Yu Qi stood like a proud woman and looked down at Fung Meng Xuan.
”So, what is your evidence saying that I grabbed her neck? ”

”Here. ” Fung Meng Xuan pointed to Yi Ren Shiang ’s neck.

However, nothing was there.
Fung Meng Xuan was dumbfounded.
She could see that just now, Yu Qi was grabbing Yu Ren Shiang ’s neck very hard.
It should leave some marks.
But she saw nothing.
Yi Ren Shiang was white as ever.
Fung Meng Xuan frowned.

”Ren Shiang, are you okay? ” Fung Meng Xuan asked once again.
She wanted to report to University that Yu Qi was hitting a student so that her reputation would be ruined. 

Yi Ren Shiang did not answer it right away.
She looked at Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was smiling.
Yi Ren Shiang felt Yu Qi once again gave her a warning. 

I ’m…
Don ’t…
worry. ” Yi Ren Shiang answered.

”Are you sure? ” Fung Meng Xuan wanted to confirm it again.

Let ’s go. ” Yi Ren Shiang said.
She wanted to run from Yu Qi.
Right now, Yu Qi was like a satan that wanted to kill her.
She wanted to live longer. 

Fung Meng Xuan looked at Yu Qi and then walked away with Yi Ren Shiang.
Yu Qi sneered.

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”Yu Qi, what are you whispering to that girl? ” Song Ha Ting asked after the two girls left.

”Secret. ” Yu Qi said while smiling. 

They left for their own rooms.

”Master, your aura just now…
You really want to kill her, right? ” Aoi said a sentence when they already inside their room. 

I just holding back. ” Yu Qi admitted. 

”That girl deserves it, ” Aoi said. 

”Enough with them.  Let ’s go and enter the space.
I will cook something for the two of you. ” Yu Qi put end to the topic.

Hearing his master would cook for them, the two little cuties shouted happily.

Aoi: Yeah…
I want to eat

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Bo Ya: I have been waiting for this moment.

Yu Qi: (–__–) ” ” ”


The new semester started.
Yu Qi entered the lecture hall.
She saw some of her friends chat with each other waiting for the lecturer to come and began the lecture. 

Yu Qi: Morning.

Mei Lilli: Morning.

Song Ha Ting: Good Morning to you.

So Pang Lim: Morning.

Yun Xiao: Good morning.

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Ding Na An: Good morning.

They were greeted at each other. 

”Yu Qi, you become very beautiful again.
Tell me, what is your secret? ” So Pang Lim checked out Yu Qi from up to down.

”You really want to know? ” Yu Qi smiled.

”You really have a secret to become beautiful? ” Mei Lilli joined the conversation.

”Tell me, Yu Qi. ” So Pang Lim rushed Yu Qi to tell her secret.

”You just need to exercise and control your eating. ” Yu Qi told them.

”Only that? ” So Pang Lim could not believe that.

”What do you use for your skin? ” Mei Lilli pulled Yu Qi ’s skin.

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Some herbs, right? ” Yu Qi scratched her head.

”Really? Can you give some to me? ” So Pang Lim begged.

”I need to see my stock first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” So Pang Lim smiled.

Right after that, the man walked inside the lecture hall and stood in front of the student.
Knowing the lecturer already entered the lecture hall, the students sat in their place and got ready for the lecturer.

The man was Xi Ling Won, the friend that Tang Qin Hao mentioned yesterday.
Yu Qi did not expect that he would be giving the lecturer for today ’s class. 

”I wonder if Mr.
Xi already has a girlfriend. ” So Pang Lim whispered.

”What if he did not have a girlfriend? You want to be his girlfriend? ” Mei Lilli replied.

”Why not? He is not bad. ” So Pang Lim smiled.

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”Look yourself at the mirror. ” Mei Lilli snorted.

”You!!! ” So Pang Lim glared at Mei Lilli.

”Pay attention to the lecture, will you? ” Yun Xiao ended the topic.

Then they paid full attention to the lecturer and took note of the lecture.
Some of the other students were holding back their sleepiness.
One of them already bumped his head onto the table making a loud sound.
The students in the lecture hall were laughing at him.
He just scratching his head embarrassed. 

Xi Ling Won asked the student to go to the toilet to wash his face washing his sleepiness.
Then the lecture continued back until finished.
The students were stretching their bodies when the lecture was finished. 

Yu Qi and her friend were about to leave the lecture hall.
Suddenly Xi Ling Won called for her name.

”Miss Tang, wait for a minute. ” Xi Ling Won called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was surprised when Xi Ling Won suddenly her name.

”Yes, Mr.
Xi? What is it? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Qin Hao asked me to give this to you. ” Xi Ling Won brought out the small spray bottle.

Yu Qi stunned when she saw the spray bottle.
It was her own lotion that she made herself.
She did not know when to put it.
So, she placed the lotion into the small spray bottle.
She had been searching for it.
Because she did have some left inside the space.
So she did not worry too much.
She just could use the one inside the space.
No wonder she did not find it in the bag last night.
It should fall in Tang Qin Hao ’s car.

”He said she found it in the back seat.
He knew it was yours. ” Xi Ling Won explained.

Yu Qi took the spray bottle.
”Thank you. ” 

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