”Is this true? ”

”Well, I don ’t know. ”

”But looking from this picture, it seems they are meeting each other. ”

”Sigh, how could she do something like this? ”

”I have seen the girls like her.
Relying on her face and doing something like this to succeed. ”

”But things may not like what we are thinking. ”

I don ’t think she will do something like that. ”

”Don ’t talk about this anymore since we are not sure about that. ”

”But… ”

The conversation ended due to Yu Qi that walked into the registration table bringing in her file with her.
Some of the nurses walked away from the registration table and some of them pretended to do their jobs.

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”Nurse Yun, can you give 7.5ml Acetaminophen later to a kid on bed no.
13 later? ” Yu Qi asked while looking at her file.

The nurse that had been called by Yu Qi was startled for a few moments before replying ’yes ’ to Yu Qi.
Then Yu Qi left again going to check another patient.

After finishing her checking on the patients, Yu Qi suddenly heard some commotion at the entrance of the Paediatrics Department.
Yu Qi went to see the commotion.

Yu Qi could see a family of four members rushed bringing in a kid in one man ’s hand.
They walked towards Doctor Liu and Doctor Qian.
This was the first time she saw these two doctors.

”Master Yi, Madam Yi, First Young Master Yi, Second Young Master Yi, Little Master Yi, I ’m Doctor Liu.
We have already prepared the best room.
Please bring in Little Master Yi. ” Doctor Liu said with a smile.

The family followed Doctor Liu.
Yu Qi ’s eyes never leave the kid.
The kid seemed in very pain.
They entered a room.

”Shan, put Little San on the bed. ” Master Yi ordered.

Yu Qi was standing in the corner.
No one seemed to notice her and paid any attention to her.
Their attention was on the kid.

Even Zheng Je Wi, the director of the hospital itself came and looked at the situation.
It seemed this family was a well-known people.

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”Please check Little San. ” Master Yi ordered the doctor.

Doctor Liu and Doctor Qian came forward wanting to check Little Master Yi.
However, Little Master Yi slapped the hand that wanted to hold him.
Doctor Qian was trying to check him.

”Little San tells us that he has felt that he wants to throw up and felt dizzy. ” Master Yi told the doctor.

The nurse came and gave a file to Doctor Liu.
Doctor Liu read the information.
He nodded several times.
He then stepped forward.

”From what I have read, Little Master Yi had been diagnosed with abdominal migraines. ” Doctor Liu said.

Is this time the same as previous but I think it is different from last time.
Little San has told me that that there is pain all over his stomach this time around not just in the middle. ” Master Yi nodded.
It was indeed the truth.

”We can do some blood test on Little Master Yi but I think I feel this may just be a formality.
In my professional opinion, it sounds like it may still be abdominal migraines.
Nausea and vomiting are often symptoms of this condition.
Little Master Yi has been admitted to several hospitals.

I have seen you have tried his diet control but there has been no change.
Additionally, pain relief has not worked.
Again in my professional opinion, I think that instead of or alongside the abdominal migraines he may be experiencing a psychogenic disease. ” Doctor Liu expressed his opinion.

The room fell in the silence.

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Doctor Liu seemed confident with his theory and continued.
”You can refer to one of the pediatric psychiatrists here.
They will gladly assist you with this case. ”

”Are you telling me that my little brother has a mental illness? ” First Young Master Yi coldly asked Doctor Liu.

Doctor Liu gulped.
First Young Master Yi surely could be cold.
But he would not take action on him, right? He somehow answered First Young Master Yi.
” What I have suggested can be a potential possibility.
The psychological disease is thought to be a physically manifestation of mental stress or emotional upset.
It seems to be the best fit for what the little Master has been experiencing.
We have never been able to confirm an underlying organic cause for his symptoms. ”

Yu Qi sighed.
She did not know what to say about this Doctor Liu.
She stepped forward.
”Doctor Liu, I wonder which university that you have gone to? ”

”What??? Who are you? ” Doctor Liu turned to Yu Qi.
He then glared to Yu Qi.
”You are a first year residents, right? Don ’t involve in this.
Just a first year resident, want to argue with me, humph!!! ”

”I may be a first year resident but you are more incompetent.
This kid might have been diagnosed with abdominal migraines in the past but you have to access this current admission with fresh eyes.
However, you have ignored the kid and you have been to busy pandered to the kid ’s family and your delusion professional opinions.
So how can you conclude it ’s a psychological illness without checking the patient ’s current physical state? ” Yu Qi strongly expressed her opinion.

Everyone was silent when listening to Yu Qi.
Coincidently when Yu Qi was saying her opinion, Doctor Lan Duan Cai entered the room and listened to her words.
He deeply agreed with her.

”So, how do you deal with this situation? ” First Young Master Yi asked.
His gaze was very sharp.

However, Yu Qi did not feel anything since she already got used to Long Hui ’s gaze.
She continued to talk.
”Take a full blood screen and check inflammatory markers, kidney function, and blood group.
And also get a small pot for a urine sample.
Hmm, we also need to do the ultrasound scanner. ”

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