Ke Su Su was shocked.
”Let me go. ” She screamed.

”You can scream more.
People will know you are getting r.a.p.ed inside here. ” Jian Hee gave her a warning.

Ke Su Su freeze.
However, the door in front of her was kicked open.
She looked at the person who had kicked the door and entered as she kicked Jian Hee aside.

Jian Hee fell over and hissed in pain.
He could feel that his bones had broken.
He looked over at the person who kicked him.
It was a woman.
The woman who was having dinner together with Ke Su Su just now.

Yu Qi looked coldly at the fallen man.
”How dare you touch my sister in law? ”

She approached the man as she cracked his bones that could be heard by the man and Ke Su Su.

I ’m sorry.
I ’m sorry.
Don ’t hit me. ” Jian Hee begged.
This woman was so strong.
He could feel that from her first kick.

”Save your thoughts. ” Yu Qi said before her hand punched that man ’s face several times.

Everyone including Tang Jin Wei appeared outside the ladies.
Well, they heard the loud sound when Yu Qi kicked the door open.

Tang Jin Wei entered the ladies when he saw his girlfriend was sitting at th corner while his little sister punched a man.
He opened the coat and put on his girlfriend.
He also covered his girlfriend ’s face.
He understood this situation.

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”Call your manager and the police right now. ” Tang Jin Wei ordered one of the waiters there.

None of them moved.
Tang Jin Wei became angry.

”CALL YOUR MANAGER RIGHT NOW!!! ” Tang Jin Wei shouted angrily.

Until that, the waiters quickly moved away from that place.

Yu Qi already stopped beating up Jian Hee.
She then took the tissue and wiped her hands.

”Trash. ” Yu Qi glanced at the man who had already fainted from the beating.

There were still people outside the ladies.
When they saw the man fainted from the girl ’s beating, they shivered.
The girl looked very weak but had a strong power.

The manager came after five minutes.
It was a middle-aged man.
He looked around and saw a beaten-up man fainted and that man was the restaurant ’s waiter.

”Let ’s move to my office, Sir. ” The manager thought it was not a good place to talk.
So, he suggested his office.

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”Call the police too. ” Tang Jin Wei would never let this man got away from what he had done.

”Yes, sir…
Yes, sir. ” The manager thought it was unavoidable.
He asked his staff to call the police and asked several people to bring the faint man into his office too.

”Sir, may I know what has happened just now? ” The manager asked Tang Jin Wei.

However, it was not Tang Jin Wei that answered the question.
It was Yu Qi that opened her mouth.

”I was going to find my sister in law at the ladies.
Then I heard a woman ’s scream telling ’let me go ’ inside the ladies.
When I wanted to open the door, it was locked.
So, I kicked the door opened.
Then I saw that man pinned my sister in law at the wall.
So, I beat him up. ” Yu Qi told his story.

The manager gulped his saliva.
He looked at his waiter.
There were bruises on his face.

Then, there were knocks on the door.
It was a policeman who entered the room.
The policeman looked surprised when he entered the room and saw a familiar face inside the room.

”Miss Tang, what are you doing here? ” The policeman asked.

”Something has happened. ” Yu Qi got to know these policemen after she got shot.

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”So, what has happened here? ” The policeman asked.

Yu Qi began to repeat the story when she was telling the manager earlier.

”Is it okay for Miss Ke to speak? ” The policeman asked Ke Su Su.

”Are you okay? Can you speak? ” Tang Jin Wei asked gently to the lady that still in his hug.

”Yes. ” Ke Su Su nodded weakly.

”Then, can I know what happened from Miss Ke ’s side? ” The policeman asked.

”I was about to get out of the ladies and suddenly he came and pushed me into the ladies.
He said he wants to… ” Ke Su Su could not finish her sentence and started to tremble again.

It was visible to others to see it.

”Okay, you can stop. ” The policeman understood.

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”I want me to charge him. ” Tang Jin Wei said to the policeman.

”Yes sir. ” The policeman could not ignore this man.

From his understanding, this man was Miss Tang ’s brother.
Meaning he was also the legendary doctor ’s grandchildren.
He asked his subordinates to bring Jian Hee to the police station after getting the treatment.

”I will go first.
You guys can come to the police station later. ” The policeman excused himself.

The manager looked at the scene.
From what he could conclude, the people in front of him had special identities since even the police seemed to respect them.

”I ’m sorry for having you experience the matter. ” The manager apologized sincerely.
”You don ’t need to pay for tonight ’s dinner. ”

What the important was to build a relationship with these people.
He was willing to pay for their dinner.

”No need.
We still will pay for it. ” Tang Jin Wei put on his card on the table.
”Can you process the payment? We would like to leave after this. ”

”Of course…
Of course… ” The manager called his staff to process the payment.

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