”Miss Tang, ” The director of the Guanying General Hospital greeted Yu Qi.

They were in the cafe.
Yu Qi ordered some tea for both of them.

”Director Zheng. ” Yu Qi nodded replied to the greeting from Zheng Je Wi.

”It is an honour that you have come to our hospital for an internship. ” Zheng Je Wi said.

It is my honour that you have accepted me here. ” Yu Qi replied.

Zheng Je Wi looked at the girl in front of him.
The way she carried herself really shown that she came from the noble family.

”According to my information, you will start your internship in a few days, right? ” Zheng Je Wi asked.

Actually, I have called you because I have something to ask you. ” Yu Qi drunk the tea.

”What is it, Miss Tang? ” Zheng Je Wi was curious about that.

”I hope that you don ’t spread that I ’m Dr Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. ” Yu Qi stated.

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”Eh, why? ” Zheng Je Wi asked.

He did not understand why this girl wanted to hide the noble identity.
She should be proud of it.
And the hospital would have some fame since the granddaughter of Tang Jiang Man came to Guanying General Hospital for her internship.

”I just don ’t want to attract too much attention since I ’m going there for an internship.
I don ’t plan to seek fame.
And also I want to get people to acknowledge me for my skills not because I ’m Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. ” Yu Qi explained in long words.

Zheng Je Wi blinked several times while looking at Yu Qi.
He really did not expect that the thought had come from a young girl.

I understand.
I will inform others that know about you so that they can keep quiet. ” Zheng Je Wi nodded.

”Thank you, Director Zheng. ” Yu Qi bowed.
”I need to excuse myself first, Director Zheng. ”

”Oh, okay. ” Zheng Je Wi nodded several times.

Yu Qi left the cafe.
She seemed to notice that there were several eyes that were watching her meeting with Zheng Je Wi.
However, she ignored them since the cafe was packed with people at that time.


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She looked at the sign that stated ’Pediatrics ’.
It was the first department that Yu Qi had been assigned to.
She needed to report to the Head of Pediatrics Department first.

”Excuse me, I ’m Tang Yu Qi.
I ’m here for my internship.
May I know where is the Head office? ” Yu Qi asked one of the nurses at the registration table.

”First year resident? ” The nurse asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I think Professor Su is not available right now.
You can report to Doctor Lan.
He is the one in charge of first year resident. ” The nurse said.

”May I know where is he right now? ” Yu Qi wanted information.

”He may be in his office right now.
Let me show his room. ” The nurse stood up from her chair.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

The nurses were stunned when they looked at that smile.
The smile was very beautiful.

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”Sis… ” Yu Qi called the nurse who had wanted to show her the way as she saw that the nurse did not move at all.

”Oh, sorry.
Let ’s go. ” The nurse regained her senses.
Most of them did.

The nurse and Yu Qi walked away from there.

”Do you see that? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Your department will surely be famous after this. ”

”Even I ’m mesmerized with her smile.
Am I crazy? ”

You are not.
I think her smile is mesmerizing. ”

The nurses talked among themselves after Yu Qi had left.

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”Sis, I ’m Tang Yu Qi. ” Yu Qi introduced herself to the nurse that led the way.

”Oh, I ’m Shing Yu Ten.
You can call me Nurse Shing. ” Shing Yu Ten introduced herself.

”Okay, Nurse Shing. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Shing Yu Ten stunned once again.
’This girl, does she know that her smile is very stunning? ’

”Yu Qi, why are you here? ” Shing Yu Ten asked.

”There are a lot of people who have asked me that question.
Well, what can I say…
It happens that way. ” Yu Qi scratched her cheek.

Shing Yu Ten nodded.
’This girl must have chosen another hospital but have not been selected by that hospital.
So, she has ended up in this hospital. ’ Shing Yu Ten had drawn the conclusion for Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not know that she had been misunderstood by Shing Yu Ten.
Well, even if she knew, she would not say anything to correct her.
She would let her skill to talk.

They arrived in front of one room.
Shing Yu Ten knocked on the door.

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”You may enter. ” There was a voice asking them to enter.

”Doctor Lan, someone wants to see you. ” Shing Yu Ten said.

”Who? ” Doctor Lan looked up.

”First year resident. ” Shing Yu Ten said.

”I ’m Tang Yu Qi.
Looking forward to working with you, Doctor Lan. ” Yu Qi bowed while introducing herself to the doctor.

”You are the first year resident? ” The doctor asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Oh, okay.
I ’m Lan Duan Cai.
You can call me Doctor Lan.
I ’m in charge of first year residents. ” Lan Duan Cai nodded.
”You will start your internship tomorrow.
As for today, Nurse Shing will show you around. ”

”Yes, Doctor Lan. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”I have other work to do.
Get out. ” Lan Duan Cai shoos them.

Shing Yu Ten just smiled.
Yu Qi followed Shing Yu Ten out.

”Doctor Tang, I will show you around.
As you know, this is the Pediatrics Department.
We are dealing with children.
I hope you have a lot of patience while dealing with the children.
Since some of the children are mischievous.
Some of them prank us but nothing is serious since it is funny. ” Shing Yu Ten explained while laughing.

”You seem to be good with children, Nurse Shing. ” Yu Qi assumed.

”Of course.
I love children very much. ” Shing Yu Ten nodded.

”I see… ” Yu Qi smiled.

Shing Yu Ten brought Yu Qi to visit all the rooms that a doctor would use in the Pediatrics Department.

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