Su Yu Hi informed Yu Qi that the greenhouse at Fanghai Nation already completed.
Grandpa Su wanted her to there for the moment to start the operation.

Yu Qi agreed to go.
This time, she would be coming with Su Yu Hi.
However, on the day they would fly to Fanghai Nation, something happened.

Yu Qi had been kidnapped.
The culprit was Long Hui.
Otherwise, the kidnapping was not be successful in the first place.

Long Hui had just returned from the mission.
Then he got the news that his beloved Qi Qi was also in Shiwa Town.
The next second, he knew that she was heading to Fanghai Nation.

Because of that, he quickly called Huang Lan Guan.
Telling Huang Lan Guan that he needed to use the private plane.
Well, it was technically his but it was under his first brother ’s name.

”I have never thought that my Brother Hui is proficient in kidnapping. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

They were currently in the private plane.
Su Yu Hi was also together in the plane but he was sitting far away from those two people.
He did not want to be awkward there.
Those two people were very good in giving others the dog food.
He did not want to eat the dog food.

”Of course.
I am a professional kidnapper when kidnapping you. ” Long Hui replied.

Long Hui ’s hand were non stop touching Yu Qi ’s hand.
’My Qi Qi ’s hand is very soft. ’

”Is this plane yours? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Well, technically, yes but it is under First Brother ’s name. ” Long Hui said.

”Oh. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”But why are you here? ”

”I just come back from the mission.
I get the news that you are in Shiwa Town but when I have arrived at Shiwa Military Compound, I get another news saying that you are going to Fanghai Nation.
Since that is the case, I straight called First Brother to borrow the private plane. ” Long Hui just grinned to Yu Qi.

”What about your work? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Don ’t worry.
It is okay. ” Long Hui said in the meaningful way.

At the same time, in Shiwa Military Compound, Ren Qian Yi sneezed as he was writing the paperwork.
It was supposed to be Long Hui ’s work but Long Hui told him to do it.

”Second Brother, you owe me a favor. ” Ren Qian Yi shouted.

Back to the plane

They were currently eating.
Su Yu Hi did not join them because he was currently sleeping.
The meal was quite okay for Yu Qi.

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”I want to eat your cooking. ” Long Hui commented.
His beloved Qi Qi was very skillful in her cooking.
He missed her cooking.

”I will find the time to cook for you after we land, okay? ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui was pleased since his beloved Qi Qi had promised him.

Well, if only two of them were here, Long Hui would ask Yu Qi to enter her space.
Even though there was the bedrooms in this private plane, it was not totally safe to enter Yu Qi ’s space.

”I will go to the toilet first. ” Yu Qi said.

”I will accompany you. ” Long Hui wanted to follow Yu Qi.

”Sit down.
No need for that. ” Yu Qi firmly told Long Hui.

Long Hui sat back as he heard the order.

Seeing Long Hui already sat down back, Yu Qi asked one of the flight attendants to show her the toilet.

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Long Hui was left alone.
Sitting as he looked out the window.
He was looking like a Greek god, Apollo.

There were five flight attendants who were on the private plane.
Four of them were females.
When they saw this man, they were very happy even though it was sudden job.

”Do you think he will look at me? ” One of the flight attendants asked her friends.

”Don ’t be stupid, Mei Ling.
Don ’t you see his girlfriend just now? ” Her friend said.
She did not want Mei Ling to embarrass herself.

”That ’s right.
His girlfriend is very beautiful.
He will not look at you. ” Another one said agreed with the first friend.

”I am also beautiful.
I am confident that he will look at me. ” Mei Ling said.

Mei Ling knew this man had a higher status even though it was the first time she saw this man onboard this private plan.
The rich man sometimes would be bored with their current girl and wanted to taste another girl.

Seeing his girlfriend was away from him, Mei Ling felt it was a chance for her to get the man ’s attention.
She made the decision to approach the man.

”Mei Ling, don ’t do stupid thing. ” Her friend warned.

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You may lose your work.
Even worse your life. ” Another friend also warned Mei Ling.

From what they could see that the man was a dangerous man even though he was a handsome man.
Mei Ling was playing with her life if that was the truth.

”You are just scared.
Don ’t worry.
It will be easy. ” Mei Ling said.

Her friends frowned as they heard that.
It was not the first time Mei Ling did something like this.
Mei Ling was indeed a beautiful girl.
The men liked her appearance.

When she started to work as the first class flight attendant, she met a lot of rich men that wanted to have a taste of her.
They would give many gifts to her to pursue her.

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