Han Chu Xiao brought the drinks for Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang.
She flinched when she heard the conversation about Pei Xian.
She put the drink on the table in front of Yu Qi.

Actually, the reason why Pei Xian was here was because of her.
Pei Xian actually came from a neighbouring village.
As Grandpa Tang had said, because of Yu Qi ’s business, many people came to Shiwa Town for searching for a job.
Pei Xian was one of them.


Han Chu Xiao was walking home after getting the herbs that Grandpa Tang asked to get at Young Miss ’s greenhouse.
She used to get the herbs from there under Grandpa Tang ’s order.
The employees there already knew her that she was their boss ’s people.

As she walked, suddenly three men were riding the motorcycles stopped in front of her way.
She frowned as she looked at the group of men who stepped down from their motorcycles.

”Hello, girl…
Where do you want to do? We can escort you. ” One of three men said to Han Chu Xiao.

Han Chu Xiao stared at the three men.
She never saw their face before at Shiwa Town.
So, it must be the people who just came to Shiwa Town recently.

Han Chu Xiao did not want to waste her time with them.
She quickly stepped aside and wanted to walk past them.
However, once again she was stopped by the men.

Feeling a little annoyed with the men, she asked.
”What do you want, huh? ”

The three men smiled.

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”Don ’t get angry, we just want to make some friends with you. ” The first man said.

It is not a wrong thing to make a friend, right? ” The second man replied too.

”Think the positive side, you can get three friends at the same time.
It is a big deal, right? ” The third man added.

”I don ’t have any intention to make friends. ” Han Chu Xiao glared at them.

They looked at each other and started laughing.
Feeling being laughed by these people made Han Chu Xiao felt annoyed.
She wanted to pass through them again.
Then, one of them grabbed Han Chu Xiao ’s hand.

As a reflex, Han Chu Xiao shook her hand.
Doing that, the man had stumbled and fell to the ground.

”You!!! How dare you push my friend? ” Another one became angry.

Han Chu Xiao rolled her eyes.
She did not use a strong force that could cause the man to fell to the ground.
’Is he too weak or what? ’

”How dare you? ” Another one said again.

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”I don ’t want to waste my time on you since I am working right now.
Let me go through.
Otherwise, I will call the police. ’ ’ Han Chu Xiao brought out her phone.

However, Han Chu Xiao did not expect that one of them would grab her phone.

”I have gotten it. ” The one who grabbed Han Chu Xiao ’s phone smiled.

”Nice. ” Other both gave their thumb up to him.

”You! ” Han Chu Xiao was getting angrier.

Without thinking anymore, Han Chu Xiao approached the man.
The man thought Han Chu Xiao would grab the phone back.
But the thing that Han Chu Xiao did was she kicked the hand that holding the phone causing the phone to fell to the ground and cracked.

Han Chu Xiao did not care much about the phone.
She just did not want these men to touch her things.
And she did not stop there.
She also kicked the man on his stomach.
The man hissed as he felt the pain on his stomach.

Han Chu Xiao was learning how to fight from her Young Miss.
Yu Qi had encouraged her to learn the skill to protect herself from danger like this one.

However, Han Chu Xiao was not as strong as her Young Miss.
The two men managed to hold her making her not able to move.

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Not many people used this road at this time.
Ahead of this road, there was Yu Qi ’s greenhouse only.
Only the greenhouse ’s employees used this road but during the morning and the evening time.

Sometimes the lorry for transporting goods from the greenhouse used this road.
But right now, there was no one on this road.
Making Han Chu Xiao to fell in a dangerous situation right now.

”Brother Chen, do you think what I am thinking right now? ” A man smiled l.u.s.tily at the man that he called Brother Chen.

”Yeah, Wang Do, Sang Bi. ” Brother Chen looked at Hang Chu Xiao as he licked his lips.

”It has been a long time since I have tasted a woman.
My girlfriend has broken up with me. ” Sang Bi said.

Han Chu Xiao frowned.

”Don ’t frown like that. ” Sang Bi grinned.

”Don ’t worry.
She will smile lewdly later. ” Wang Bo laughed.

Brother Chen and Sang Bi that held Han Chu Xiao pulled her into the bushes to do something to her.
Han Chu Xiao did not stand still.
She fought back.

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However, nothing happened.
Han Chu Xiao was constantly being pulled by these men.
She wanted to cry but she held back.
Her Young Miss told her not to cry in this kind of situation because it would give a satisfying feeling to those men.

Her mind was thinking if there was something that she could do right now.
Suddenly the men that held her fell on the ground one by one.
She could feel her body was being pulled by someone.
After that, she could feel her body was blocked by someone.

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