”What are you talking about? Stop joking, will you? ” Feng Yue glared at Xia Zi Qie.

Xia Zi Qie ignored her.
He looked straight at Grandpa Feng.
He swallowed his saliva waiting for the response from Grandpa Feng.

Grandpa Feng slowly smiling.
”Let ’s go in first. ” Grandpa Feng invited Xia Zi Qie inside.

”Grandpa? ” Feng Yue looked at Grandpa Feng.

Grandpa Feng ignored Feng Yue.
Entering the house with Xia Zi Qie.
Seeing this scene, Feng Yue clenched her teeth.
The maid served them the drink.

Feng Yue pouted as she looked at her grandpa and Xia Zi Qie.

”So, you have known her about one year ago? ” Grandpa Feng inquired.

”Yes. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.

”So, what do you think about her when you first know her? ” Grandpa Feng asked again.

Even though Xia Zi Qie was nervous facing Grandpa Feng, he answered it firmly.
”She is very calm, clever and can do her job nicely. ”

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”Then, how about now? ” Grandpa Feng tested Xia Zi Qie.

Suddenly Xia Zi Qie looked at Feng Yue.

Feng Yue frowned.
”What are you looking at? ” She asked with angry tone.

Xia Zi Qie smiled.
”She is cute right now. ” He answered honestly.
He used to know the calm and mature Feng Yue.
But seeing her shouted excitedly her grandfather, he felt she had a side cute too.

Grandpa Feng laughed.
She is cute….
What do you say your name before? ”

”Xia Zi Qie, Mr.
Feng. ” Xia Zi Qie introduced himself again.

”No need to call me Mr.
Just call me Grandpa. ” Grandpa Feng looked up and down at Xia Zi Qie.
He nodded as he was satisfied with Xia Zi Qie ’s apperance.

”Yes, Grandpa. ” Xia Zi Qie followed Grandpa Feng.

”Your surname is Xia? Are you from the Xia Family of Peqing City? ” Grandpa Feng asked for confirmation.

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I am. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.
He never thought that Grandpa Feng would recognize his family.

His family also had a company at Peqing City.
It was long established company.
The company was founded by his great grandfather.
It had its name in the industry.

”So, you must be the second son, right? ” Grandpa Feng asked.

”Yeah. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.
Indeed, he had an older brother who was currently in charge of their family ’s company.

”What is your next plan after graduating? Working at your family ’s company? ” Grandpa Feng wanted to know.

I have my own business.
The company under my own name.
I have established it, 5 years ago ” Since it was Grandpa Feng, Xia Zi Qie let him knew everything.

Grandpa Feng ’s eyes shined.
It was another genius appeared in front of his eyes.
This boy had the same age as his granddaughter but he already had the business under his name.
He was the same as that girl, Yu Qi.

”If you have a company, why don ’t you go and internship there? ” Feng Yue asked.

”Well, I want to improve my knowledge, that ’s all. ” If he worked at his own company, it would not be so challenging.
He wanted to push his own limit.

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Xia Zi Qie knew that Feng Yue was also the same type as him.
She would not go to the Feng ’s side branch.
She could ask her grandfather to give her a place of the internship.
But Feng Yue did not do it.

”What kind of business that you are doing? ” Grandpa Feng asked again.

”Frozen food.
The brand is Wamly. ” Xia Zi Qie smiled.

”Oh, that brand.
I know it.
That is yours? ” Feng Yue also interrupted the conversation.
She knew the brand.
She also eat them too.

”Yeah. ” Xia Zi Qie turned to Feng Yue and answered her with smile face.

Xia Zi Qie looked outside the house and realized that he should get going.
His man already waited his call since he was around.

Grandpa Feng was pleased with Xia Zi Qie.
”Since the day is about to turn dark, how about you stay here? You can return tomorrow. ”

”Grandpa? ” Feng Yue was shocked with Grandpa Feng.

”But… ” Xia Zi Qie wanted to reject.

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”Don ’t worry.
Just stay here. ” Grandpa Feng said.
”There is no hotel in this town. ”

”Grandpa, there is a hotel here.
Yu Qi ’s ryokan. ” Feng Yue informed her grandfather.

”Oh, I forget about that.
You can go with Zi Qie. ” Grandpa Feng clapped his hands.

”What? ” Feng Yue was shocked with his grandfather ’s suggestion.
She did not expect that his grandfather would be like this.

What Grandpa Feng had meant by that actually did not have a dirty meaning.
He just meant that Feng Yue and Xia Zi Qie could enjoy the onsen together but separately.

”Ryokan? ” Xia Zi Qie was unfamiliar with the term.
Is that a hotel?

It is a Japanese Traditional Hotel that has hot spring.
That hot spring has a lot of benefits.
You should try it. ” Grandpa Feng promoted Yu Qi ’s hotel.

Well, it was not like he was lying.
He was telling the truth, though.
He was the regular there.
He would go once per week to slip into that hot spring.
The staff knew him already.

”When Grandpa Feng tells that, I feel like I want to go and see the place.
Miss Feng, can you accompany me there? ” Xia Zi Qie asked Feng Yue with manner.

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”Just go and accompany Zi Qie. ” Grandpa Feng said.

Xia Zi Qie looked at her with an abandoned puppy.

Let ’s go now. ” Feng Yue agreed.

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