Qin Xia looked at Long Hui.
Right now, Yu Qi ’s heart belonged to this man.
Qin Xia indeed felt that this man in front of him was strong, but he was stronger than him.
He believed Yu Qi would choose him in the end.

Long Hui also looked at Qin Xia.
The two men were battling in silence.
Long Hui knew this man wanted to snatch his beloved Qi Qi.
Humph, it was not going to happen.
He would protect his beloved Qi Qi from this man.

Ignoring the silence battle, Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand.
The opening ceremony was complete and the guests could enjoy the beauty of the wisteria flowers until the estimated time, so, Yu Qi wanted to have some time alone together with Long Hui.

”Qi Qi, you really look very beautiful. ” Long Hui praised Yu Qi again.

”Thanks again.
Brother Hui, did you complete your mission? ” Yu Qi remembered that Long Hui told her that he was going to go on a mission.

I can back yesterday. ” Long Hui answered.

”Then you must be tired. ” Yu Qi showed a worried look on her face.

Very tired… ” Long Hui paused, his hand touched Yu Qi ’s face.
”But seeing you looking so beautiful making my tiredness faint. ”

”Brother Hui, you did improve on your flirting. ” Yu Qi commented.

”Only for you, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui smiled.

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That seductive smile again, Long Hui always liked to attack her with that smile.
Even though she saw that smile many times, she was still affected by it.

Seeing Yu Qi lost in her thoughts, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi in his arms.
He hugged Yu Qi from the back.
Yu Qi was stunned when she felt her body being hugged, however, she did not reject it.
She did enjoy Long Hui ’s hug.
All of a sudden, the fragrance of lotuses attacked her nose.

”Brother Hui, are you wearing perfume? ” The question appeared from Yu Qi ’s mouth so suddenly.

Long Hui did not mind.
”Why? Do I stink? ”

”So, you did use perfume. ”

”No, I ’m not. ” Long Hui quickly clarified it.

”Huh? You don ’t wear anything? ” Yu Qi confirmed it again.

”No, I ’ve never worn any perfume before. ” Long Hui said.

”Then, it is your body odor? ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”Huh, my body odor? What ’s kind of odor? ”

”It is a secret.
The only thing I can tell you is I really like it. ” Yu Qi showed a smile.

Long Hui looked at the smiling woman in his arms.
He turned his beloved Qi Qi so that she was facing him and then he began to attack his beloved Qi Qi ’s lips.
At first, his beloved Qi Qi was shocked but after a few seconds, she accepted it.
She responded to his kiss.

When Long Hui released Yu Qi, there was a trace of saliva lingering around their lips.
Long Hui licked his lips using his tongue making him looked very seducing.
Yu Qi swallowed her own saliva.

”Here you are.
I have been looking for you, Yu Qi. ” The voice of Feng Yue made Yu Qi freeze.

She was kissing Long Hui in the middle of broad light.
It was very embarrassing.

”What are guys doing here? ” Feng Yue just teased the two of them.

However, seeing Yu Qi ’s reaction, Feng Yue was surprised.
”You two… ” She did not finish the sentence when the devil was looking at her like he wanted to kill her.

”You two can continue, but remember to get a room when you two can ’t hold back.
Don ’t do it here. ” Feng Yue managed to say before she ran away as if her life depended on it.

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Yu Qi rolled her eyes at Feng Yue ’s retreating figure.
That girl really…

”Why don ’t we continue as Yue said? ” Long Hui said.

”No. ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hui.

Long Hui laughed.
Teasing his beloved Qi Qi really made his day complete, he really could not wait for his beloved Qi Qi to be his one day.
His beloved Qi Qi had ambition.
He did not want to destroy that because that made his beloved Qi Qi looked sparkling.
When his beloved Qu Qi got what she wanted, Long Hui would make his beloved Qi Qi walked toward marriage.

Even though the rivals would appear in the future, he was confident that he would be the one walking together with his beloved Qi Qi.

Not far from Long Hui and Yu Qi ’s place, there was someone that was leaning against a tree.
He was there from the beginning.
He was following Yu Qi and Long Hui, but he did not expect that Yu Qi was already falling in love with Long Hui.

The man was Qin Xia.
He thought Long Hui was still chasing Yu Qi, but when he saw the two of them were kissing passionately and seeing Yu Qi did not reject and responded to the kiss made his guess true.

Qin Xia sighed.
Why was he so late in meeting her in this lifetime? If he had met her first, she might have fallen in love with him first, however, he would not give up.
Because of the past lifetime, he could not make her become his, he would try harder in this lifetime.

Qin Xia did not want to be a fool anymore, watching someone take Yu Qi from him and let her get hurt.
He would not allow that to happen again.
He would fight for her, no one could stop him.
It was his promise after meeting her again in this lifetime.

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