Yu Qi had been walking for about two hours.
She had reached at the first checkpoint.
There were two other checkpoints for the visitors to reach the top.

Yu Qi could see there was a group of people not far from her.
Since her hearing was good, she could hear what they had been talking among them.

”What should we do? ”

”Su Yan, Su Yan, woke up. ”

”Her neck is swollen. ”

”Is she okay? ”

”She does not die, right? ”

”Su Yan, Su Yan, woke up. ”

The conversation was very weird.
Yu Qi decided to approach the group.

”What has happened? ” Yu Qi asked the people.

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”Our friend has suddenly collided. ” One of them answered.

”What!!! Let me through. ” Yu Qi shouted.

The people were shocked and made a path for Yu Qi to let her through.
A girl was currently being held by someone.
Yu Qi quickly took a look at the girl.

”What is she doing? ”

”Well, I don ’t know. ”

”Call the ambulance right now. ” Yu Qi said to the people.

”But there is no line here to call an ambulance. ”

”Then go to the bottom of the mountain to call the ambulance. ” Yu Qi said.

”Why should we do that? ” A woman from the group rolled her eyes.

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”Linda, you… ” Other friends in the group were shocked when the woman said something like that.

”I will go down and try to call for help. ” A man ran leaving the group.

”You, let her lay down properly. ” Yu Qi ordered the man that held the unconscious girl.

”Yes! ” The man followed the order.

”Hey, what are you trying to do? Who the heck are you? ” The woman named Linda asked.

”Shut up. ” Yu Qi glared to Linda.

Linda stepped back as she saw the glare.
Yu Qi did not glare at her for a long time.
Yu Qi turned her attention back to the unconscious girl.

Yu Qi started to do basic life support.
Yu Qi checked her airway.
Her airway looked very swollen and looking red.
As for her breathing, she was breathing very weak.
She read the pulse of the girl.

Yu Qi concentrated to read the girl ’s pulse.
There was pulse but somehow very weak.

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”How is she before she has collided? ” Yu Qi asked.

”She has been acting weird.
She has coughed a lot and said she has been out of breath.
We have thought it was normal as she may be tired after hiking. ” The man who held the girl before answered.

”Oh, I remember.
Yesterday she had diarrhoea.
Anyway, she had an upset stomach and a sore throat. ” One of the women said.

Yu Qi could hear the stridor sound.
Stridor was the sound of the breath that came out hoarse.
Yu Qi thought something might be stuck in the middle of this girl ’s throat.

”Could it have gotten lodged in her throat? ” Yu Qi mumbled.

However, everyone, there could hear it.

”Oh, fish.
I remember she eat some fish and she did swallow some fishbone and she told me that it hurt. ” Someone answered.

”And also she did eat some rotten meat. ” Another one gave the information.

’Rotten meat? Bacteria? ’ Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up.
’Deep neck infection.
She has an infection down her throat.
This girl swallowed the fishbone and it ruptured her throat.
Then she eats rotten meat, so the bacteria got into the rupture and caused the infection.
So the infection obstructed the airway. ’

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Yu Qi already got the answer as to why the girl became like this.

But how to treat her? She would die soon if she did not get enough oxygen.

Yu Qi took a deep breath.
She needed to do something quickly.
She took her backpack.
As her hand reached inside the bag, she closed her eyes.

She entered her space.
She ran into the pagoda and went to the hospital floor.
She grabbed the first aid that contained equipment that could help the girl.

Right now, she already could bring something out from her space without her whole body entered the space.
Using her backpack as the cover, she brought out the first aid box.

Yu Qi opened the first aid box.
People around her were already shocked seeing the first aid box since her first aid box was not usual as normal people would have.
Ignoring others, Yu Qi wore the glove.

She took out two hypodermic syringes.
One of them had been pulled the handle, so only the empty syringes without its pusher.
Another one had been put some liquid into it.

”Hey, what are you trying to do? ” The woman named Linda tried to step again.

”I ’m trying to save her right now.
Otherwise, she will have an respiratory arrest. ” Yu Qi explained.

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Even though they did not understand what Yu Qi was trying to say but they somehow knew that the danger of those words.

”Should we wait for the ambulance? ” Linda said again.

”If she does not receive the treatment right now, she will not survive even for one hour.
Do you think the ambulance will be reaching the bottom of the mountain in one hour? And to have the paramedics reach here? She may die. ” Yu Qi shouted.

Yu Qi already ignored Linda.
She would proceed to save the girl.
’The cricothyroid membrane.
Below the thyroid cartilage and above the cricoid cartilage.
2cm at 45 degree angle. ’ Yu Qi recalled what she had read before.

This treatment was called Percutaneous Transtracheal Ventilation.
The needle pushed into the skin.
’Check. ’ She quickly took the syringe without the pusher as she pulled another syringe leaving only the needle and she put on the empty syringe.

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