”Treat people? ” Doctor Zhu asked.

Don ’t ask too many questions.
We just need one. ” The man said.

Everyone was silent.
No one stepped forward.

”Oh, no one wants to follow us? Then, we will kill you all. ” The man signalled his men to point the gun at everyone.

”Wait a minute. ” Yu Qi stepped forward.

”Oh, what a beauty. ” The man licked his lips starting mostly at Yu Qi.
”Are you a doctor? ”

I will follow you.
Don ’t harm anyone here and re-draw all of your men from this orphanage. ” Yu Qi demanded.

Anything for a beauty. ” The man said while laughing.

”By the way, let me ask a question first. ” Yu Qi looked at the man.

”You sure have the nerve to ask for more. ” The man clicked his tongue.
I will answer only one question. ”

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”How do you know there will be doctors at this orphanage right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

The man laughed.
”Of course we have a helper. ”

Yu Qi looked around.
Her eyes stopped at one woman that just looked down with a trembling body.
She trembled more as she heard Yu Qi asked that question.

”I see. ” Yu Qi closed her eyes and opened them.
”Let ’s go. ”

”Wait, Doctor Tang. ” Doctor Zhu held Yu Qi ’s hand.

”Don ’t worry.
Take care of others.
I will return.
You can go and report it to the police. ” Yu Qi assured Doctor Zhu that she would be alright.

”Don ’t break your promise. ” Yu Qi said to the man.

”Of course, beauty. ” The man nodded.

The man watched the beauty walked away.
’This woman is so special.
My master will be happy to have such a woman. ’

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”Will Doctor Tang be okay? ” A nurse asked while crying.

Everyone did not answer that question.
Doctor Zhu clenched his fist.

”Everyone, clean up.
We are going back.
Mr Ling, I think it is not safe to be here.
Let ’s go together. ” Doctor Zhu said to Mr Ling.

”Is it okay to leave right now? What if the man lies and asks his men to kill us if we leave? ” Another first year resident asked.

”So, you mean, we just can wait here and let Doctor Tang die? ” Min Gu Su asked thst first year resident sharply.

That first year resident did not respond.

”I think we can divide into two groups.
One will go out and report this to the police and others can wait here. ” A doctor gave the idea.

”So, what if the people that leaves gets ambushed by those men? ” A nurse asked.

”I will go. ” Min Gu Su said.
”Waiting for any longer may be dangerous to Doctor Tang. ”

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”Me too. ” Ah Kean also stood up.

Then, half the medical team agreed to go out and report this case to the police.
They were indebted to Yu Qi since she agreed to follow the group of men.
Otherwise, they might be killed on the spot.


Yu Qi was on their truck for about two hours.
She had never thought that would be a path for the truck to move.
Meaning, it must be these people who made the path.

She was wondering who were these people.
It seemed these people were not from Guanying City.

”You must be wondering who we are, right? ” The man smiled.

Yu Qi just stared at him.
From this man talked just now, they needed a doctor to treat someone.
They probably could not get the doctor legally.
Not like they did not have the money since they used the gun to threaten others.

”You should say goodbye to your previous life? You will start to live with us. ” The man said.

”Don ’t bother about returning.
Others will not be able to find you. ” The man was still continued talking even though seeing Yu Qi ignored him.

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”Well, I will see. ” Yu Qi suddenly smiled.

The man felt uncomfortable when he saw that smile.
However, he ignored the feeling.
’What can a weak girl like her do in the first place? ’

They arrived at a valley.
Bottom of it, there was some kind of a village.
It was hidden.

”Welcome to your new home. ” The man said.

The truck stopped and the man asked Yu Qi to come out.
When Yu Qi stepped out, there were several roars among them.

”Vice captain, where do you kidnap this beauty? ”

”Beauty, be my wife. ”

”Vice captain, can I taste her after you taste her? ”

It seemed the man who talked to Yu Qi for a while was called by the men as ’Vice captain ’.

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”Silent. ” The vice captain said.

The men immediately went silent.

”She is the doctor that I have invited.
She also will live here too. ” The vice captain made the decision without asking for Yu Qi ’s confirmation.

However, Yu Qi did not say anything.
The vice captain assumed that she was afraid to say anything and agreed to live here.

Yu Qi saw around.
There were also women among them.
However, they seemed to be scared.
They also looked at the newcomer which was Yu Qi with a pity look.
’What is this place? It seems like a village but at the same time, it seems not. ’

It was like a bandit den.
But the world had already entered the 21st century.
And these men also used guns as their weapons.
Then her thought stopped at one point.
’They are soldiers.
Probably a deserted ones.
But the question is which one? Binhai or Cambizia. ’

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