Feng Yue wanted to pass the corridor quickly when her path had suddenly been blocked by other men.
Feng Yue stepped back.
Not far behind her, other men appeared beside the first man.

Now Feng Yue knew that they were working together and the most important thing, their target was her.
Feng Yue frowned as she counted the number.
It was about fifteen men.

If four to seven men, she might handle them but right now, it was beyond her capability.
Only one thing that she could do right now.

Passed through the men in front of her and ran as possible she could.
In this corridor, she just trapped.
If she passed them, she could ask for another help.

”Little girl, you can see that you are trapped here.
Give up and follow us.
We are going to have fun with you. ” The man behind Feng Yue said.

Feng Yue could not think anymore.
She rushed to one man and kicked him.
With Long Hui training her, her power was not so weak.
It did give some damage to the man as he pushed down on the ground.

So, the men started to attack her too.
She defended herself.
She just needed to pass through them and it would over.
However, she was not so good as Yu Qi.

Suddenly, a shout could be heard.

”Feng Yue. ”

Feng Yue saw Xia Zi Qie and another man rushed to her side.
Xia Zi Qie pulled Feng Yue and shielded her.

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”You better stop.
Otherwise, something miserable will happen to you tonight. ” Xia Zi Qie said.

Even though Feng Yue could not see his face, but she knew from his voice that he was very angry, right now.

The men that attacked Feng Yue looked at each other.
They knew that this man that suddenly appeared was someone.
They did not want to provoke someone like this and could lose their life.

”Brother, you can take the girl.
We are leaving. ” The man left as he finished the sentence.
His follower also followed him leaving the place.

”Are you okay? ” Xia Zi Qie asked.

Feng Yue nodded.

”Can you walk? ” Xia Zi Qie asked again.

”Yes. ” Feng Yue answered.
”I want to return home right now.
You can return to the room now. ” Feng Yue did not want to spend her time here anymore.

”Me too.
I am tired. ” Xia Zi Qie said.

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”Oh, I see. ” Feng Yue said.

So, both of them ditched their colleagues.
Feng Yue came here with her colleague ’s car.
So, she needed to take a taxi to return to the company to take back her car.

Xia Zi Qie looked at Feng Yue and said.
”Wait here. ”

Feng Yue was confused with what Xia Zi Qie wanted to say.
When she was about to ask about it, he already disappeared.

However, in only several minutes, Xia Zi Qie already returned to her with his car.
He stopped in front of Feng Yue.

”Hop on. ” Xia Zi Qie said after lowering the passager ’s mirror.

”Oh. ” Feng Yue understood the situation before.
Xia Zi Qie must ask her to wait here first until he got his car.
Well, she did not want to reject his kindness since she knew that it was difficult to get a taxi here.

”Thank you.
You can send me back to the company.
My car is there. ” Feng Yue thanked him.

”Okay. ” Xia Zi Qie nodded.
”We are finally alone. ”

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”What? ” Feng Yue asked since she could hear that Xia Zi Qie said something but it was not clear.

”I say, we are finally alone. ” Xia Zi Qie repeated the sentence.

Feng Yue turned to Xia Zi Qie that currently looked straight in front.
She kept her distance.

”Don ’t you dare do something to me! I will beat you up. ” Feng Yue started to feel regret coming along with this man.

But when she thought about it again, this man was alone.
She thought that she could beat him again if he wanted to do something.

Then she could hear that Xia Zi Qie laughed.
Right now, they were in the traffic light.
It was red light right now.
Xia Zi Qie turned to her.

”I will not do anything to you right now.
But in the future… ” Xia Zi Qie grinned.

Feng Yue confused.

”Feng Yue, I actually like you. ” Xia Zi Qie confessed his feeling.

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The light turned to green.
Xia Zie Qie started to press the pedal back.

”I have liked you from the moment I saw you.
But I hold back my feeling.
I thought it was just a hunch.
It would be disappeared within time.
But it keeps growing up. ” Xia Zi Qie paused for a moment and continued back.
”I want to talk to you alone.
But other people always around.
So, I don ’t have any chance to talk to you.
We are finally alone tonight.
So… ”

It was a traffic light again.
Xia Zi Qie turned to look at Feng Yue again.
He could see that Feng Yue was surprised with his sudden confession.

”I know you will be shocked by my confession.
However, I will not force you to accept my feeling right now.
But I hope you will think about that and accept my feeling.
You don ’t need to feel pressure if you want to reject it.
Take your time. ”

The destination arrived.

”We have arrived. ” Xia Zi Qie said.

”Oh, thank you. ” Feng Yue said and wanted to get out.
But before she was getting out of the car, she turned to look at Xia Zi Qie and said.
”Thank you for telling me about your feeling.
will think…
about that. ”

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