It was a casual party.
So people could freely be dressed in whatever they wanted, just made sure it was not n.a.k.e.d or too much casual.

It was not a party for rich people since most of the guest were the construction workers that working on the greenhouse.
They came to eat the food.

”What a good party. ” Grandpa Sang commented.

He also came to attend this party.
Yu Qi told Grandpa Mu to invite Grandpa Sang too.

”We just want to appreciate those who have worked to complete the greenhouse.
That ’s all. ” Yu Qi smiled as she watched people ate and chatted happily among them.

”If I have a grandson that can marry you, I will make him marry you. ” Grandpa Sang said sighingly.

Then Grandpa Sang had goosebumps on his back because someone had turned in his direction and glared hardly at him.
Who would do that if not for Long Hui? The previous comment made Long Hui felt uncomfortable.

Yu Qi knew what Long Hui felt, quickly reached his hand and grabbed it.
Long Hui turned to look at Yu Qi that smiled sweetly at him.
That smile was telling him that she would leave him and always stayed with him.

Grandpa Mu saw the interaction between Long Hui and Yu Qi.
They have just reminded him of the previous himself while his first wife was still alive.

Her first wife was a beauty like Yu Qi so many people liked her.
He was in jealous mode if some men talked and wanted to flirt with her.
She then grabbed his hand and smiled at him.
It made him calmed down.

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Then they heard some commotion.
They looked over.
Yu Qi frowned as she saw the source of the commotion.
Not only her frowning, but Grandpa Mu also frowned.

There were four people in formal attire heading toward them and stopped at their table.

”Father, Miss Tang. ” Mu Li Zei greeted them.

”What are you doing here? ” Grandpa Mu asked his son.

”I have heard that Father is attending the party tonight.
So, I think that I also need to show my face too.
That is why here I am. ” Mu Li Zei smiled.
He then turned to Yu Qi.
”I think Miss Tang does not mind, right? ”

”I never think that Mr Mu Junior will be rude coming here without an invitation.
Well, I don ’t mind.
You can enjoy this party since we so much food to feed. ” Yu Qi did not give Mu Li Zei and his accompanies any faces at all.

Mu Li Zei, Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian ’s expression changed a little bit.
They stiffened.
They never thought that Yu Qi would never give them any face.

”Mr Mu Junior and family can sit at the empty table over there and take the food.
It is a buffet-style party.
You can choose whatever you want from there. ” Yu Qi said again while smiled innocently.

Thinking about what they needed to do at the party, Mu Li Zei and Mu Yian held back their anger.
Su Yu Qing could not hold back after hearing the insult.
She wanted to return it back.

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However, she had been pulled by his husband and received a glare.
She understood that her husband was giving her a warning that she did not need to say anything.
She bit her lips holding her anger.

The only person that did not think anything about it was Mu Kuang He.
He just followed his family and had been told that it was a party.

Right now, Mu Li Zei ’s family had been watching.
The people felt amused, watching them wearing such expensive clothes.
They thought Mu Li Zei ’s family did not know that this party was a casual party.

”Dad, this is the party? ” Mu Yian questioned her father.

”I also do not know that this party, we just need to wear casual clothes. ” Mu Li Zei also felt like he was some kind of attraction to the zoo.

”Hey, look at them. ”

”Wah, they wear such expensive clothes. ”

”They must do not know. ”

”They probably have miscommunication or something. ”

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”But look at the women.
They are sure nicely dressed. ”

”Of course, you idiot.
They are high maintenance. ”

”I wonder how they are in… ”

”Ouch, why are you hitting me? ”

”You idiot! Not speak carelessly. ”

I ’m sorry. ”

Mu Yian clenched her fist.
”Dad, do we need to stay here any longer? ” She really felt that she had been insulted by those comments.

”Yeah, husband.
That is too vulgar. ” Su Yu Qing also heard that.

”Be patient, Mu Yian.
In order to get something great, you need to be patient. ” Mu Li Zei said while clenching his teeth.
He also felt angry about that.

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”Yes, Dad. ” Mu Yian obeyed.

”Let ’s get some food. ” Mu Kuang He said.

Let ’s go. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

When they went to the food table, only Mu Kuang He happily chose his food and placed them on the plastic plate.

Yu Qi chose to use plastic plates and cups since it was easy to dispose of later.
No need to wash them later.
Just threw away.

”Husband, is these food okay to eat? ” Su Yu Qing whispered to Mu Li Zei.
She felt disgusting while seeing the food.

”No need to eat.
We just need to act like we are eating. ” Mu Li Zei also felt disgusted about this, not him alone.

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