Yu Qi finally finished her morning routine.
It was a little bit late since she had covered Ji Suk Ye ’s patients as well.
Ji Suk Ye did not appear in the morning meeting, so, the first year residents needed to cover for her patients too.

In the evening, they were shocked by the news of Ji Suk Ye ’s death.
Ji Suk Ye was a famous person too if compared to Yu Qi.
She became popular recently since Ji Tein Tei ’s case.
She was known as an arrogant first year resident before that.
So, the staff in the hospital pretty much knew her.

Ji Suk Ye was found dead at the mountain road.
Her car was plunged into the gorge and got stuck up to the tree while her body was thrown outside the car.

She was found when one of the delivery truck passed by the road and saw the broken road barrier.
He assumed someone had hit it and fell down.
So, he called the police to investigate.
His assumption became true when the police found a car stuck into the tree.

However, there were no people in the car.
So, police expanded their search area down there.
One woman was found with multiple bruises on her body.
The first assumption that the police made was she got the bruises when she was thrown outside the car, hit the trees before fell down there.

Ji Suk Ye was brought to the Guanying Hospital forensic department for autopsy.
Two hours later, the autopsy had done.
Her broken rib had stabbed into her lungs and heart during the fall.
There were broken bones of her leg and hands.
And also her head had received getting the injuries.

Ji Suk Ye ’s family was gathered in the hospital.
Her aunt and also her parents.
The parents and her little brother were shocked when her aunt called and informed about Ji Suk Ye ’s death.

Ji Suk Ye ’s body had been cremated as her report autopsy had been sent to the police.
It was her family ’s wishes.
They had a small funeral held.

Yu Qi also went to the funeral.
To be honest, there were sometimes that she did not like Ji Suk Ye but she never thought that she would die this quickly.
She sighed.

Yu Qi went to meet Ji Suk Ye ’s family.
She greeted them.

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”You bitch, what are you doing here? ” Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie shouted at Yu Qi.

”Meimei, watch out your mouth. ” Ji Suk Ye ’s mother looked at Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie.

”Sister, she must be the reason why Suk Ye has died. ” Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie pointed to Yu Qi.

Ji Suk Ye ’s mother frowned.
”My daughter has died in a car accident.
You must have some episodes with this young girl but you can ’t say something like that to others. ” She was not stupid.

Ji Suk Ye ’s mother knew his daughter even though she had only spent some time with her daughter.
Her daughter had led herself into ashes after she started living with her brother and sister in law.

”Miss Tang, don ’t worry.
It is already her time to be called by God. ” Ji Suk Ye ’s mother said.

Yu Qi nodded and left the funeral.

Month by month passed.
Yu Qi and other first year residents jumped to different departments already.
The Emergency Department, intensive care department, and internal medicine department.
The last department that they still not come across yet was the surgery department.

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It was the department that Yu Qi had been waiting for.
She had aimed to be a surgeon.
During the past few months, Yu Qi had already entered multiple surgeries when in the other departments.
She was familiar with the situation in the surgery theatre.

Sometimes Yu Qi helped in the last part of the surgery which was the stitching.
The doctors had seen her stitching and praised her work.
Nice and precise.

In this department, it was not strange if they had surgery every day.
Yu Qi and others could enter the surgeries with the head surgeon ’s permission.

Busy with her career, Yu Qi did not forget about her business.
Yu Qi received the emails from Su Yu Hi about business ’s update.
As Yu Qi wanted, the Qi Qi Skincare Brand would be exported to other countries.

Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi to cooperate with Xian Family Delivery Services Company.
After a few meeting, the cooperation was successfully achieved.

Xian Family was surprised when Qi Qi Skincare Brand extended their hand to Xian Family expressing the feeling to cooperate with them since Qi Qi Skincare Brand had already become the leading in the skincare industries.

Su Yu Hi just informed that his boss was interested to cooperate with Xian Family.
He did not say anything about Yu Qi.

As for Ji Tein Lei, he faced multiple charges on him.
Bribing, money laundering, s.e.x.u.a.l harassment as well as Yu Qi ’s sue.
Many pieces of evidence were presented in front of the judge.
With that kind of evidence, it was pretty sure that Ji Tein Lei would end up many years in the jail.

Ji Tein Lei ’s wife could not maintain her life as the police confiscated their house and their money in the bank.
As for the result, she went to the Ji Suk Ye ’s parents to stay with them.

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Ji Suk Ye ’s parents did not mind her stay with them.
However, she needed to work as well since even Ji Suk Ye ’s mother worked too to support their current expenses.
If Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie wanted to stay, she needed to work as well.

Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie came from a well family.
Even though her family was not rich, but she could get everything from her parents even after she had gotten married to Ji Tein Lei, she got everything prepared for her.
So when she was told to do work, she protested.

Ji Suk Ye ’s parents said that she needed to get out from their house if she did not want to work.
Afraid that she would be thrown out, she went to work.

It all happened because Ji Tein Lei had decided to trouble Yu Qi.
If he did not do something like that, they might still be enjoying their former life.

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