Yu Qi heard the news about Wang Fu Ya been arrested at the hospital.
It had been famous news because of her previous news about being a mistress to the old man.
Yu Qi sneered when she heard about that.
Wang Fu Ya was making a fuss, screaming and shouting when the police officers arrested her.

The news about Wang Family became hotter due to Wang Yu Jin.
Wang Yu Jin needed to discharge because of the lack of money on Wang Yu Jin ’s treatment.
The money that Madam Wang had was not enough to support Wang Yu Jin ’s treatment. 

Madam Wang shouted angrily to the hospital about this.
She brought Wang Yu Jin back to home.
After asking Wang Ha Na to take care of Wang Yu Jin for a moment, Madam Wang went to the police station to ask about Wang Yu Jin ’s case.
At the same time, she wanted to know about her eldest daughter. 

When she arrived at the police station and asked about Wang Yu Jin ’s case.
The police said the men already been arrested.
The owner of the casino wanted to pay some money to the victim to close the case.
So, the police officers wanted Madam Wang thought about this case whether she wanted to continue the case to the court or settled it outside. 

Hearing the owner wanted to pay some money, Madam Wang ’s eyes lifted up.
She already thought about how much she wanted to make the owner of the casino pay her.
The money would be used to treat Wang Yu Jin. 

”How much they want to pay us? ” Madam Wang asked. 

”They want to meet you, so, Madam Wang, you can meet them and negotiate about the money. ” The police officer said.

Madam Wang thought for a moment.
I will meet them.
Can I meet with them tomorrow? ” Madam Wang agreed with it.
The sooner the better. 

And Madam Wang wanted to meet them at the police station to ensure her own safety.
If they were meeting somewhere else, it would be dangerous to her.
They might do something to her.
Meeting at the police station was much safer.
She might want a police officer acted like her witness.

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”Where do you want to meet? ” The police officer asked again.

”I want to meet them here.
Well, they beat up my son, I ’m kind of scared to meet them outside. ” Madam Wang made a scared face.

The police officer agreed to arrange the meeting with the owner of the casino. 

”One more thing, there are two police officers who came arresting my daughter.
Can I know the detail? ” Madam Wang demanded the explanation. 

”Madam Wang, the police officers are not from our police station instead they are from Wenta Town police station.
As for Miss Wang getting arrested for what reason, you need to go to the Wenta Town police station for more information. ” The police officers knew about the news.
He knew that Madam Wang would be asking that matter too.
So he prepared for it.
However, he really did not about the detail, so he could not help much.

”What? How can you don ’t know about this? ” Madam Wang asked angrily.

”We really don ’t know about that. ” The police officer still answered calmly.

Madam Wang did not want to push the matter too hard.
She already had one goal.
To get money for Wang Yu Jin.
As for Wang Fu Ya, she could wait. 

I will come again tomorrow to meet with them. ” Madam Wang stood up and left the police station.

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She was sitting behind his grandfather ’s herb garden resting after helping her grandfather taking care of the herbs.
Her grandfather also gave a lecture on the herbs while doing so.
Aoi was sleeping not far from them.

”I heard the daughter of Wang Family arrested by police. ” Grandpa Tang drunk the tea that brought by Sister Chu Xiao. 

However, people don ’t know why she was getting arrested. ” Yu Qi said.

”Do you played something on it? ” Grandpa Tang looked at Yu Qi. 

”Huh? Of course not.
But I might play a role in that. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”What do you mean by that? ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”Remember when I was kidnapped? ” 

”Yeah. ”

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”The reason why was i been kidnapped is Wang Fu Ya. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Because of her? ”

Wang Fu Ya initiate about me to that old man.
I don ’t know what she had been telling that old man but she made the old man came to our house, threaten us and kidnapped me. ”

”So? ”

”Maybe the old man slipped his tongue and told the police about Wang Fu Ya lead to Wang Fu Ya getting arrested.
Well, it is only my theory.
We don ’t know the truth behind her arrest.
Just wait for the police to clarify the news. ” Yu Qi told her grandfather.

”If that was true, I hope she will live longer behind the bar.
How can the child like that go astray like that? Well, when getting those parents like that. ” Grandpa Tang remembered about Wang Fu Ya ’s parent. 

”Oh, when will you go back to University? Your semester break will end, right? ” Grandpa Tang asked when remembered about that.

”3 days later.
Tomorrow, I want to go to the greenhouse for a look. ” Yu Qu answered.

Then you will be choosing your major, right? ” 

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Like I told you, I will choose surgery. ” Yu Qi already made her decision. 

You need to work harder.
Surgery is quite difficult. ”

”You don ’t need to worry.
If I don ’t understand something, I will come home and ask the legendary doctor. ” Yu Qi laughed.

Grandpa Tang shook his head while sighing. 

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