They went to the hotel where Yu Qi had stayed before her house was finished the renovation.
They already had a restaurant in the hotel.

They walked into the restaurant.
The manager came personally welcomed them.
Qin Xia requested a private room for them.
It seemed Qin Xia ’s status in the hotel was very high since the manager was very respectful to Qin Xia.

They ordered the food and was waiting for the food to come.
The waiter came and put a bottle of wine.
The waiter started to pour it into the glass and served the customers.

”What is Brother Xia doing here? ” Yu Qi started the conversation.

”For work.
My company has decided to open the shopping mall in this Guanying City. ” Qin Xia played with the glass that contained the red wine.

”I see…
Oh, I have forgotten to tell you that I don ’t drink. ” Yu Qi looked at the wine.

”Never mind.
Don ’t drink if you don ’t want to.
I will not force you. ” Qin Xia just smiled.

”Back to the topic.
Do you say you want to build a shopping mall? ” Yu Qi asked the previous topic.

We are already in the progress.
One year from now.
There will be a shopping mall here. ” Qin Xia nodded.

”Oh, I smell some money. ” Yu Qi grinned.
”Have you decide which shop you will like to put in the shopping? ”

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”Yu Qi wants to do some business with me? ” Qin Xia drunk his wine.

”Of course.
I know you already know that I own some businesses. ” Yu Qi knew that Qin Xia already investigated about her.

I don ’t mind if you want to set up your shop in the shopping mall.
However, you will need to follow the procedure that my company has set.
If you win the place, it is yours. ” Qin Xia was a fair person.

I will prepare a proposal for it. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She was happy since she got an opportunity for her business.

The food came.
They ate them.

This crab is delicious. ” Yu Qi commented while happily eating them.

”You still like to eat crab. ” Qin Xia mumbled.

However, Yu Qi could hear that.
”What are you saying, Brother Xia? ”

”Oh, nothing. ” Qin Xia realized that he had said something unconsciously.

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Yu Qi just let it go.
The dinner was awesome since the food was good.
Yu Qi excused herself to go to the ladies.
When Yu Qi had finished her doing at the ladies, she walked back to go to the room where they were having dinner.

In order to go to the room, Yu Qi needed to walk through the public area in the restaurant.
When she was about to step in the corridor that led her to the room, she was stopped by someone.

”My beauty, come with me.
I can give everything that you want. ” It was a drunken man.

”Stay away from me. ” Yu Qi stepped back.

However, the drunken man wanted to grab Yu Qi ’s hand.
Yu Qi did not want to make a scene here.
Otherwise, this drunken man already died in her hand.

”Tang Yu Qi, what a surprise seeing you here. ” Someone greeted her while mocking her.
Well, it was Ji Suk Ye.
She was with a middle aged man and woman.

”Who is this man? This is not your boyfriend whom I have seen before. ” Ji Suk Ye saw Yu Qi was together with a man.

”Doctor Ji mind your language.
I don ’t know this man. ” Yu Qi said.

”If you are not with him, why are you here together with him? ” Ji Suk Ye smirked.

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”Who is this? ” A middle aged woman with Ji Suk Ye asked.

”Auntie, it is the girl whom I have told you before, Doctor Tang. ” Ji Suk Ye told the middle aged woman.

”Oh, you are that rumoured girl.
I can tell. ” The middle aged woman said.

The middle aged man did not say anything however the stare was telling otherwise.
He was looking at Yu Qi with a lewd and l.u.s.tful stare.

The drunken man still did not give up wanted to pull Yu Qi into his hug.
”Come to me.
I will treat you. ”

”Doctor Tang, he is calling for you.
Just admit that you know each other.
Are you afraid that I will tell your boyfriend? Don ’t worry, I ’m the type that doesn ’t like to involve with others so I will not tell your boyfriend. ” Ji Suk Ye said in a loud voice making people nearby took a look at them.

”Does she catch someone cheating? ”

”I think so. ”

”What a loose woman. ”

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People whispered among them.
Yu Qi that had a good hearing heard everything that people whispering.
She knew that Ji Suk Ye aimed to ruin her reputation.
She sighed.

”I ’m telling you for the last time.
I don ’t know this man.
Or do you want me to admit in pressure that I know this man? Do you send this man to trouble me for me to break up with my boyfriend since you want to be with my boyfriend? ” Yu Qi reversed the thing.

”You!!! ” Ji Suk Ye was angry.

”I know the girl likes you using your face to seduce people.
I bet you have come here with a man, right? ” The middle aged woman suddenly said.

Yu Qi was already aware that this middle aged couple was Ji Suk Ye ’s auntie and uncle.
Which meant that this middle aged man was the one in the top management that Ji Suk Ye always mentioned to them.

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