Long Hui had already discovered the place.
It was indeed a hidden camp.
Long Hui was about to instruct his subordinates to the pointed locations.

Suddenly they heard some shouts, coming from inside the camp.
Long Hui could not wait for anything.
He quickly ordered his subordinates to directly enter the camp.

The scene was very spectacular.
What they saw was a woman stood proudly while looking at laying men around her.

”I have told you that you will regret thinking that you can have fun with me. ” The woman said while smirking.

Then, the woman was stunned as she caught a smell that should not belong here.
She slowly turned around and stopped the Long Hui ’s group.
The woman started running toward Long Hui ’s group.

Long Hui ’s subordinates became alert as they pulled their gun.
However, Long Hui made a stop signal.
The woman straightly hugged Long Hui.
The subordinates were shocked.
Only a few of them were relaxed since they knew the identity of the woman.

As for the people who did not know, they were hoping that the woman let their colonel go since their colonel might kill the woman because their colonel hated women very much.

”You are safe.
Thank goodness. ” Long Hui hugged the woman back making his subordinates who did not know the woman became more shocked.

”Lieutenant colonel, this…
this… ” One of them asked Ren Qian Yi.

She is your Colonel Long ’s girlfriend. ” Ren Qian Yi said.
He looked at the laying men.
”I think we don ’t have to do anything since she has already taken them down. ”

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”They do not manage to touch you, right? ” Long Hui asked his beloved Qi Qi after he let go of her from his hug.

I have already attacked their acupuncture points and as for the result, they have already lost their ability to stand. ” Yu Qi sai, like she was talking about the weather.

Others could hear what she was saying.
It was like an angel ’s voice but the things that she said was very horrifying.
Everyone was trembling.

The laying men had still had their consciousness.
They just could watch what happened in front of their eyes.

The vice captain was still fine, pulled his gun and shot Yu Qi.
Yu Qi heard that.
Without anything hesitated, she used her body to protect Long Hui.

”Tsk… ” That was only the sound that came out from Yu Qi ’s mouth when the bullet hit her shoulder.

”You bastard!!! ” Long Hui shouted angrily to the man that shot his beloved Qi Qi.

Putting Yu Qi carefully, Long Hui marched towards the vice captain.
His speed was incredible.
In seconds, he was already in front of the man.

Long Hui punched the man right on his face.
He did not hold back his power.
The man went down after one punch.

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”How dare you kidnap my woman? How dare you hurt my woman? ”

Long Hui punched him several times.
Then the man had fainted.
His face was bloody.
That only happened in one minute.
Long Hui let him go.
He then wiped out the blood on his hand.

Long Hui returned to Yu Qi ’s side.
He looked at Yu Qi ’s wound.
The bleeding was not stopping.
At this rate, she would die from excessive bleeding.

Long Hui opened his bag and brought out the first aid kit.
He cleaned out the blood and tightened the area with a bandage hoping that it would temporary stopped the bleeding.

”Hold on.
I will bring you to the hospital, okay, Qi Qi? ” Long Hui whispered to Yu Qi ’s ear.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi answered weakly.

”Lieutenant colonel Ren, take care of the things here.
I will bring Yu Qi to the hospital now. ” Long Hui lifted Yu Qi.

”Yes, Sir. ” Ren Qian Yi saluted as he accepted the order.

”You, follow Colonel Long. ” Ren Qian Yi pointed to one of them.
He wanted the man to be the guard for Long Hui in case they would get ambushed.

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”Yes, Sir. ” The soldier saluted and followed Long Hui.

”Let ’s get to work. ” Ren Qian Yi said.

Everyone was shocked to see Yu Qi in a soldier ’s arms with a pale face.
They also could the blood on Yu Qi ’s shoulder.

”She has been shot by someone on her shoulder.
Please save her. ” Long Hui said to a nurse.

”Shot? Quicky call Professor Liu and prepares the surgery room.
We have a gunshot patient. ” A nurse gave the order.
She then turned to Long Hui.
”Put her onto this bed. ”

Long Hui followed the nurse ’s instruction.
He put Yu Qi gently on the bed.
The nurses pushed to the surgery room as soon as quickly.

”We will take care of the patient right now.
Please wait outside. ” The nurse said to Long Hui.
Long Hui stood helpless outside the surgery room.

Aoi also waited outside the surgery room.
However, no one saw him since as he had put on his invisibility.

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’Bo Ya, Master will be fine, right? ’ Aoi said Bo Ya.

Don ’t worry. ’ Bo Ya assured Aoi.

The news which said that Yu Qi received a gunshot spread within the hospital.
Two hours ago, they had received the news that Yu Qi had been kidnapped by an unknown group of men during their charity project.
Everyone was very worried about her.

Now, she was saved from the kidnapper but had been shot by them.
The management team called the police to tell the information in case the police was still looking for Yu Qi.

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