”But let me call Yu Qi and ask if they have empty rooms for us? ” Without waiting the answer from both of her grandfather and Xia Zi Qie, she brought out her phone and called Yu Qi directly.

She was waiting about 10 seconds and her call got answered from Yu Qi.

”Hello, Dear… ” Feng Yue answered.

”Oh, Yue.
What ’s up? ” Yu Qi said.

”I want to ask whether your ryokan has empty rooms right now? ” Feng Yue asked straight to the point.

”Well, I think so.
I have just returned from checking the ryokan.
It is not a holiday time.
So, I guess there are empty rooms right. ” Yu Qi explained.
”By the way, you can show the VVIP card that I have given to you last time.
They will give your the best room.
That is for sure. ”

”VVIP Card? ” Feng Yue thought for a moment.
”Oh, I remember.
That black white card, right? ”

”Yes. ” Yu Qi confirmed it.

”Thank you.
Let ’s meet up later. ” Feng Yue said.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi also agreed.

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”Bye. ”

”Bye, dear… ”

The call ended.
Feng Yue turned back.

”Let ’s go.
They get the empty rooms. ” Feng Yue said.

”Okay. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.

”You can get one room.
I don ’t mind. ” Grandpa Feng said as he grinned.

”Grandpa!!! ” Feng Yue glared to Grandpa Feng.


”Give us two room. ” Feng Yue smiled to the receptionist at the front desk while showing the black white card.

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The receptionist ’s eyes went wide as she saw the black white card.
She never saw the card right in front of her eyes.
She only saw this in the guide book of becoming the employee of this hotel.

She remembered that having this card meaning they had a close relationship with the owner since the black white card was only given to that group.
Only twenty black white cards existed right now.
Having this card meaning everything in this ryokan would not be charged.
In other words, free.

”Yes, Miss.
Wait a moment.
May I have your identity card? ” The receptionist asked respectfully.

”Here. ” Feng Yue placed her card.

After been registered, the receptionist gave two key.
”He will lead you to your rooms. ” The receptionist pointed to a man that waiting for them.

”Welcome to Saisei Ryokan.
Let me bring your bags. ” The man bowed as he welcomed them.

”Thank you. ” Xia Zi Qie said.

Xia Zi Qie looked around.
It was indeed impressive hotel.
He never went to this type of hotel.
He had only seen once in the television.

”Does your friend own it? ” Xia Zi Qie asked.

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”Yeah. ” Feng Yue nodded proudly even though it was not her hotel.

”Her family must be impressive to let her become the owner of this beautiful hotel. ” Xia Zi Qie praised.

Feng Yue stopped walked and turned to look at Xia Zi Qie.

”Excuse me.
She has build this hotel using her own effort.
She is involved in everything.
Not because of her family.
You can ask my grandfather about that since he is also involved in the process. ” Feng Yue felt a little bit annoyed when Xia Zi Qie thought like that about Yu Qi.

She knew how many efforts that Yu Qi gave to build all of this.

”Really? ” Xia Zi Qie began to wonder about Feng Yue ’s friend.
From what Feng Yue said, her friend must be impressive person.

She currently owns many companies. ” Feng Yue said it proudly.

”Many companies? ” Right now, Xia Zi Qie felt he wanted to see this person.

”So, she must be studying business like us too.
Where has she studied? ” Xia Zi Qie asked again.

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”Starlight University in Medical course. ”

”What? Medical course? ” Xia Zi Qie was shocked.

She wants to become a doctor. ” Feng Yue explained.

”… ” Xia Zi Qie was stunned.


Xia Zi Qie wanted to eat with Feng Yue.
So, he shamelessly entered Feng Yue ’s room and asked the worker of the hotel to serve his food together with Feng Yue in her room.

Even though Feng Yue was angry with Xia Zi Qie, she was smiling and thanking the person that served the food.

Xia Zi Qie began to move this chopstick, taking the food and put it into Feng Yue ’s bowl.

Feng Yue wanted to be angry with Xia Zi Qie calmed down herself.
The food must not be wasted.
Especially the food from this hotel.
The taste, she could not find at other places.

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”Delicious… ” Feng Yue seriously praised this.

Seeing this, Xia Zi Qie began to fill up Feng Yue ’s bowl.
Feng Yue did not think seriously at the beginning noticed that Xia Zi Qie was not eating much aside putting the food on Feng Yue ’s bowl.

”You need to eat this too.
It is so delicious. ” Feng Yue put the food on Xia Zi Qie ’s bowl too.

Xia Zi Qie ’s eyes lifted up.
He ate that.
It was indeed delicious but even more tasty as Feng Yue put it on his bowl.
This time, Feng Yue also filled up his bowl.
Xia Zi Qie started to eat.

”Delicious, right? ” Feng Yue said.

It is delicious.
With you. ” The last sentence, Xia Zi Qie paused for a moment before saying that.

Feng Yue instantly became embarrassed with this situation.

”Just eat…
Will you? ” Feng Yue glared to Xia Zi Qie.

Xia Zi Qie did not saying anything after that.
They ate the meal peacefully.

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”I ’m full. ” Feng Yue sighed happily as her stomach was already full.

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