Aoi appeared right after Aunty Ming Yue told that.
He kind of greeted everyone with his barking.
Yu Qi narrowed her eyes at Aoi.
Aoi approached Yu Qi with his cute face.
He knew his master would not angry at him if he used this attack.

Seeing Aoi ’s cute face, Yu Qi started to smile.
”We are going back.
Don ’t go anywhere right now.
I will leave you if I don ’t see you. ” Yu Qi gave her warning.

Aoi barked once.

Everyone laughed when seeing Yu Qi gave the warning to Aoi.
They saw Aoi laid down at Yu Qi ’s legs if he understood Yu Qi ’s leg obeying Yu Qi ’s order.

Not long after that, Tang Qin Hao appeared.
He looked at Yu Qi.
”Are you ready? ”

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded answering Tang Qin Hao ’s question.

”Go and call Su Xiao.
Yu Qi and Qin Hao will departure soon. ” Aunty Ming Yue asked one of the maids.

Yu Qi put her luggage into Tang Qin Hao ’s car. 

”Qin Hao, remember to drive carefully. ” Aunty Su Xiao advised her son.

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Tang Qin Hao nodded.

”Call us when you arrive at university. ” Aunty Ming Yue said something too.

”Okay. ” 

The two of them entered the car.
Aoi also jumped in.
Tanning Qin Hao started driving, leaving their house.
They were silent in the car.

”You will choose your major soon? ” A sudden question from Tang Qin Hao broke the silence.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi answered with one word.

”Do you decide which one to choose? ” 

”It ’s surgery. ” 

It ’s great. ”

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”Brother Qin Hao, can I ask something? ”

”What? ”

”Why are you choosing neurology as your major? ”

”Because it is interesting. ”

”Interesting? ” Yu Qi was dumbfounded with the answer given by Tang Qin Hao.

”Brain is considered as one of two main organs in the human body.
Another one is the heart.
If one of these two organs fail, you can consider it as die.
The human brain is interesting to study with.
From brain activity, there are many possibilities that we can expect from it. ” Tang Qin Hao explained. 

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I ’m kind of interested to study about your brain actually. ” Tang Qin Hao gave a shocking statement.

Yu Qi quickly turned to Tang Qin Hao.
Tang Qin Hao appeared to be smiled. 

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”My brain? ” 

I ’m kind of interested when you in the coma two years.
Your brain activity during your coma was very fascinating to me. ” Tang Qin Hao told Yu Qi.

Yu Qi remembered about her emotional burst out when she first met Bai Shu Jin.
During her coma, she appeared to have her soul traveled around.
From Tang Qin Hao ’s observation in her brain activity, it was pretty sure to attract Tang Qin Hao ’s attention. 

”Sorry, Brother Qin Hao.
I can not let you experiment with my brain. ” Yu Qi said to Tang Qin Hao.

Tang Qin Hao let out a small laugh.
He knew he could not do that.
He just wanted to say it when his sister asking for the reason why he chose neurology.
He knew if he said he wanted to study Yu Qi, the first one that would kill him was his own grandfather.
He could see his grandfather really loved his sister.

”I will not do that. ” Tang Qin Hao assured Yu Qi.


”We arrived. ” Tang Qin Hao informed Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi was about to fall to sleep awake.
They already arrived in front of the female hostel.
Yu Qi got out of the car. 

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”Aoi, wake up.
We arrive. ” Yu Qi called Aoi to make him wake up.

Aoi was in sleep opened his eyes.
He looked around.
They already arrived.
He jumped out and stretching his body.
Tang Qin Hao lifted Yu Qi ’s luggage out of his car. 

”This area is slightly different before but the overall is still not much change. ” Tang Qin Hao commented while looking around.

”You are here before? ” Yu Qi was surprised.

I had been here before. ” Tang Qin Hao nodded.

”Eh, you had been here before? ” Yu Qi showed double surprised.

I had studied here before. ”

”Yeah, I know you studied before but you had been here before? This is the female hostel. ” 

It had been a long time since the hostel belonged to female students.
What was Tang Qin Hao when he said he had been here before?

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”I send someone here. ”

”A girl? ”

”Yeah. ”

Yu Qi was shocked.
Tang Qin Hao send a girl here? It was unexpected.

”During your study here? ”

She was one of the medical students here.
She was one of my friends.
I accompanied her back to this hostel during my study. ” 

”Oh, you must be close to her then. ” Yu Qi commented.

”Oh, I ’m not close to her.
It is a punishment when I got second place on my exam during my second year. ” Tang Qin Hao made a twist explanation for that.

”Punishment? ”

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We make a bet with her.
It is not between her and me only.
One batch is betting.  Who took the first place, can make one wish.
So, at the final, she came first.
So, she told us her wish.
Her wish was she wanted me to accompany her back to her hostel every day for 3 months. ” Tang Qin Hao told Yu Qi the story.

Yu Qi was smiling when listening to Tang Qin Hao ’s story. 

”It is a good memory. ” Yu Qi said.

Tang Qin Hao was silent.
He only looked up the hostel.

”You said you came here to see your friend? ” Yu Qi confirmed it back with Tang Qin Hao.

”Yeah? ”

”Do I know that person? ”

His name is Xi Ling Won. ” 

”Huh? Him? ” Yu Qi did not expect Xi Ling Won was Tang Qin Hao ’s friend. 

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Xi Ling Won was a Ph.D.
He sometimes took a teaching class for the first and second year students.
He was a well respected person in the medical faculty.

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