Yu Qi smiled.
Actually, she only gave the hint to the authorities that someone from Sunshine Company had been involved in bribery.

It was their result that they got from the investigation.
Well, she did help them a little bit.
The authorities did not disappoint her.

As for how Sunshine wanted to recover themselves was up to them.
She already did not care about that.

Su Yu Hi called her and told her that they caught about 2 suspicious people in the factory.
One was Song Tai ’s friend.
Song Tai invited him to work at the factory when he came across his friend.

Song Tai ’s friend asked Song Tai whether the factory was hiring people or not since he had some debt to pay off.
Song Tai brought his friend to Su Yu Hi for an interview.

Su Yu Hi had accepted, not because he was Song Tai ’s friend but because he was usually good at work in the factory in the packaging department.
So, he had some experience working at the factory.

He was caught when he was sabotaging some of the goods that needed to be delivered to the store.
When he had been questioned why he did that, he just answered that someone offered him some cash to do it.
Since he had the debt to pay back, he accepted the money.

Song Tai was very upset when he heard his confession.
He never thought that his friend would do something like this just because of money.

As for another suspicious person, she was a spy from Sunshine Company.
She had been ordered to steal the formula from Qi Qi Skincare.

The one who caught her was a former spy, Fua Sui Jue.
Fua Sui Jue said that he often saw her lingering around outside Song Tai ’s room.
After she tried to break into Song Tai ’s room, she was caught.

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In the beginning, she did not admit anything at all.
So, Song Tai was experimenting with something.
He brought many kinds of bugs and making the woman to play with them.

The woman was very terrified of them and confessed it on the spot.
Actually, she was ordered to seduce the leader of the factory, Song Tai and then try to inquire about the formula of Qi Qi Skincare.

Song Tai made a disgusted face.
”Even I have standards of who is going to be my girlfriend, okay. ”

That woman indeed a beautiful woman but was not Song Tai ’s taste.

Su Yu Hi fired the woman and Song Tai ’s friend.
And informed the public about this.
When the public knew the news, it exploded again.

Then someone made some assumption, telling that the Sunshine Company had some links in this matter.
The assumption that Sunshine Company was the one that made the trouble for Qi Qi Skincare recently.
And got into the problem after that.

That person posted his article on the internet.
When people read this article, they also thought that there was a possibility.
The Sunshine Company was having some problems after Qi Qi Skincare ’s problem.

However, Qi Qi Skincare did not give much response to the article.
Qi Qi Skincare was busy handling customers that came to the store demanding the money back.
Like this one customer.

It was 32 year old woman.
She came to the store demanding the store to return the money back to her.
She had purchased Qi Qi Skincare product online.

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When she used the product, her face felt very hot and itchy.
So hot and itchy that she could not endure anymore, so she started to scratch it.
Then it started to bleed.

She went to the doctor.
The doctor that treated her saying that her face skin had been exposed to too much ammonia that could make the face skin itchy.

The woman was very upset when she heard the doctor ’s explanation.
Her face was ruining.
The culprit was the Qi Qi Skincare product.

The woman actually did not read about Qi Qi Skincare ’s announcement.
She directly went to the store nearby.

She shouted at the store helpers.
Telling the product was very bad and her face ruined because of that damn product.
She threw the products on the floor.
She also said that she wanted her money back.

The store helpers had received multiple complains like this recently did not panic.
She invited the woman to follow her into a room saying she would call someone that could handle her case.

The store helpers called her store manager and saying another complaint.
The store manager understood.
She went to see the woman.

The store manager carefully heard the story from the woman ’s side.
The store manager nodded several times.
The woman thought that the store manager would do as she asked to.

However, when the store manager gave the explanation from their side, asking for the invoice or bill that the woman purchased the product and wanted to confirm the invoice or bill was genuinely from Qi Qi Skincare or not, the woman exploded in anger.

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The woman threw the invoice in front of the store manager.
The store manager did not get angry with this person, took the invoice and looked at it.

She only looked for a moment and had her answer.
She told the woman that this invoice was not from Qi Qi Skincare.

The woman became more furious about this.
She insisted that this invoice was from Qi Qi Skincare and had brought the Qi Qi product online.

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