Everyone who had been fired only had 2 hours to clean their places and leave the factory.
The other employees looked at them with a satisfied face.
Since they were the relatives of Mr Wen Dong Ho, they used to suppress other employees.

If they did not like an employee, they would bully that employee until he or she was fired or resigned themselves.
There were about five employees who had gone through the same situation.

”Brother Xuehai, make sure to call the five employees who have been fired or have resigned because of those idiots. ” Yu Qi had very appreciated her employees.

She did not want them to depart in such ways.
If they wanted to work, here again, she would hire them again.
If they had already work in another place, she would give some compensation to them.

”Yes, Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.
”I will go to the police station to make a report about this case and proceed to sue the two men. ” He continued again.

”I will stay around since I want to see the progress of our new products. ” Yu Qi said.

So, they departed in their ways.
Yu Qi turned her path to the R & D department.
Swiping her card, the door unlocked and she entered the room.

”How is the progress? ” Yu Qi asked one of the employees.

”Oh, Miss Yu Qi, we are in the middle of the process. ” The employee said.

Yu Qi did not say anything else.
She just stayed there observing the whole process.
She knew that they could do it on their own.

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After about one hour, she left the room.
Aoi appeared beside her.

’Master, I ’m hungry. ’ Aoi said.

’I have thought you have already eaten. ’ Yu Qi glanced to Aoi.

Aoi eyes moved right and left.
’It is just some snacks. ’

’Just some snacks? Really? ’ Yu Q raised her eyebrow.

’Of course. ’ Aoi just grinned.

Let ’s go and eat. ’ Yu Qi gave up.
She knew Aoi.
Even though he already eat, he would still be hungry.

”Hey, you. ”

Yu Qi could hear someone ’s voice.
However, she ignored that voice.
She assumed that he was not talking to her.

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But someone blocked her path.
”I ’m calling you.
Why are you not stopping? ”

”Huh? ” Yu Qi looked over.

There was a man.
He seemed to look familiar to her.
Yu Qi was thinking about where she had seen this man.

”You look very beautiful. ” The man ’s eyes dimmed with a l.u.s.tful look.

Yu Qi noticed the l.u.s.t in the man ’s eyes.
The man approached Yu Qi and wanted to grab her hands.
She stepped back.

”Hey, you are a new worker, right? You just need to follow me.
You will not suffer.
Trust me. ” The man stated the offer.

With those sentences, Yu Qi finally remembered where did she saw this man.
It was Wen Dong Ho.
This man should be his relative.
She seemed to remember that Ming Xuehai told her during this morning meeting that someone was missing when they called Wen Dong Ho ’s relatives.

”You are relative of Wen Dong Ho? ” Yu Qi wanted to confirm.

”Oh, you already know.
Everyone must have told you, right? That ’s right.
I ’m his son.
That ’s why you just need to be with me.
I will help you with your work. ” Wen Dong Ho ’s son looked arrogant.

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”Oh, will you help me? ” Yu Qi ’s flashed a cold look.

”Of course.
You just need… ” Wen Dong Ho ’s son could not finish his sentence.

”Where have you been this morning? ” Yu Qi asked.

I have just woken up and come to work.
This is a privilege as my father ’s son. ” The son did not notice anything strange.

”No wonder.
You are not there. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”What? What do you mean? ” The son frowned.

”All of your relatives have been fired this morning.
As for your father and Wen Si Ten, they will be facing some charges for taking the factory ’s money.
You are fired as well. ” Yu Qi chuckled as she continued her talk.
”So, you are not welcomed here anymore.
Please leave on your own, Mr Wen.
Otherwise, I will call someone to guide you. ”

”You are lying.
I want to see my father. ” The son ran and went to his father ’s office.

Yu Qi called the security telling them that someone not related to the factory bypassed the factory and was going to the Human Resource ’s Department.

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The security team quickly took their action.
They caught the man who had kicked the door because he could not open the door.
Everyone inside just ignored him as he kicked the door out of anger.

”Miss, I have already caught him. ” One of the security team said respectfully said to Yu Qi.

”Thank you.
Just bring him out and don ’t let him enter the factory. ” Yu Qi said.

”Who are you? ” The son shouted as he glared to Yu Qi.

”Me? ” Yu Qi pointed to herself.
”I ’m the owner of this factory. ”

The son was shocked.
He did not expect that the owner was a young girl.
To be worse, he offered the owner to be with him in exchange for the good life.
He remembered that his father would be sued.

”You will sue my father? ” The son asked angrily.

”Of course.
He took the factory ’s money.
And I am not a kind person. ” Yu Qi smiled coldly.
”Your good life was because of the stolen money.
What are you proud of? ”

The son was silent.
He also knew about that because his father told him about that.
And he did not think it was wrong since he felt his father only took a small amount of money.

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The security team brought the son at the entrance.

”If we find you enter this factory again, don ’t blame us about this. ” The security team gave the warning.

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