Yu Qi was facing Bai Shu Jin right now.
She was just about to eat her lunch and saw an annoying face in front of her who was currently looking at her.

Her hate meter was about to explode but somehow Aoi and Bo Yea managed to calm down her through telepathy.
She watched Bai Shu Jin with her stoic face.

”Miss Tang… ” Bai Shu Jin called her name.

”… ” Yu Qi did not reply anything.

”Miss Tang, can you tell me why do you hate me so much? ” Bai Shu Jin sighed.
He really wanted to know the reason.

Yu Qi closed her eyes.
In her mind, her last scene in the past life had been replay.
After that, she opened her eyes sharply.

Bai Shu Jin was watching Yu Qi.
When he saw Yu Qi opened her eyes back, he could feel the strong hate in her eyes.
He still could not understand why she hates him so much.

Yu Qi collected the plate on the table and brought them to the required place to put the dirty plate.
Without caring about Bai Shu Jin, Yu Qi left the place.

Seeing this, Bai Shu Jin also left.
As usual, the hospital staff that watched the drama at the cafe started to talk about that.

”Another handsome man. ”

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”I feel that Doctor Tang is playing the reverse harem game. ”

”I feel the same way too.
All of the handsome men revolve around Doctor Tang. ”

”But don ’t you see that Doctor Tang was looking at that handsome man with pure hatred. ”

”Something must have happened between them in the past. ”

”They must be in a relationship in the past. ”

Yu Qi did not know what they were talking about.
If she knew about that, she might be angry since she did not want to be involved with that man even in the rumour.

Her grandfather had already returned to Fanghai Nation after meeting with the mayor yesterday.
She knew that Mu Cooperation did bid for the project but she knew that they lost the bid.
She did not remember who won the bid in the first place.


Today Guanying Hospital held the charity program.
They went to an orphanage offering basic medical check up to the children.
The orphanage location was not very good to be the truth.

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The orphanage was in a remote area where it surrounded by trees and bushes…
Well making it was an isolated place.
Going there was not a smooth journey too.

The staff needed to walk about one kilometre to get to the location with the equipment and things that they needed to use.

Others were grumbling about how tired they were.
However, they could see Yu Qi did not out from breaths.

”Doctor Tang…
You seem…
Walking for…
A long time…
Like this. ” One of the nurses said to Yu Qi.

”Well, I grow up climbing a mountain to search for mushroom, herbs and wild veggie.
It is nothing to me. ” Yu Qi said.

Others were stunned as they heard the answer.

After a long walk, they arrived at the orphanage in the afternoon.
Everyone sat down first.
The head of the orphanage greeted their leader, Doctor Zhu.

”No wonder when I have told another doctor about this program, he just said ’good luck ’ to me.
He already knows it. ” A first year resident said.

They were other first year residents, other from Yu Qi, Min Gu Su and Ah Kean.

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The head of the orphanage, Mr Ling, invited them for lunch.
Doctor Zhu wanted to reject but when they saw the anticipation on the children ’s face, they accepted it.

It was not a delicious meal but still countered the hungry that they had since it was lunchtime.

Then they began to set up the place where they were going to do the medical check up on the children.
After the preparation was completed, they began doing the medical check up on the children.

There were about 50 children of a wide range of ages in this orphanage.
They were in good health except for a few numbers of them.
They were having a slight fever.
So they were given medicines.

After three hours of working, they were finished.
The children seemed to be happy to be checked by a doctor.
It was an unusual scene.
Usually, children scared of the doctor especially the dentist or the doctor that gave the injection.

”Don ’t move. ” Someone shouted.

Everyone looked at the person.
The person was holding something with his hand.
Everyone became alert with this.
It was a gun.

Yu Qi looked at the gun.
It was a machine gun.
And then another man appeared with an M1911 gun too.
The a.d.u.l.t protected the children.

”Don ’t try to do anything.
You have been surrounded. ” Right after the man with the gun said, a group of men came out from the bushes with a weapon in their hands.

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”What do you want? We don ’t have anything valuable here. ” Mr Ling said.

”Of course, we know that.
What we want is not anything valuable.
But doctors. ” The man appeared as their leader talked.

”Doctors? ” Doctor Zhu had a complicated expression on his face.
Well, not just him, but all of the doctors had the same complicated expression on their faces.

We need doctors. ” The man said.

”For what? ” Doctor Zhu asked.

”To treat people, of course.
What else we need from the doctor? Not like they can kill people. ” Right after he said that the group of men laughed.

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