt that he had been asked a question by the devil himself.
His body was frozen, he wanted to walk away from the devil girl but he could not.
His legs would not listen to his order.

Then the door was opened from outside.
A group of soldiers quickly, but quietly entered the room, guns out and scanning for the threat.
The soldiers were shocked when they saw what was waiting for them in the room.
Lifeless bodies were all around the villa.
This scene looked like a battle scene.
They could not believe their own eyes.

The old man felt like his saviors had come for him, saving him from this devil girl.
”Sir, please save me! That girl, she went crazy and started killing people. ” The old man shouted at the group of soldiers.

The old man could move his body now, so he ran towards the group of soldiers without realizing that the man in the very front of the group of soldiers lifted his gun and shooted at the old man.
The old man fell on the ground when the bullet hit his legs.
He looked at the man that shot him with a shocked look on his face.

The man ignored the old man and walked passed him.
His destination? Of course, to his beloved Qi Qi.
The man hugged the girl.

”Thank goddess.
You are safe. ” The man said.
The man was relieved when he saw that his beloved Qi Qi was safe and sound.

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The old man right now was looking at the man and woman who were hugging each other.
Just then he understood that this group of soldiers was not coming to save him, but rather the devil girl.
He was doomed.
Doomed because of one girl.
He was regretting his decision to have a taste of this girl and kidnapped her.
Otherwise, this situation would never have happened and his men would still be alive.
It was his lust that controlled him and brought him this misery.

Aoi was angry when he saw that Long Hui had stolen his master ’s attention and turned to the old man.
This old man kidnapped his master.
He must vent his anger on that old man.
His decision made, he rushed to the old man.
Using his sharp teeth, he bit the old man ’s hand.
The old man, who was still wallowing in regret, shouted in pain when a dog came and bit his hand.

Aoi released the man ’s hand when the old man wanted to hit him.
He growled to the old man.

’How dare you kidnap my master? You are courting death. ’ Aoi barked to the old man.

”Thank you for coming and saving me. ” Yu Qi said as she leaned into Long Hui ’s embrace.

”You are my life.
Of course, I will come and save you. ” Long Hui did not let Yu Qi go.

Then Yu Qi fainted.
When seeing his beloved Qi Qi faint, Long Hui lost it.
He quickly lifted her up and carried her in a princess carry and hurried out of the house.
Aoi, when he also saw his master faint became worried.

”Handle this.
I need to bring Qi Qi to the hospital. ” Long Hui passed his orders to Ren Qian Yi.

Accepting his order, Ren Qian Yi nodded.
He was also worried about his sister in law.
It was better than Long Hui brought her to the hospital first.
He would handle things here.

”Bring this old man to sit on the chair there. ” Ren Qian Yi ordered the other soldiers.

”Yes, sir. ” The soldiers brought out his order.

The old man was placed on the chair.
He was hissing in pain.
The soldiers that lifted him up seemed to forget about him having been shoot by their leader and been bitten by a dog. 

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Ren Qian Yi saw the scarred man that was standing in the corner.
Then he also asked the soldiers to bring him over for questioning.
The scarred man did not even fight, and carefully followed the soldier ’s order.

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