”You bitch, you dare to seduce my husband again. ” Su Yu Qing said louder.

Everyone started to pay attention to them.
Mu Yian quickly approached her mother.

”Mum, what is happening here? ” Mu Yian asked her mother but her eyes were looking at Ye Bai Qian.

Ye Bai Qian seemed did not to affect at all.
She continued her work.
After her work here was done, she wanted to walk away from there.

”This bitch here wants to seduce your father. ” Su Yu Qing answered Mu Yian.

Ye Bai Qian stopped and chuckled.
It could be heard by Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian.

”I ’m sorry.
It is the most hilarious thing that I have ever heard recently. ” Ye Bai Qian.

”What? ” Su Yu Qing ’s temper rises.

”Seduce your husband? So sorry.
My love for him has already gone. ” Ye Bai Qian walked away from there.

”You stop there.
YE BAI QIAN!!! ” Su Yu Qing wanted to chase Ye Bai Qian.

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However, Yu Qi appeared in front of Su Yu Qing.
She stopped Su Yu Qing right away from chasing Ye Bai Qian.

”What do you want? Step away.
YE BAI QIAN, STOP RIGHT THERE!!! ” Su Yu Qing shouted louder.

”Mrs Mu, I think you can leave my party right now. ” Yu Qi did not want to deal with this woman anymore.

”You want to protect that woman? ” Su Yu Qing became angry to Yu Qi.

”I don ’t care what happens between the two of you but this is my party.
Not only you come here without invitation but you are disturbing my party.
You may leave right now. ” Yu Qi glared coldly at Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian.

”But my father in law is here… ” Su Yu Qing wanted to protest.

”I invite him but not you and your family.
Now leave!!! ” Yu Qi demanded.
Her voice was very loud.
Even louder than Su Yu Qing earlier.

Long Hui just walked towards Yu Qi ’s side.
He was doing something regarding his work just now.
That was why he was not by Yu Qi ’s side.

Mu Yian ’s eyes lifted up.
She was happy to see this man again.

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”What are you waiting for? Leave now. ” Yu Qi said.

”Miss Tang, we are sorry for making a scene at your party.
My mother just… ” Mu Yian wanted to stay.

I am done with your family.
Please leave. ” Yu Qi did not care anymore.

”Miss Tang… ” Mu Li Zei also wanted to say something.

”Do you need to be dragged away from here? ” Yu Qi glared coldly at the three of them.
Her body began to release the murderous aura.

Not now Yu Qi but Long Hui also glared sharply to them.
This family was the one who planned to kill his beloved Qi Qi in her past life.

”Father… ” Mu Li Zei wanted his father to beg Yu Qi to let them stayed here.
He needed to do this since they still did not complete their mission here.

”You should not come here. ” Grandpa Mu said.

Mu Li Zei gritted his tooth.
His father did not want to help him.

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”Let ’s go home. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”What? I ’m still hungry. ” Mu Kuang He frowned.

”We will go to eat at another place. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”But that bitch… ” Su Yu Qing still wanted to confront Ye Bai Qian.

”Shut up!!! ” Mu Li Zei glared at Su Yu Qing.

Everything was this woman ’s fault.
She was the one that made that woman chased them without giving them any face.

”Mum, let ’s listen to dad first. ” Mu Yian pulled her mother ’s hand wanted to leave.
However, she had time to look at Long Hui.

Long Hui did not even watch Mu Yian.
He was busy watching his beloved Qi Qi.

The ruckus calmed down And the party continued again.
They seemed to forget the thing that happened just now.

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Yu Qi was worried about Ye Bai Qian.
So, she decided to take a look at her.
Long Hui preferred to stay beside his beloved Qi Qi.
So he followed her too.

Yu Qi entered the kitchen and saw Ye Bai Qian and her assistants were currently washing the pots that they were used before.
Yu Qi looked at Ye Bai Qian.
There was nothing wrong with her face.

”Chef Ye. ” Yu Qi called Ye Bai Qian.

”Oh, Miss Tang.
Is there something? ” Ye Bai Qian asked.

”I am sorry. ” Yu Qi apologized.

”Why are you apologizing? ” Ye Bai Qian asked.

”Because of this party, you have faced a horrible time. ” Yu Qi explained.

”It is not your fault.
So, there is no need for you to apologize. ” Ye Bai Qian smiled.

Even though Yu Qi knew Ye Bai Qian in her past life, she never know that Ye Bai Qian had a thing with Su Yu Qing and Mu Li Zei.

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It was probably that Ye Bai Qian did not go outside other than her house and restaurant.
The groceries and fresh ingredients were sent straight to her restaurant.

She knew that Ye Bai Qian had a husband but he had already passed away leaving Ye Bai Qian with one son and one daughter.
They were younger than Yu Qi.
Probably one or two years younger.

”But well, I have never thought to see them here. ” Ye Bai Qian just smiled.

”She has insulted you. ” Yu Qi clenched her fist.

”Don ’t worry.
I also insult her too. ” Ye Bai Qian chuckled.

”But… ” Yu Qi was angry for Ye Bai Qian.

”Don ’t worry about me.
It is just a small matter. ” Ye Bai Qian felt that this young girl was really worried about her.

But she was fine.
She did not feel anything anymore, meeting with them.

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