”Grandpa, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi was surprised when she saw Grandpa Tang who was silently drinking the tea at the dining table.

”You brat! Why don ’t you tell me that you h already returned from Guanying City? ” Grandpa Tang put down his tea and turned to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi approached her grandfather while grinning.
”I have just returned yesterday.
Want to stay for two days and return to Shiwa Town to see you.
Never thought you will come here. ”

If Ji Chang Fu doesn ’t tell me you are here.
I will not know about that. ” Grandpa Tang felt angry.

”Don ’t be angry, Grandpa…. ” Yu Qi massaged Grandpa Tang ’s shoulder.
”I will make up for it. ”

”Hmm… ” Grandpa Tang ’s anger had subsided.
He could not get angry with his granddaughter for a long time.

”Grandpa, how about your herbs? ” Yu Qi asked something to calm her grandfather.

”My herbs…. ” Grandpa Tang began to tell his stories about his herbs.

Su Xiao and Ming Yue were facing Yu Qi at the moment.
They were smiling while giving Yu Qi a thumb up.
They were thanking Yu Qi for calming down their father in law.

I want to see the herbs too.
We will be going back to Shiwa Town tomorrow.
Are you okay with that, Grandpa? ” Yu Qi asked.

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Okay. ” Grandpa Tang agreed.


After one night passed, as Grandpa Tang wanted, both of them, Grandpa Tang and Yu Qi, they returned to Shiwa Town.

Yu Qi wanted to drive her own car.
So, Grandpa Tang told his driver that he could take some off days since his service was not needed for the time being.

The driver nodded and said thank you to Grandpa Tang.
He also wanted to visit his family.
So, to be rewarded for some off days was a good reward to him.

Yu Qi was having a good drive with Grandpa Tang.
Grandpa Tang like a usual old man liked to tell stories.
So, the drive was accompanied by stories told by Grandpa Tang.

After two hours of driving, they arrived at Godly Herbs Shop.
It was the same store that sold the herbs which Yu Qi used to remember.

They were greeted by Han Chu Xiao the maid.

”Welcome back, Old Master, Young Miss. ” Hang Chu Xiao said.

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Han Chu Xiao usually called Yu Qi, Miss Yu Qi, now she changed it and called Yu Qi, Young Miss.

”I ’m back, Sister Chu Xiao.
It has been a long time since we meet each other. ” Yu Qi was happy to see her too.

Song Nan was there.

”Uncle Song Nan, I am happy to see you still in the good health. ” Yu Qi turned in his direction and greeted him too.

He bowed to Yu Qi to greet Yu Qi.
He did not reply.
Yu Qi did not mind since she knew Song Nan ’s personality.
He did not talk much but he was very good to her.

Then Yu Qi turned to a man that stood beside Song Nan.
She did not recall having a man like him at this house.
She turned to Han Chu Xiao.
As she tilted her head and asked Hang Chu Xiao.

”Sister Chu Xiao, who is this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, he is our new helper.
Uncle Song Nan and Old Master are already in this age.
It is not wise to do something heavy.
So, Old Master decided to hire someone.
So, he is the one.
His name is Pei Xian. ” Han Chu Xiao introduced this Pei Xian to her young miss.

”Oh, welcome. ” Yu Qi greeted Pei Xian, not too cold, not too warm.

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”Nice to meet you, young miss. ” Pie Xian bowed respectably to Yu Qi.

Han Chu Xiao took a relief breath seeing her Young Miss seemed to accept Pei Xian.
Her young miss greeted him normally, not too cold or warm.

However, Hang Chu Xiao knew her Young Miss ’s personality.
Her Young Miss was the type of person that would evaluate people first.
She would observe that person first before fully accepting them as her own people.

Han Chu Xiao entered the house with her Young Miss and Grandpa Tang.

”Young Miss, Old Master, do you like to have some cold drink right now? ” Han Chu Xiao asked.

”That will be nice, Sister Chu Xiao. ” Yu Qi nodded.

It was a hot day by the way.
Han Chu Xiao went to the kitchen and took the drink that she prepared earlier from the refrigerator.

”Who is that man? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang.

Yu Qi never saw that man in this village.
It should be an outsider from another village.

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”You should know, our village prospers.
With your greenhouse and that hotel, many people come to our village to find some jobs.
He is one of them. ” Grandpa Tang answered.

”Then, how does he end up here? ” Yu Qi was curious about that.

”Probably your greenhouse and hotel do not want to hire him, so I have hired him. ” Grandpa Tang looked at Yu Qi with suspicious eyes.
”Why do you seem to be interested in that boy? Have your taste already changed after spending time at Guanying City? ”

Yu Qi frowned.
”What are you talking about, Grandpa? ”

”I am just asking since you seem to be interested in that boy.
So I have thought that you have some problems with that Long Brat.
If you have a problem with that Long Brat, don ’t hesitate to tell me.
I will go and teach that Long Brat. ” Grandpa Tang said.

”Don ’t worry, Grandpa.
I will teach him myself if I have any problem with him. ” Yu Qi smirked.

”That ’s my girl. ” Grandpa Tang laughed proudly.

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