Chapter 706: You Should Get married As Fast As You Can.

Sunshine Company had declared bankruptcy.
Business newspaper and internet had been discussing about this.
During this half month, Sunshine Company had struggled a lot after its market price was dropped.
The market price continuously dropped after the first drop.

The owner of Sunshine Company, Sun Wei Ya rejected to be interviewed when some of the reporters wanted to interview them.
Sun Wei Ya's attitude showed there was something was happened to the company.

Some of them believed that Sun Wei Ya conducted something wrong and was found by someone, so, he needed to declare bankruptcy.
However, there was some rumour telling that Qi Qi Skincare was involved in this. 

They stated it was Qi Qi's counterattack.
The rumour was saying that Sunshine Company was involved in Qi Qi's problem that selling fake products to the customers. 

Still, a rumour was still a rumour.
With Sun Wei Ya refusal to be interviewed and Qi Qi also ignored the rumour, no one would never know the truth.

Qi Qi Skincare ignored the rumour and moved forward after the incident happened.
Benefit from the incident, sales of Qi Qi Skincare increased.
Qi Qi Skincare became more popular after the fake product incident. 

As for the people that bought the product online from the unknown seller only could bit their nails since they would not get any compensation from Qi Qi Skincare since they could not prove the product that they bought was the genuine Qi Qi Skincare's product. 

Su Yu Hi observed the woman in front of him who was currently enjoying her tea milk.
Yeah, the same woman that forced a company to declare bankruptcy.
He never thought that she would attack the company until they were bankrupt. 

”I'm glad that you are not my enemy. ” Su Yu Hi said.

Yu Qi only smiled when Su Yu Hi said that.
She knew that he was referring to Sunshine Company's matter.
That was right.
She was the one who forced them to declare bankruptcy.
Using her knowledge of her previous life and Shiro's help, the company crumbled to the ground.

Who told them to mess up with the company under her? She was not neither good nor bad person.
If Sunshine Company did not attack her company first, she would not do something like this. 

I come here to give you this. ” Su Yu Hi placed the file in front of Yu Qi.

”This is? ” Yu Qi took the file, opened and read it.

It was the contract between Quick Express and Qi Qi Skincare.
Quick Express was the delivery services company owned by Xian Company.
Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi to discuss the collaboration between the two companies. 

Yu Qi read all of the terms and conditions in the contract.
Seeing that there was no problem with the contract, Yu Qi nodded.

”This contract has no problem.
It is good. ” Yu Qi said satisfied with it. 

We will be going to sign it later. ” Su Yu Hi also nodded.

”By the way, Brother Yu Hi… ” Yu Qi smiled at Su Yu Hi.

”What? ” Su Yu Hi glanced at Yu Qi.
When Yu Qi looked at him like that, she must be thinking something mischievous.

”You come here, not just because of showing me the contract, right? ” Yu Qi's lips curved up. 

Su Yu Hi coughed several times when she caught it.
Actually, he came here to see Song Su Jin.
She had some shooting here.

”Am I correct? ” Yu Qi raised her eyebrows several times tensing Su Yu Hi.

  ”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded.

”So, has she become your girlfriend already? ” Yu Qi was interested to hear the answer.

”Yes. ” Su Yu Hi nodded again.

”Good job, Brother Yu Hi. ” Yu Qi showed thumb-up to Su Yu Hi.

Su Yu Hi felt embarrassed when his love story was being discussed wanted to leave now. 

”When we sign the contract with Quick Express, I will tell you. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Su Yu Hi stood up wanting to leave.
However, he almost stumbled when he heard Yu Qi said something.

”I hope you will get married to her as fast as you can. ”

”You should get married first since you have been in love for so long with him. ”

”Well, I'm still young.
But you already 31 years old, soon will be 32 years old.
It is better to get married early. ” Yu Qi replied.

Su Yu Hi was speechless.
He could not rebuke that since it was the truth.
Sending Yu Qi a glare, he left the place.
However, he did think about what Yu Qi had been saying.
It was his primer age to get married.

But the woman in the topic was an entertainer.
He needed to think about her career too.
She probably did not want to get married early.
He wanted to support her career. 

”Have you meet with Miss Yu Qi? ” Song Su Jin asked when having dinner together.

She is busy like hell. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Of course she would be busy.
There are a lot of patients. ” Song Su Jin chuckled.

”She was asking about us too. ”

”Does she know about us? ”

Even before we started dating, she has know that I have a feeling for you. ”

”Really? ” Song Su Jin felt embarrassed about that. 

Su Yu Hi nodded.

”Miss Yu Qi really cares about you. ” Song Su Jin chuckled.

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