Chapter 748: Feeling Weird.

”My boss is injured.
It is acceptable for him to in a room. ” The slimmer man that seemed to be the fat man ’s assistant talked.

”That ’s right, Doctor Tang.
You should hear the patient ’s request. ” Doctor Yong supported the man.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes once again.
He already has his place in the ward.
So? ”

Yu Qi felt ridiculous that she had been called here.
She even felt ridiculous with this doctor.

”As for the apology, you should take care of Mr Gong. ” Doctor Yong suggested.

The suggestion sounded very weird.
Even Doctor Yong, the fat man and the assistant had a weird smile on their faces.

Apparently, the surname of the fat man was Gong.
The assistant of Mr Gong nodded and agreed with the suggestion.

Yu Qi was not a stupid girl.
She understood what Doctor Yong ’s suggestion meant.

”Taking care of him? ” The sentence came out at a very slow speed.

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Right now, Yu Qi released her deadly aura.
The temperature in the room was already low but it became even lower.
Yu Qi ’s cold eyes looked at the three men.

The men were already trembling.

”I don ’t have any time for this nonsense. ” Yu Qi said.

Her focus right now was on the fat man.
The fat man gulped.

”I don ’t mind making you stay forever in this room if you want. ” Yu Qi ’s flashed a cold smile.

No… ” The fat man shook his head.

”Doctor Tang, you can ’t threaten the patient like that. ” Doctor Yong reminded Yu Qi.

”As for you, I will remember your name. ” Yu Qi turned to Doctor Yong.

”I think that it is enough.
I hope you can enjoy your stay in this luxury ward.
Probably it is your last time get to stay in this ward. ” Yu Qi went out of the ward.

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”Doctor Yong, you have told me that doctor is just an intern.
She will listen to you. ” Mr Gong said angrily.

”I ’m sorry, Mr Gong.
I will get it covered. ” Doctor Yong promised Mr Gong.

Doctor Yong was also surprised when Yu Qi acted like this.
He was a fourth year resident who just got transferred to this hospital.
So, he did not know much about Yu Qi.
Since Yu Qi was just an intern, so, he did not pay much about her.

When this Mr Gong requested to be placed at the expansive ward, he happened to be around.
Looking at Mr Gong having some trouble getting the ward, so, he helped Mr Gong.
Mr Gong rewarded him with some money.

Then when he heard that a young doctor disrespected him, Doctor Yong decided to help Mr Gong in punishing the young doctor.
Knowing it was just an intern, he felt it would be much easier.
Interns usually listened to the experienced doctor.
He did not know Yu Qi was such a doctor.

The younger generation needed to be respectful to the older generation.
He needed to teach Yu Qi.
But in the earlier situation, he did feel scared of that girl.


Han Baise was watching anime on one of the screen monitors.
Suddenly, a message popped out from another screen monitor.

He paused the anime and open the message.
He looked at the sender.
’Snow ’.

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Snow: ”Find out everything about these men. ”

There were two pictures attached below.
He opened the picture.
It showed two different men.
One wore the white coat.
Only one look, people would know he was a doctor.
Another picture showed a fat man.

Shiro: ”Their names? ”

Snow: ”One with the surname Yong, the fat one with the surname Gong.
Find the information that I can use to destroy them. ”

Shiro: ”Okay. ”

Han Baise leaned over after he finished typing the word.
He just could pray for these men.
Their happy days would end.
His boss was a very terrifying person when someone provoked her.

He wondered what kind of stupid things, these men did to his boss so that she ordered him to dig out their information.

So he started to investigate these men.


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”What? That patient is discharged? ” Yu Qi asked the nurse.

Two hours after the surgery, a group of men came and took her.
They also paid for the surgery. ” The nurse said.

”Did you stop them? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”We did.
We also said that the woman needs to be warded for a few days before she could be discharged.
But the men did not listen to us.
They even brought a doctor.
After checking the woman, that doctor told the men that the woman could be discharged.
They forced us to do so. ” The nurse explained.

”Doctor? Is the doctor genuine one? ” Yu Qi felt stressed.

”We did ask about that.
That doctor brought out his doctorate license.
A doctor nearby had confirmed it. ” The nurse explained more.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Thank you for telling me. ”

”No problem Doctor Tang. ” The nurse smiled.

Yu Qi walked to the meeting room.
The woman was already okay.
She did not need to think anymore about it.
She did not know why she was very fl.u.s.tered when she heard that the woman was already discharged.

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When she had first landed her eyes on the woman, she felt something that she could not explain.
And when she saw the injuries on that woman, she felt distressed about it.

”Why am I feeling this way? ” Yu Qi questioned herself.

She did not even know who that woman was.
As for the men that wanted that woman discharged earlier also got into her mind.

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