Chapter 660: Another Scandal

As for Doctor Liu, his medical licence had been suspended for a while.
First Young Master Yi asked the Director Zheng Je Wi for that.
He wanted to investigate Doctor Liu ’s works.

As for the result, there were a lot of the malpractices in his work.
Mistakes in diagnosis, taking the money from the children ’s parent and many more.

Director Zheng Je Wi was very shocked when he read the doc.u.ments.
Even Professor Su was speechless with this.

So, Director Zheng Je Wi did not soften his heart when Doctor Liu begged him for forgiveness.
He immediately sent the reports to the Medical, Medicine and Health Ministry.

The Ministry made a quick decision.
His medical license was revoked and he was no longer allowed to practice medicine at any place.

Doctor Liu fell on his knees as he heard that.
His career was destroyed just like that.
So, what would he do right now? Why did this happen?

That girl!!! That girl!!! She was the source of this.
If she had not interrupted, something like this would never happen.
He needed revenge.

Yu Qi found out about Doctor Liu on the notice board.
She did not expect that he was wicked.

”Everyone, no one has expected that Doctor Liu have such morals.
We need to be careful since someone here is also shameless enough to seduce people ’s husband. ” Ji Suk Ye said as her eyes were on Yu Qi who was currently reading the patient ’s file.

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Ji Suk Ye was expecting that Yu Qi would rebuke her but after a few minutes, she did not hear anything from Yu Qi.
She looked straight to Yu Qi and found out that Yu Qi did not even look at her.

Yu Qi did not even hear what Ji Suk Ye said as she was focusing on the patient in her care.

Ji Suk Ye became angry then she went to grab Yu Qi ’s file.
”Do you hear what I am saying? ”

Yu Qi was startled when suddenly there was a hand that grabbed her file.
She looked at the person that grabbed her file.

”What are you doing? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Why are you pretending? ” Ji Suk Ye mocked Yu Qi.

”What are you trying to say, hmm? ” Yu Qi was straight to the point.

”You seduce people ’s husband just to get a place for your internship.
You should be shamed on yourself. ” Ji Suk Ye made a disgusted face to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi stood up from her seat.
Her height exceeded Ji Suk Ye ’s height.
So, she looked down on Ji Suk Ye with a cold face.
Her eyes were narrowing.

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Ji Suk Ye felt it was hard to breathe.
Her face changed.
Her breath became short and shorter.

Yu Qi pulled off her aura.
After that, Ji Suk Ye ’s breath improved.

”Do you mind telling me that? ” Right now, Yu Qi was smiling but her sharp eyes were not.
She was looking at Ji Suk Ye with a predator was eyeing her prey.

Was a rumour…telling…
You have seduced Director Zheng Je Wi…
for… An internship slot…
There was also a picture…
About it… ” Ji Suk Ye said in a trembling voice.

Yu Qi looked at the other people.
There were nurses.
Ji Suk Ye already sat down as Yu Qi ’s eyes were on other people.

”Is there true, Senior Nurse Gong? ” Yu Qi directly asked a senior nurse about this.

”Yes. ” Senior Nurse Gong nodded.

”Do you have the picture of it? May I see? ” Yu Qi asked everyone there.

”I have stored it. ” Nurse Shing Yu Ten said.

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Nurse Shing Yu Ten approached Yu Qi and showed the picture on her phone.

Yu Qi looked at the picture.
The picture showed the scene where Yu Qi was meeting with Director Zheng Je Wi in the cafe.
Where she had asked Director Zheng Je Wi to hide her true identity as the legendary doctor ’s granddaughter.

Yu Qi sighed.
She did not except that someone was taking a picture of them together.
And it was used to throw dirty water on her.
No wonder she received a lot of looks recently.

”This picture was taken when I was meeting with Director Zheng.
It is true that I was meeting with Director Zheng but not because I ’m his lover but he wanted to ask me why did I chose Guanying General Hospital since I have an excellent result. ” Yu Qi started to explain.

”Excellent result? Tang Yu Qi, you should not be lying.
Why would you chose this Guanying Hospital if you have an excellent result? ” Ji Suk Ye was already recovering from her fear argued with Yu Qi.

”As for what reason, that I can not tell you since it was a personal reason but it is the truth. ” Yu Qi said coldly.

”Tang Yu Qi, you just want to hide that you are a lover of Director Zheng.
Shameless woman. ” Ji Suk Ye insulted Yu Qi.

Everyone changed their expression.
Even though they were not totally believing Yu Qi but it was not nice to insult people like that.

Although it was not long since they knew Yu Qi but they noticed that Yu Qi was a good doctor.
She treated people with respect even with a janitor.
She treated her patient with passion.
She also helped them a lot.

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That picture was probably wanted to destroy Director Zheng Je Wi ’s reputation by an unknown first year resident.
It was a wicked idea indeed.

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