Yu Qi just came out from the surgery theatre.
It was a normal caesar operation.
The mother did not have energy to delivery since she was giving birth to a pair of twins.

The babies were very cute.
Making her feel like she, herself wanted to have her own baby.
Yeah, her baby with Long Hui must be a cute one.
Her face blushed as she was thinking about that.

”Doctor Tang, what is wrong with you? Fever? ” The nurse asked when she noticed the bashfulness on Yu Qi ’s face.

”Oh, nothing. ” Yu Qi quickly waved her hands and shook her head.
’What am I thinking? ’

”By the way, Doctor Tang, there are some people who want to meet you. ” The nurse informed Yu Qi.

”Some people? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.
She did not want an appointment with anyone.
Not with the patient.

”A young man and woman.
They are waiting for you at the cafe. ” The nurse told Yu Qi more.

”I see.
Thank you, Nurse Lian.
I will go first. ” Yu Qi thanked the nurse.

Yu Qi then walked to the cafe while thinking about the people.
She looked around to see whether she knew the people that wanted to meet her.
In a few second, someone called her name.

”Miss Tang. ” It was a man ’s voice.

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She turned around and looked at the man.
Yu Qi remembered this man.
His name was Lu Tangxiao.
Next to him was the girl that she gave the emergency treatment before, Xian Su Yan.

”Mr Lu and you are Miss Xian Su Yan. ” Yu Qi greeted them.

”You are really look like a doctor when you are wearing a white coat like this. ” Lu Tangxiao said.

Xian Su Yan slapped Lu Tangxiao ’s back.
”It is rude to give such a comment.
It should be Doctor Tang.
I ’m here to invite you for the dinner as thank you for saving my life.
I have been told by the doctors, without your emergency treatment, I probably would ’ve not survived. ”

I mean Doctor Tang, I don ’t mean in a bad way.
Its just…
you look somehow too beautiful that I have not thought that you are a doctor. ” Lu Tangxiao scratched his back head.

Yu Qi chuckled.
Thank you for your compliment. ”

”So, are you free tonight? ” Xian Su Yan asked.

Yu Qi checked her schedule.
It was free.
”I ’m free tonight. ”

”Then, let ’s meet at Skymoon Hotel. ” Xian Su Yan said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Skymoon Hotel was the hotel where she went to eat dinner with Qin Xia.
She knew that Skymoon Hotel was owned by Qin Xia.

”Well, then, we will excuse ourselves first.
We would not take your time anymore. ” Xian Su Yan excused themselves.

Lu Tangxiao nodded to Yu Qi.
They left the Yu Qi.
Then Yu Qi returned to her work.

Entering the hotel, Yu Qi went straight to the restaurant.
The waiter asked whether she had already booked or not.

Yu Qi was unsure whether Xian Su Yan or Lu Tangxiao booked the table or not.

When she was thinking, someone called her name.

”Doctor Tang. ”

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It was Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao.
Followed behind them, there were some people that she did not know.

”She is with us.
We have booked a private room under Xian ’s name. ” Xian Su Yan said to the waiter.

”This way, please. ” The waiter led the way.

They followed the waiter and entered a room.

Together with Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao, there were about the other four people.
Two men and two women.
They were in the middle aged.
Yu Qu assumed that they were the parent of Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao since there was some similarity between them.

They took their seats.
After ordering what they wanted to eat, Xian Su Yan started to introduce them to Yu Qi.

”Doctor Tang, they are my parents, Xian Song Yin and Duan Qi Qi.
Over there are Lu Tangxiao ’s parents, Uncle Lu Chong Be and Auntie Wen Nie. ” Xian Su Yan said.

”Hello Mr Xian, Mrs Xian, Mr Lu and Mrs Lu. ” Yu Qi greeted them.

”No need to be so formal here, Doctor Tang.
You can just call us Auntie and Uncle. ” Wen Nie said.

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”That ’s right.
You are my daughter ’s saviour after all. ” Duan Qi Qi also agreed with that.

”Then, no need for you to call me, Doctor.
Just call me Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi said.

”Yu Qi, thank you for saving my beloved daughter. ” Duan Qi Qi said expressing a deep thank to Yu Qi.

”I have just done what I have to do. ” Yu Qi did not think much about that incident.

Duan Qi Qi, Wei Nie and Xian Su Yan talked to Yu Qi about many things.
Yu Qi got to know that Xian Su Yan and Lu Tangxiao were already engaged with each other since they were children.

Duan Qi Qi also asked Yu Qi whether she already had a boyfriend or not.

”I already have a boyfriend. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Duan Qi Qi could not help but get disappointed.
Such a good girl.
She wanted to introduce her to her nephew if Yu Qi did not have a boyfriend yet.

”Oh, is he also a doctor? ” Wen Nie asked.

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”No, he is a soldier. ” Yu Qi shook her head.

A good job indeed. ” Wen Nie gave her thumbs up.

”But he is not always with you. ” Duan Qi Qi sighed.

”It is true.
But it is the same as mine.
I am usually busy with the patients.
He will do his job and I will do my job. ” Yu Qi knew about that.
About Long Hui could not stay with her every time.
But she was also the same.

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