”Are you working with another spa, Yu Qi? ” Yung Ha Ten asked when Yu Qi visited her spa.

”Huh? What are you talking about, Auntie Yung? ” Yu Qi asked back.

”I have heard the rumour telling that Qi Qi Skincare had been signed a contract with Lovely Spa.
Even my friend has told me that they saw that spa using Qi Qi Skincare. ” Yung Ha Ten told Yu Qi about the situation.

”What? I don ’t remember signing a contract with anyone. ” Yu Qi frowned.

”But the information is given by my friend was not wrong. ” Yung Ha Ten said.

”There must be some kind of misunderstanding here.
I will call my staff to confirm about this. ” Yu Qi said to Yung Ha Ten.

Yu Qi excused herself from the spa.
She immediately called Su Yu Hi.

Yu Qi: ”Hello. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Hmm…
Hello. ”

Yu Qi: ”Are you busy right now? ”

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Su Yu Hi: ”Not really.
Why? ”

Yu Qi: ”I want something to confirm. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”What is the matter? ”

Yu Qi: ”Do you sign a contract with a spa? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”You did.
That History Spa. ”

Yu Qi: ”Not that spa. ”

Su Yu Hi: Not.
I don ’t think we have.
Since you want to develop that History Spa. ”

Yu Qi: ”I have received a report telling that a spa called Lovely Spa using our products. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”I see.
Let ’s investigate that. ”

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Yu Qi: ”You investigate from our side.
I will find out about that spa. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Got it.
Bye. ”

The call ended.

The spa could not get many Qi Qi Skincare products since she made a law that a customer could not buy too many products.
Only one set of them at the same time.

And all of them must be registered customers in order to make sure they were a genuine customer of Qi Qi Skincare due to the previous incident that someone wanted to cheat off the money by telling the sale they were buying the Qi Qi Skincare even though they were not.
Even the online customer must be registered.

Yu Qi went to the Lovely Spa.
It located not far from History Spa.
Yu Qi could see it was a new spa opened there.

”Welcome, Miss.
What kind of service that you like to have here, in Lovely Spa? ” A girl welcomed Yu Qi with a full smile.

Another girl showed a catalogue to Yu Qi.
”You can choose the service from this catalogue. ”

”Okay. ” Yu Qi took a look at the catalogue.

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They offered many kinds of services here.

Yu Qi looked at the girl.
”I have heard that this spa uses Qi Qi Skincare product in the treatment.
Is that true? ”

”Of course.
Qi Qi Skincare products are very good.
They indeed give us a good result. ” The girl told Yu Qi.

Another girl from the spa talked about the greatness of the Qi Qi Skincare products.
’Of course, it would be good.
It is my products. ’ Yu Qi looked at the girls.

”This spa is new.
May I know who is the owner? ” Yu Qi inquired.

”Since you ask, I will tell you.
This spa belongs to Bai Group ’s President ’s wife, Mrs Bai. ” The girl announced it proudly.

She thought Yu Qi would be impressed since it belonged to the Bai Group.
One of the top companies in the Binhai Nation.
However, she could see that Yu Qi ’s expression became darker.

”I see. ” ’No wonder. ’ Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

”Do you want to book the service for today? ” Another girl asked.

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I have things to do.
I will come later. ” Yu Qi gave the girls a smile.

The girls were getting stuck with that smile.
This girl was very beautiful.

Yu Qi walked out of the spa.
’Bai Group. ’ She clenched his fists.
She hated them.
Even though it would give her the money but she would not like it.

upcoming call…
Yu Qi quickly answered the call.

Yu Qi: ”Have you get the result? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Yeah.
Do you want to listen here or do you want to come here? ”

Yu Qi: ”Hmm…
I will go there. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”I will wait for you. ”

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Yu Qi ended the call.
She went to inform others that she would be going to Wenya City.
The graduation day was only one month away.
Even though it was just only one month, the time would quickly be passed.

”You are going to Wenya City? Is that for graduation day? But I have heard it is on next month. ” Su Xiao asked.
She remembered Yu Qi had told her about that.

It is on the next month but I have things to do over there. ” Yu Qi explained to her aunties

”I see. ” Su Xiao sighed.

”Remember to tell your grandpa too about this.
He thinks you will be here before your graduation day. ” Ming Yue said.

”Yes, Auntie Ming Yue. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”And don ’t forget to tell Xiao Hui as well. ” Su Xiao reminded her.

”Okay… ” Yu Qi nodded once again.

”But what are you doing going there so early? ” Ming Yue could not help but ask.

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”My company having some problems that need my attention. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Oh… ” Ming Yue understood.

Yu Qi already told her family about her business.
At first, they were very surprised by that.
After a while, they began to update about Yu Qi ’s business.
Sometimes they promoted Yu Qi ’s business to their friend.

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