Chapter 637: Choosing The Place For Internship

”Are you sure that you want to intern at this hospital? ” The Dean asked Yu Qi for another time.
He had asked this question to Yu Qi several times already.

Yu Qi had been called by the Dean after submitting her application form for her internship in the hospital.
The Dean seemed to unsatisfied with her choice.

”Is there any problem with my application? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No, but…
You can apply to another place. ” The Dean said.

”You mean my family ’s hospital? ” Yu Qi already thought about this.

”Yeah. ” The Dean nodded.

”No. ” Yu Qi firmly rejected.

”But why? ” The Dean wanted to know the reason.

Yu Qi sighed.
”I want to learn at the place where my status is not important.
That is why I have submitted my application for Guanying General Hospital. ” Yu Qi explained.

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The Dean was astonished.
Usually, when a student that had a connection in a good hospital would use them and apply for the internship there.
But the student in front of him right now was doing the opposite.
With her grandfather ’s status, she could easily admit to Tang Private Hospital.
And also she would not suffer.
The Dean sighed.

”If that is your final choice, then let it be. ” The Dean gave up on convincing Yu Qi to change her choice.

”Well, then, Sir, I will go now. ” Yu Qi quickly excused herself before the Dean talked again.

Yu Qi met Professor Mo outside the Dean ’s room.
Yu Qi bowed and greeted her Professor Mo before leaving there.
Professor Mo entered the Dean ’s room after knocking and getting permission from the Dean.

”Why do you call Miss Tang? ” Professor Mo asked before going to talk about his matter.

”I am just asking about her choice of place for an internship. ” The Dean said.

”Oh, where does she choose? ” Professor Mo asked interested to know about that.

”Guanying General Hospital. ” The Dean answered.

Professor Mo laughed.
”This girl is always surprising to me.
Don ’t worry too much.
The girl knows what she is doing.
You should know since she is the disciple of Tang Jiang Man. ”

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”Yeah. ” The dean nodded.

So, they began to discuss about another matter.


”Hey, is choosing Guanying General Hospital not good? ” Yu Qi asked her friends when having lunch together.

Song Ha Ting was patting Aoi and gave some food to him to eat.
She looked at Yu Qi after hearing the question.

”Why? I think it is normal. ” Song Ha Ting said.

”Eh, you choose that hospital? I have thought you will choose your family ’s hospital. ” So Pang Lim chewed her food.

”I think it is better to choose another hospital that dies not know much about me. ” Yu Qi said.

Well, I think so too.
Because they will look at your skills first before your identity if you go to another hospital. ” Mei Lilli already agreed with Yu Qi ’s choice.

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”So, how about you? Where do you choose? ” Yu Qi asked everyone.

Mei Lilli: ”Song General Hospital. ”

So Pang Lim: ”Me too.
I ’m going to Song General Hospital too. ”

Song Ha Ting: ”I ’m going to Baxi Hospital. ”

Ding Na An: ”I ’m going to Tang Private Hospital. ”

”Oh, someone is fast. ” So Pang Lim teased Ding Na An.

Ding Na An faked some cough.
She did not comment anything about it.
It was her first choice at the beginning even she still did not know Tang Han Lee.

”Well, it is just the application.
Whether the hospital accepts or not, it depends on luck. ” Mei Lilli said.

”Well, Yu Qi has probably been accepted. ” So Pang Lim nodded.

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”Eh, why is that? ” Song Ha Ting asked.

”A normal person will not choose that hospital in the first place.
Usually, the internship students go there because they had no choice since their selected hospital does not accept them.
So, think about it, a brilliant student has chosen their hospital as their first choice.
What do you think they will do? ” So Pang Lim asked Song Ha Ting.

”Of course, accept that student. ” Song Ha Ting quickly answered it.

You understand. ” So Pang Lim concluded.

”That hospital is not that bad.
It is just located in a rural area. ” Yu Qi already researched about that hospital.

We just can hope that we can be accepted by the hospital of our choice.
Otherwise, we need to follow our university ’s arrangement. ” Mei Lilli said.

If we get selected by our chosen hospital, let ’s go celebrate at Rose Night Club. ” So Pang Lim suggested.

”You just want to drink right? ” Mei Lilli rebuked.

”Hey, I will just drink on the happy occasion, okay. ” So Pang Lim rolled her eyes to Mei Lilli.

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”Are you sure? ” Yu Qi joined Mei Lilli.

”What is this? Yu Qi has joined Mei Lilli to attack me.
Na An, help me. ” So Pang Lim looked at Ding Na An.

Ding Na An just glanced at So Pang Lim before continuing to eat her food.

”Na An has just ignored me.
I ’m sad. ” So Pang Lim faked some cries.

”You are a drama queen. ” Mei Lilli said.

And they laughed together before finishing their lunch.


At Guanying General Hospital.

”Are you sure it is an application form for an internship? ” A person talked to his colleague.

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I don ’t read wrongly.
Here look at this. ” Another person showed the paper to his colleague.

They read the application form together.

”Top student from Starlight University. ”

”What? Are you sure? ”

Look at this. ”

”Look, she has attended the medical conference twice.
Once as the visitor.
Once as the participant? ”

”Top place in her course? ”

”Is this some kind of prank? ”

”Is this student in the right mind? ”

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”Anyway, let ’s confirm with that university about this application.
If this is true, we need to accept this student. ”

Let ’s do it. ”

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