”This man, I have hired him. ” Grandpa Tang said to Yu Qi.

”Oh! Why is that? ” Yu Qi asked?

”I need a strong man to help me. ” Grandpa Tang said.

I understand. ” Yu Qi said, did not want to ask anymore Grandpa Tang.

Grandpa Tang drank the drink and stood up.
He told Yu Qi that he needed to get some rest.

”Sister Chu Xiao. ” Yu Qi called Hang Chu Xiao.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Hang Chu Xiao moved closer to Yu Qi.

”I just want to ask something. ” Yu Qi looked at the outside.
”That man, Pei Xian, does he has a good character? ”

Hang Chu Xiao was surprised to hear the question.
However, she recovered herself and answered Yu Qi with a clear answer.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Hang Chu Xiao answered firmly.

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”I see.
Then, I will believe in your words. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Since Yu Qi would not stay here for a long time, she was worried about them.
Song Nan and her grandfather were not strong.
Han Chu Xiao was a girl.
If this man inhabited non- good intentions to them, they could not do anything.

”I want to speak with him. ” Yu Qi stood up.
She headed to the place where Pei Xian currently did his job.

Pei Xian realized that someone approached him.
He lifted up his face and saw a young woman followed by Han Chu Xiao.
He guessed this young woman must be the ’Young Miss ’ that Han Chu Xiao always mentioned.

”You must be Brother Pei Xian, right? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Since Pei Xian did not know her name, he just followed Hang Chu Xiao and called her ’Young Miss ’.

”Nice to see you.
I hope you will take care of my grandpa, Uncle Song Nan, and Sister Chu Xiao.
if you do have any intention that can harm them, you will be facing me.
I hope you understand. ” Yu Qi threatened Pei Xian while smiling.

Pei Xian was stunned.
Then he was smiling.
This young miss must love the people that she mentioned.

”Don ’t worry, Young Miss.
I will not harm them and protect him from the danger. ” Pei Xian vowed.

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”Lan Sun, can you help auntie to take care of Ye Nai? I want to help Sister Weiwei to cook lunch. ” Shi Yuan asked Ping Lan Sun to take care of her son, Chang Ye Nai.

”Okay, Auntie Shi Yuan. ” Ping Lan Sun nodded.

Ping Lan Sun closed her book.
She stood up and went to see Chang Ye Nai.
Chang Ye Nai currently was just laying on his bed.
He was just a seven month old baby.

”You must be bored, right? Come.
I will take you out and feel the fresh air. ” Ping Lan Sun lifted the baby up.

It was not the first time she carried the baby.
She had been taking care of him several times to help Shi Yuan.
She walked outside.

Outside the mansion, she saw several kids played around the yard.
A kid saw her with Chang Ye Nai shouted to his friends.

”Sister Lan Sun comes out with Baby Ye Nai. ” He shouted.

Other kids stopped playing and came to them.

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”Baby Ye Nai is so cute. ”

”When can I play with Baby Ye Nai? ”

”Sister Lan Sun, when Baby Ye Nai can walk by his own? ”

Chang Ye Nai was popular among the kids.
He was the youngest among them.

”You can play with him soon together.
Baby Ye Nai needs to learn to walk first. ” Ping Lan Sun explained to them even though she always heard the same questions over and over again.

Ping Lan Sun looked at the gate when she heard someone opened the gate.
She was stunned as she watched the person approached her with her dog.

”Ahh!!! Sister Yu Qi is here with her dog. ” A kid shouted excitedly.

He then led several kids to chase the dog.
Aoi ran away as quickly as he could when he saw several kids wanted to chase him.
He actually forgot that this was that place.
He looked at his master.
His master did not even look at her.
So, he needed to run away.

”Another new baby? ” Yu Qi asked Ping Lan Sun.

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”Sister Yu Qi. ” Ping Lan Sun was happy to see Yu Qi again.
She remembered that Yu Qi asked about Chang Ye Nai.
This is Chang Ye Nai, son of Uncle Kang An and Auntie Shi Yuan. ”

Yu Qi looked at Chang Ye Nai.
The baby was indeed had similar look to Shi Yuan.
She remembered that Shi Yuan was pregnant before.
This baby must be the one from that time.

”What is his name that you say before? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It is Chang Ye Nai.
We call him Baby Ye Nai. ” Ping Lan Sun said.

”Ye Nai? Hmm…
It is indeed a good name. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”By the way, where are others? ”

”Grandpa Chang is behind doing some gardening.
Uncle Kang An goes to work and Auntie Shi Yuan helps Sister Weiwei to cook lunch. ” Ping Lan Sun explained.

”I see.
So, you are taking care of Baby Ye Nai and others, right? Good girl. ” Yu Qi patted Ping Lan Sun ’s head.

Ping Lan Sun was smiling when Yu Qi praised her.

”I will go and see Auntie Shi Yuan. ” Yu Qi said.

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Sister Yu Qi. ” Ping Lan Sun nodded.

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