It was a day off.
It was very hard for an internship student to get a day off.
But Doctor Lai insisted on this matter.
He did not want them to collide during checking the patients.

Of course, they would not get the same day.
They would rotate one person per week.
The happiest person was Ji Suk Ye.
She had already longed to get a day off.

Even though she begged her uncle, but still her day off had not been approved.
So when Doctor Lai gave his permission, she was the one wanted to be first to take the day off.
However, the work of the person that took a day off would be divided to other first year residents.

Of course, the other first year residents did not argue with her.
They would just let her be the first.

So, the second week was Yu Qi ’s turn.
Actually, Yu Qi did not mind if the two other first year residents wanted to be the second, but both of them insisted Yu Qi be the second.

So, it was Yu Qi ’s day off.
Yu Qi decided to go hiking.
The mountain that Yu Qi wanted to hike was a famous place for people to go hiking.
On the weekend, a lot of people went there for hiking.
It was also a good place to release stress.

Yu Qi packed everything that she might need for the hiking.
Of course, there would be some food packed.
It was enough for Yu Qi and not to forget, her little cuties.
Well, not little anymore.
Aoi seemed to grow up.

They went to the rumoured mountain.
The mountain ’s name was Luyan Mountain.
It was a rain forest mountain.
The mountain was not so high.
The hiker could summit the mountain in four to five hours.

In this mountain, there was a limestone cave that also one of the attractions along with the unique flora and fauna that this mountain had.

However, there was no need to worry about if the hikers were feeling tired.
There was some resting place located along the hiking path.

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Yu Qi parked her car at the parking lot at bottom of the mountain.
Aoi jumped out from the car as Yu Qi opened the door for him.

’Master, I love the air here. ’ Aoi shouted to Yu Qi.

I know.
I love it too. ’ Yu Qi said to Aoi.

Yu Qi felt the air here was the same as the air on the mountain at Shiwa Town that she used to climb when she was younger.

’Aoi, come here. ’ Yu Qi called Aoi.

’What is it, Master? ’ Aoi came over.

’Here. ’ Yu Qi showed the small bag that Aoi could bring on his back.

’Is this for me to wear it? ’ Aoi asked.

’That ’s right.
It contains a water bottle and bread for you. ’ Yu Qi explained.

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’Owh okay. ’ Aoi nodded.

’Don ’t worry about food.
I bring enough food for you to eat. ’ Yu Qi said as she pointed to her backpack.

Aoi laughed.
’I love you, Master. ’

’So, before starting, we need to stretch our body first. ’ Yu Qi said and started to stretch her body.

After ten minutes of stretching, Yu Qi was fully prepared to begin hiking the mountain.
It was not a weekend but weekday.
So, there just some people were here.
However, she did not know if there was someone already up there.

Yu Qi started to climb the path.
Aoi was in front of Yu Qi looking around.
Yu Qi was also looking around.
Well, she was not looking for anything but she was looking around whether she could see any new herbs that she could bring in her space.

”Mum, the dog is very cute.
I want it. ”

Yu Qi could hear a voice from a little girl.

”You can ’t have it.
It belongs to someone else.
Look, he is carrying a backpack. ” Later, there was a voice of women.

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”But… ” The girl seemed to cry.

Yu Qi ignored them and continued her way.
Then she heard the girl cried aloud.
She turned around and saw a girl fell on the ground.
There was a wound on her knee.
She quickly approached the girl.

”What has happened to her? ” Yu Qi asked the two a.d.u.l.ts beside the girl.
She could assume that they were the parents of this little girl.

”She has fallen over. ” The mother said.

Yu Qi looked at the wound.
She immediately brought out the first aid.
Her hands quickly moved and she treated the wound.
She banged the wound nicely.

”Does it hurt now? ” Yu Qi asked the little girl.

”No. ” The little girl smiled.

Don ’t cry anymore.
You are cute when you smile.
I will let you pat my dog. ” Yu Qi rubbed the little girl ’s head.

”Really? ” The girl smiled more widely.

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”Aoi, come here for a moment. ” Yu Qi called Aoi.

’Master, you want to sacrifice me again? ’ Aoi asked annoyingly.

’Just for a moment, let the girl pat you. ’ Yu Qi just smiled at Aoi.

’I want a reward. ’ Aoi said.

I will reward you later. ’ Yu Qi agreed.

Aoi approached Yu Qi and the little girl.
He was letting the girl patted his body.

”Thank you, miss. ” The father thanked Yu Qi.

”That ’s right.
Thank you, miss. ” The mother also thanked Yu Qi.

”It is a small matter.
Oh, here. ” Yu Qi took something from her backpack and gave to the couple.
Put on this cream after the wound has healed.
It will not leave any scar then. ”

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”I think we don ’t need that. ” The father wanted to reject.

”Just take it.
It is nothing. ” Yu Qi put the cream in the mother ’s hand.
I will go first.
Aoi, let ’s go. ”

Hearing his master calling for him, Aoi quickly followed his master.

”What a nice girl. ” The father said.

But to be surprised, she has been fully prepared for hiking.
She even brings the first aid box with her. ” The mother mentioned it.

The mother looked at the cream given by the girl.
She was shocked when she looked at the cream.

”Oh, my!!! ” The mother shouted.

”What? ” The father turned to his wife, startled with her shout.

”Look at this. ” The mother showed the cream to the father.
”This cream is from Qi Qi brand.
The current popular skincare brand.
Not only the product of this brand is good but the price is also expensive.
Not to mention about this scar cream.
It is the most expensive product in its line. ”

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”So? ” The father did still not understand what the mother wanted to tell him.

”That girl has just casually given us the expensive cream to us.
Just who is that girl? ” The mother was still shocked.

”To me, she is just a nice girl who has helped our daughter, that ’s all. ” The father said to the mother.
His meaning was he did not want to think anymore about this matter.

”Oh, okay. ” The mother understood.

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