”Auntie Ming Yue!!! ” Yu Qi said.

”What!!! ” Ming Yue looked back.
She saw Yu Qi who was giving her a back hug.
”You, child!!! You come home? ”

I am back. ” Yu Qi released her auntie.

Ming Yue turned and faced Yu Qi.
She looked up and down.
”You have lost your weight again. ” It was the first evaluation that she made when she saw Yu Qi.

”What? I am eating a lot, Auntie.
How can I lose weight? ” Yu Qi looked at her body.

”We need to pump you up with food. ” Auntie Ming Yue made the decision.
”I will cook a delicious meal for you. ”

Yu Qi laughed.
I will be waiting for it.
I will go and see Auntie Su Xiao next. ”

”Do you know where she is? ” Ming Yue asked.

”Grandpa Han has already told me.
She is at the garden attending her flowers. ” Yu Qi made a peace sign.
”Auntie Ming Yue, See you later. ”

Yu Qi walked out from the kitchen and heading to the garden where Su Xiao was.
When she arrived at the garden, she could saw that her aunty was currently watering the flower.
She silently approached Su Xiao.

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”Auntie Su Xiao. ” Yu Qi shocked her aunty.

”Argh!!! ” Su Xiao was shocked and her hand which held the rubber pipe water aimed in Yu Qi ’s direction.

Yu Qi was wet from her head until down.
She was shocked right now.

Su Xiao managed to calm down and lower the rubber pipe water.
She saw Yu Qi who had already drenched her own body.

”Pfft. ” Su Xiao could not help to laugh.
”Yu Qi…
Ha ha ha… ”

When Yu Qi listened to Su Xiao ’s laughs, she ended up laughing too.

”I want to give Auntie Su Xiao a shock but ended up getting a shock myself. ” Yu Qi told Su Xiao after they calmed down.

”Auntie is sorry.
I have totally freaked out. ” Su Xiao apologized.

”No. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”It ’s okay, Auntie Su Xiao.
Well, to be honest, It is kind of refreshing. ”

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You need to change your clothes right now, otherwise, you will get a cold.
You must go. ” Su Xiao quickly said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi obeyed her aunty.

Yu Qi woke up from her nap after getting awakened from sleep by Aoi.

”I am awake, Aoi.
Stop shaking my body. ” Yu Qi said to Aoi.

She looked at the clock.
It was 6:38 p.m.
She went up and washed her face.
After getting a splashed from Su Xiao, she went to her room and got a shower.

Feeling a little bit tired, she decided to get some naps.
She did not know that she was sleeping longer than she thought.
She felt refreshed.

”Aoi, let ’s go out. ” Yu Qi invited Aoi to go outside.

Since it approached dinner time, Aoi was happy to join Yu Qi.
Yu Qi opened the door and saw a maid in front of her door.

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”Young Miss. ” The maid was startled.
She was about to knock on the door and saw that her young miss had opened the door and came out.

”What are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, First Mistress wants to call you for dinner. ” The maid answered.

”My uncles and my brothers, have they returned home tonight? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”I have only seen Second Master, and First Young Master returning.
Others, not yet. ” The maid said.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The maid saw her smile and felt her heart was throbbing.
Her face instantly turned red.

Yu Qi saw it, and wondering.
”What has happened? ”

”Nothing, Young Miss.
I will return to my work. ” The maid bowed to Yu Qi and left.

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The maid felt her young miss ’s smile was a killer.
She indeed felt her heart throbbing at the moment.
Her young miss noticed that her face had turned red and asked about it.
She was embarrassed.

However, she was serious when she thought about her young miss ’s smile.
Her young miss could make someone felt something about her.

Yu Qi did not know what the maid was thinking about her.
If she knew about that, she was probably surprised about that.
She did not mean to charm anyone.

At the dining room, the maids made their preparation for the dinner.
It was not the time yet.
She saw Steward Han.

”Grandpa Han. ” Yu Qi called.

”Yes, Young Miss. ” Steward Han bowed.

”Are my brothers and my uncles return home? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Second Master and First Young Master has returned home an hour ago.
While First Master and Second Young Master have just returned right now.
As for Third Young Master… ” Steward Han did not complete his sentence, Yu Qi already stopped him.

”I know, Brother Qin Hao does not return home today. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
That workaholic would not return home easily.

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”Yes, Young Miss. ” Steward Han nodded.
”How about Young Miss gives a call to him? ”

”I don ’t want to disturb him.
Who knows he is currently doing some important experiment? That will not be nice. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

Half one hour later, Yu Qi was sitting with her family.
Her uncles and brothers were surprised to see Yu Qi was there.
They did not know until now that Yu Qi had already returned home.

”Little Sis, you have already finished your internship? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

Completed. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Congratulation. ” Tang Jung Wen said.

”Good for you. ” Tang Jang Qin smiled.

”Nice to have you back, Little Sis. ” Tang Han Lee said.

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