Entering her ryokan using the back door, Yu Qi managed to sneak into Chui Mei Fung ’s room.
She knocked on the door.
Then she heard a voice from the inside telling that she could enter the room.

”Konichiwa. ” Yu Qi greeted Chui Mei Fung in Japan Language.

”Oh, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung asked.
”Are you on a holiday? ” Chui Mei Fung knew that Yu Qi was a medical student.

I have come and just want to see how the business is. ” Yu Qi said.

”Miss Yu Qi, our ryokan has been fully booked for the next six months. ” Chui Mei Fung said proudly.

”Wow, that ’s amazing. ” Actually, Yu Qi did not pay much attention to the ryokan.
So, when Chui Mei Fung said the ryokan was fully booked for the next six months, she was very surprised.

”It is because of your aunties too, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung said.

”My aunties? ” Yu Qi tilted her head.

Your aunties had been promoted to this place among her friends. ” Chui Mei Fung explained.

”I see.
So, is there any problem regarding the manpower? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”For now, there is enough staff to do all the work.
As for the future, we still don ’t know about that.
I will pay attention to that. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded.

”You can discuss with Brother Yu Hi about that.
I may be busy for one year. ” Yu Qi said.

”Eh, do you plan to open the new business? ” Chui Mei Fung suddenly asked.

”Well, I do plan that but that is not the things that will make me busy.
I will start my internship as the doctor for one year at Guanying General Hospital. ” Yu Qi explained the reason.

”What Guanying General Hospital? It is a border city.
The lifestyle is not good either.
I think your family have a private hospital.
Why don ’t you apply for the internship there? ” Chui Mei Fung knew Guanying City.

”Well… ” Yu Qi scratched her check slowly.
”I want to be recognized by my own skill, not from my family ’s name.
That is why I ’m applying for Guanying General Hospital. ”

Chui Mei Fung blinked several times while looking silently at Yu Qi.
Then, she chuckled.
”Miss Yu Qi, you are really amazing. ” Usually, people would take advantages with what they had and use it to improve themselves.
But the girl in front of her was different.

”You really want to send me there? ” Yu Qi asked.

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The people in front of her were her big brother, Tang Han Lee, Tang Jin Wei and her two aunties.
Aoi was put in the cage and placed in the bonnet of the car.

”Yeah. ” Tang Jin Wei nodded.
”It is a coincidence that I have a day off today. ”

”Really? ” Yu Qi turned to Tang Jin Wei.

Tang Jin Wei turned away.
His eyes were swayed from right to left.
Yu Qi chuckled.

”Yu Qi, you are still don ’t have a place, right? ” Auntie Ming Yue asked.

”Actually, I already have Brother Yu Hi to look a place for me.
It is cheap and near the hospital. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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”I think I will buy them there. ” Yu Qi answered.

”That ’s it. ”

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Both of her aunties shouted at the same times.
Yu Qi and their sons and nephew were shocked.

”Mum, why are you shouting like that? ” Tang Jin Wei rubbed his ears.
His mother and aunty had shouted right into his ear.

”Yu Qi, we will choose the furniture. ” Auntie Ming Yue said happily.

”No need for that. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
”I just need to buy a bed.
That will be enough. ” Yu Qi just wanted to purchase a bed since she knew she would not spend her time in the house.
She may spend her time either in her space or at the hospital.
So, buying other furniture will be a waste.

”That will not do. ” Auntie Su Xiao rebuked it.

”The house must be completed.
Otherwise, it is bad for you. ” Auntie Ming Yue nodded agreeing with Auntie Su Xiao.

”That ’s right.
We will check out the house first and decide what furniture we will buy.
But for now, let ’s departure first.
We will be arriving very late at night if we don ’t depart now. ” Auntie Su Xiao said ending the argument that Yu Qi wanted to said to them.

Let ’s go. ” Tang Han Lee also agreed with that.

They went by two cars.
One of them was Yu Qi ’s car.
The car would be used by Yu Qi at Guanying City.
The drivers were Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei.
Yu Qi took Tang Han Lee ’s car.
Since Yu Qi took Tang Han Lee ’s car, of course, the two aunties took the same car as Yu Qi.
Leaving Tang Jin Wei alone in another car.

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”Why am I alone? ” Tang Jin Wei asked.

”I want to be with Yu Qi. ” His mother and auntie said.

Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes to both of them.
Then he sighed.
He would never win against the two queens.
And the two queens spoilt the princess very much.

Yu Qi winked her eyes to Tang Jin Wei.
Tang Jin Wei looked at Yu Qi.
’You little… ’

This time, the journey took a long time.
It was about twelve hours of driving.
Of course, they stopped and took a lunch break.
Yu Qi wanted to rotate the drive but Tang Han Lee did not allow her to do so by saying he was still okay.

After arriving at Guanying City at midnight, they went to the hotel that Tang Han Lee had booked.
Tang Han Lee really planned to send Yu Qi here since he already booked the hotel before.
Yu Qi and her two aunties stayed in the same room as for Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei, they were in the same room.

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