Tang Jin Wei felt that he could not hide from his little sister.
”Su Su was born in this city.
So… ”

”Oh, you have come to see her family.
Never thought you will be so serious with her. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Of course, I ’m serious about her.
It is my first time feeling this. ” Tang Jin Wei said seriously to Yu Qi.

I understand. ” Yu Qi laughed.
”When will you get married? Auntie Ming Yue must happy with this. ”

”Well, in the progress. ” Tang Jin Wei grinned.
”When will you be finished with your internship? ”

”Two months later. ” Yu Qi said.

”I see.
Are you already thinking about your next plan? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”I may consider continuing my residentship at Tang Private Hospital for five years since surgery is my speciality. ” Yu Qi did think about her next plan.

”Oh, I see. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded several times.
”Grandpa will indeed get happy if you come to work with us.
He is already unhappy since you choose this hospital for your internship. ” He said.

”Grandpa is unhappy? ” Yu Qi did not know about that.

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But of course, he will say not that to you.
He understands your reason.
Well, I understand too since I also do the same thing for my internship.
Same as Big Brother. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

”Speaking about Grandpa, how is he? ” Yu Qi switched her attention to her grandfather.

”Same as usual. ” Before he came here, he went to see his grandfather first.

Grandpa Tang became more obsessed with growing up the herbs.

”I bet he is taking care of his herbs. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
She just saw her grandpa two days later using her special CCTV.

”By the way, are you free tonight? I want to invite you for dinner tonight with Su Su. ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”Sure. ” Yu Qi agreed.
She did not assign for the night shift for today.

I will inform you of the place later. ” Tang Jin Wei smiled.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Dinner with your sister? ” Ke Su Su asked.

She is having her internship at the hospital here.
So, since we are here, I suggest we have dinner with her too. ” Tang Jin Wei informed Ke Su Su when they were about to go to the restaurant.

”I don ’t mind.
Is that okay with my clothes? ” Ke Su Su asked when she looked down on her clothes.

”Eh, why are you asking that? ” Tang Jin Wei somehow an idiot at this time.

”Well, I am meeting with one of your family members… ” Ke Su Su said.

”Don ’t worry.
My little Sis does not mind about that.
And I think you have already met her in the past. ” Tang Jin Wei laughed off about that.

But, at that time, I don ’t know it was your sister. ” Ke Su Su remembered that time where she thought Yu Qi was Tang Jin Wei ’s girlfriend and she was embarrassed when Yu Qi said she was Tang Jin Wei ’s sister.

”Little Sis is open-minded.
Don ’t mind about that. ” Tang Jin Wei said.

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”Okay. ” Ke Su Su nodded.

They entered the restaurant.
Tang Jin Wei had already told Yu Qi which restaurant that they would have dinner at.
Yu Qi said that she would be there later.

A waiter led the two of them to the empty table.
Tang Jin Wei informed the waiter that they would be ordered the food after the third party arrived.
The waiter nodded and left them first.

They did not know that someone was paying attention to them especially to Ke Su Su.

After 15 minutes, Yu Qi arrived.
”Sorry, I am late. ”

”It ’s okay. ” Ke Su Su shook her head.

”I think this is our second meeting, right, Sister Su Su? ” Yu Qi smiled.

Yeah… ” Ke Su Su nodded.
Tang Jin Wei ’s sister was so beautiful.
They were indeed from the same family.

”Let ’s order the food. ” Tang Jin Wei said called the waiter to order food.

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So, they talked while eating.
At first, Ke Su Su felt afraid of talking to Yu Qi.
But after spending a few time talking to Yu Qi, she became more comfortable talking with Yu Qi.
Sometimes, both of the girls ignored Tang Jin Wei.

After a moment, Ke Su Su excused herself to go to the ladies.
So, she asked a waitress about the ladies.
The waitress showed and led Ke Su Su to the ladies.
She said thank you and entered the ladies.

Done with her business inside, she went out.
Right after she got out, her body was pushed back inside the ladies.
The culprit locked the door and pinned her to the wall.

”My dear, long time no see. ” The culprit said.

Ke Su Su then looked at the culprit.
She was shocked.
It was actually her ex-boyfriend, Jian Hee.

”You become more beautiful since I last saw you. ” Jian Hee smiled.

”Let me go. ” Ke Su Su struggled.

”Don ’t be so distant from me.
I ’m your ex-boyfriend. ” Jian Hee chuckled.

”You are just ex-boyfriend. ” Ke Su Su said.

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You already have a new boyfriend.
He looks richer than me. ” Jian Hee said.
”Is he already have a taste of you? ”

Ke Su Su ’s expression on her face changed.

Jian Hee caught that.
”Oh, he hasn ’t yet tasted you? So, you are still a v.i.r.g.i.n? ” Jian Hee licked his tongue.
”This is great.
I shall get a taste first since I ’m your first boyfriend. ”

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