Both of them walked to the car.
Long Hui wanted to use his car when suddenly Yu Qi told that there was no need for that since she had brought her car.

Entering the car, Long Hui suddenly leaned over and gave a quick kiss.
Caught off guard, Yu Qi was surprised.

”This time, we can kiss, right? No one is here. ” Long Hui smirked putting a childish expression on his face.

Yu Qi did not expect that he would use that.
Ling Hui leaned over once again.
This time, not a quick kiss but a long and breathtaking kiss.

Yu Qi could feel that Long Hui ’s tongue played around with her tongue.
Long Hui, putting his hand behind Yu Qi ’s head pulled her closer.
Yu Qi could not help but m.o.a.n.

”Ah~~~ ” The sweet voice that Long Hui had been waiting from Yu Qi.

Long Hui released Yu Qi from that kiss.
Yu Qi breathed quickly gasped for air.
While Long Hui smiled as his eyes did not move from his beloved Qi Qi.

”Thank you for the kiss.
It is very sweet. ” Long Hui said.

”Hmm… ” Yu Qi nodded.
She also felt good after that kiss.

”By the way, where are we going for our short date? ” Long Hui asked.
Actually, he just wanted to enter Yu Qi ’s space and cuddle in the space since the time would pass slower than outside.
But he respected Yu Qi ’s request.

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”Hiking. ” Yu Qi answered.

There was a new hiking path which had been opened for the public.
Shiwa Town had many mountains.
Every mountain was preserved by the government.
In order to make the income of the mountains, the government opened some path that led to the top of the mountains without making a lot of damages.

”Oh, okay. ” Long Hui agreed.

”But your clothes are not suitable for the activity.
We have to go and change clothes after arriving at that place. ” Yu Qi asked.

”But I haven ’t brought any clothes with me. ” Long Hui said.

”Brother Hui, have you forgotten about my space? ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Oh, yeah.
That ’s right. ” Long Hui clapped his hand once.

So, they went to the mountain, they wanted to have hiked on.
It was not far from the military camp.
Only about fifteen minutes away from the military camp.

In the parking lot, there were several cars parked there.
Yu Qi looked around.
After confirming that there was nobody around, Yu Qi pulled Long Hui into her space.

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”Master… ” Only Bo Ya was there.

Long Hui looked around.

”What are you looking for? ” Yu Qi noticed that he was looking around.

”That dog, he is not here? ” Long Hui was looking for Aoi.
He could not see him.
Only the small boy was here.

”He is not here.
I have left him at Grandpa ’s house. ” Yu Qi answered.

”I see. ” Long Hui nodded.

”By the way, let ’s change clothes first. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui to follow her.

Long Hui just followed Yu Qi to her room.
Arriving at Yu Qi ’s room, she took a bag and gave it to Long Hui.

”Change into this. ” Yu Qi ordered.

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Long Hui looked at the bag.
”Can I change here? ”

Go and change them in your room. ” Yu Qi quickly answered.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/reborn-space-intelligent-woman_13666286506793905/chapter-652-seeing-the-sunset-part-one_50559211037313557 for visiting.

She did not want to take the risk to let him change his clothes in her room.
Something else would happen other than changing clothes.
Long Hui laughed while walking to his room.

After Yu Qi had finished changing her clothes too, she got out from her room.
Then, her eyes had been served.
The man just stood there with hiking clothes, looked very handsome.
It looked like the exact scene that she had imagined when she wanted to buy the clothes.

Actually, the clothes were chosen by her.
She followed her two aunties for shopping.
She did not have any intention to buy the clothes until she spotted those hiking clothes.

She was imagining Long Hui in those hiking clothes.
She stared at the hiking clothes so intensely that even his aunties and the staff of the shop noticed it.

When her aunties noticed that, they began to tease Yu Qi by telling ’Long Hui may look handsome in these clothes ’ several times.
They told her to buy it.
Of course, they also asked Yu Qi to buy the hiking clothes for herself too.
They said that Yu Qi and Long Hui could wear the same clothes.
The clothes for a pair.

After she had been convinced by her two aunties and also by the staff of the shop, she ended up buying the hiking clothes not only for Long Hui but for herself too.

So, she made the plan to go hiking so that they could make use of these hiking clothes.
And the result was great.
Her Long Hui looked very handsome in these clothes.
It looked very refreshing.

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”Satisfied with what you see? ” Long Hui smiled.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi answered honestly.

”Since you are honest, I will give another kiss. ” Right after Long Hui said that he leaned over and kissed Yu Qi again.
But it was not long.
”Let ’s go hiking. ”

Yu Qi coughed.
She actually wanted the kiss to be longer.
But they already had the plan.
And the plan suggested by her, she could not abort that.

Yu Qi held Long Hui ’s hand and got out from the space.
They were back in the car.
The car ’s glasses were tinted so, outside people could not see inside the car unless they tried to.

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