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Yu Qi put the white mask on her face.
”Now, we are well matched. ”

”You are also beautiful with the mask on. ” Long Hui ’s turn to praise Yu Qi.

Yu Qi giggled.
They continued to walk around the night market.
A lot of them were watching them.
They did not care about it.
Yu Qi felt like that because Long Hui already wore the mask and anyone could not see this face.

They did not buy anything since nothing was caught on their eyes.
Still, it was an enjoyable walk.

”I read the news. ” Long Hui suddenly said that.

”News? ” Yu Qi titled her head.

Your business. ” Long Hui nodded.

”Oh, that fake product news. ” Yu Qi realized that Long Hui was talking about that.

”Need help? ” Long Hui asked, offering his help.

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”For the time being, no.
If something happens that I can not handle, I will definitely ask for your help. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Long Hui smiled.
It was hard when having a capable girlfriend like her.

”You already have a plan to counter that? ” Long Hui asked more.

”Of course. ” Yu Qi put an arrogant look on her face.

”Just be careful. ” Long Hui hit Yu Qi ’s forehead.

”Ouch. ”Yu Qi automatically rubbed her forehead.

Long Hui panicked.
He thought that he just hit her forehead gently.
He probably did not control his power just now.

”Qi Qi, is that hurt so much? I ’m sorry. ” Long Hui checked his beloved Qi Qi ’s forehead.

Yu Qi smirked.
”I think if you kiss it, it will feel better. ”

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”Really? ” At this point, Long Hui already became an idiot.

He believed what his beloved Qi Qi said to him.
So, he kissed her forehead gently afraid that he would hurt her for the second time.

”Is it okay? ” Long Hui asked nervously.

Yu Qi already giggled.
”Brother Hui, I ’m just joking.
You are very cute and I like it. ”

”You are just joking? ” Long Hui asked.

It does not hurt that much. ” Yu Qi said.

”And I ’m very cute? ” Long Hui asked again.
Right now with a restrained voice.

Yu Qi did not sense it, nodded clueless.
”Yeah. ”

We will settle about that later. ” Long Hui smirked evilly to Yu Qi.

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Yu Qi realized that she had dug up her own grave.
She gulped.


”We need to settle something, right? ” Long Hui grinned as he looked down at Yu Qi who was laying on the bed.
He had just took bath.

They were currently in Yu Qi ’s space after returning from their short date.

Yu Qi was grinning sillyly.
She knew that she could not escape from this.

Long Hui slowly got up onto the bed.

”I am really glad that you have this space since the time flow is very slow in this space when compared to the outside world.
We can enjoy our making love longer than other couple does, right? ” Long Hui said in the playful tone.

Yu Qi nodded shyly.
Long Hui did not wait for long.
He quickly attacked Yu Qi ’s mouth and intruded into her mouth.
His tongue caught her tongue and they were dancing together.

”Why are you wearing something? We are going to take off them too. ” Long Hui glanced at the pajama that she had been wearing.

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”But… ” Yu Qi could not continued as her mouth had been covered by Long Hui.

Long Hui covered her mouth with his own and kissed her until Yu Qi forgot what she was going to say.
She held on to his arm and could feel his hard muscles.
After she had been kissed senseless, he sat up and began to undress her.
Thank goodness, the clothes were very easy to remove.

Even though Long Hui had already seen her without her clothes before, but she was still felt very shy.
She ended up covering her b.r.e.a.s.ts with her arm.

”Don ’t cover it.
Let me see… ” Long Hui said.

Yu Qi slowly exposed herself to him.
She was nude except for her panties.
She could hear him breathing hard.
The look on his face made her shivered.
She could see that Long Hui licked his lips.

He reached for her b.r.e.a.s.t and started fondling them.
”You are mine. ”

She m.o.a.ned.
I ’m yours. ”

Long Hui leaned down and sucked on of her b.r.e.a.s.ts, making her gasp and m.o.a.ned again.
His hand reached to another b.r.e.a.s.t and played the n.i.p.p.l.e.
Her were already hard.
he sucked even bitting the playfully.

”Oh, Hui…
Please more…. ”

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”Alright, as you request, my beloved. ” Right now, Long Hui already slipped down to his beloved Qi Qi ’s secret place.
He parted her legs to get access to that place.

”As usual, the view is beautiful. ” Long Hui commented.

The response that he got was the entrance of her secret place twitched.

”It respond to me very well. ” Long Hui said.
”I will reward it. ”

She shivered at his words.
Feeling both shy and excited at the same time.
Then she could feel his tongue touched his ’charm point ’ gently.
He then licked her secret place.

AH… ” It was like an electric shock when he licked her secret place.

His mouth glistened with her juices.
It made him licked more and more.
Sometimes he sucked her ’charm point ’ hard.
Then his tongue entered her and she was completely lost within the overwhelming sensations assaulting her body.

”AH!!! Yu Qi pulled Long Hui closer to her secret place as her back formed a beautiful arch.
She was c.u.m.m.i.n.g so hard.

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