”Good morning, Miss Yu Qi. ” 

Yu Qi had been greeted by her greenhouse employees.
She replied to them.
She came to make a final check before going back to the university.
Only six months later, she would be coming back. 

When she saw the report, she thought the greenhouse would be okay when leaving for her employee ’s management.
The oldest twin, Song Tao was a good leader. 

After making a few rounds of walking around the greenhouse, she left the greenhouse.
She wanted to check her ryokan after this.
The distance between the two places was not far, so she just walked.

When she crossed the market, she heard people gossiped about Wang Family. 

”That Shi Xen gets 2 million for her son. ”

”Huh? Why? ”

”What? You don ’t know the story? ’

”I just come back from the in-law hometown.
So, what is the story? Tell me quickly. ”

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”Her son caught cheating in gambling.
So, he was beaten by the casino people. ”

Her son is only 15 years old, right? How can he go gambling? ”

”My husband said he became regular at the casino after winning a few times. ” 

He must have a lot of money, then. ”

”I ’m, back to the story.
That Shi Xen went to make a report about her son getting beaten.
In the end, the owner wanted to settle privately, so Shi Xen demanded money.
That is why she gets 2 million. ”

”It is a lot of money. ”

”Well, that money is not much since her son already became crippled. ”

”What? Crippled? ”

”Yeah, her son can not use his legs anymore. ”

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He is just young. ”

”He should be studying instead of going on gambling.
I have hot news about her eldest daughter too. ”

”What? It ’s more? ”

”Yeah, her daughter, Fu Ya had a rumor about her, become a mistress to an old man. ”

”I heard about that rumor.
Is that true? ”

”Well, I don ’t know that.
But another news is he was arrested by the police at the hospital another day. ”

”Arrested? ”

However, we don ’t know why she was getting arrested. ”

Yu Qi passed the chat chit people.
Of course, people would not know about the reason Wang Fu Ya getting arrested.
She made it.
She used her hacking skill to change the land property of the old man to Wang Fu Ya.
The land actually a farm full of marijuana.
It also had a small factory to process marijuana.

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So, it became a major crime.
That was why Wang Fu Ya getting arrested.
Wang Fu Ya might not get out again.
Yu Qi thought it was the best revenge for Wang Fu Ya.
Everyone wanted freedom.
When the freedom was robbed, their doomsday already came. 

As she thought about Wang Fu Ya, she arrived at the ryokan.
The people were here to enjoy free onsen.
The coupon that gaven had a time limit.
They could use the coupon within one month from the opening ceremony.
After one month, the coupon would be expired and could not be used anymore.

Yu Qi sneaked to the kitchen.
When her employees saw their owner, they immediately greeted her.
Yu Qi replied with a smile.
She asked about the ryokan.
The response was very good.
Her employees said, on the first day, there were a lot of people came to use their coupons. 

Right now, people came using a normal way.
People that came used their coupon promoted the effect after using the onsen to their family and friend.
After that, the ryokan got a lot of reserved from the customers.
The ryokan was scheduled full until 3 months later.

Hearing this, Yu Qi was very happy.
Her promotion was a success.
When Yu Qi asked about the difficulties that they facing, whether they can fight or not.
The employees gave an assured smile to Yu Qi saying they could face it.

When Sister Chui Mei Fung heard about the owner was here, she quickly came and greeted her.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung was excited to see Yu Qi.

”Sister Mei Fung. ” Yu Qi replied to the greeting.

”You came. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung said.

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”Just want to take a look.
However, I think I don ’t need to worry about anything. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”The ryokan is boosted by the customers.
There is no problem.
We can handle it. ” Sister Chui Mej Fung said.

”I can see that.
I ’m glad that I choose to help you at that time. ” Yu Qi recalled the past.

”No no no…
It was me that should be glad to be saved and chosen by you. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung was very thankful to Yu Qi because the girl saved her.
If Yu Qi did not jump and save her, she might be decomposed at the bottom of the lake. 

”So, you still thinking about that man? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Humph! That man! He doesn ’t deserve my attention anymore.
I already forgot about him.
About the revenge, I already gave up.
I don ’t want my world spin around him.
He can do whatever he wants to do.
He already has nothing to do with me. ” Sister Chui Mei Fung said without a hint of resentment in her tone.

Yu Qi smiled when she heard the sentence coming out from Sister Chui Mei Fung ’s mouth.
She believed Sister Chui Mei Fung was talking about the truth.
That kind of man was not worth for woman ’s love.

Let ’s leave that past behind. ” Yu Qi encouraged Sister Chui Mei Fung. 

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