After eating and spending some time in her space, the couple decided to go out.
They checked out.
Their destination was to go to Huang Lan Guan ’ house.

Yu Qi wanted to greet Huang Lan Guan ’s wife, Lin Ming Shu before leaving.
They arrived at Huang Lan Guan ’s house.

”I have forgotten to ask you, what does First Brother do? I mean his work. ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.

”He owns a company, I guess. ” Long Hui answered.

”Oh, he is a businessman too. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”What is his company ’s name? ”

I don ’t know. ” Long Hui really don ’t know about it.
”You can ask himself later. ”

”Oh, Sister Yu Qi. ”

Yu Qi saw that someone had run outside and directly hugged her.
When she looked down, she could see who that person was.
It was Huang Su Nie.

Long Hui quickly pulled Huang Su Nie from his beloved Qi Qi.

Brother Hui, what are you doing? ” Huang Su Nie could feel that she had been pulled away from Yu Qi.
She had to let go of Yu Qi.

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Long Hui pulled Yu Qi into his arms, claiming his ownership.
He glared to Huang Su Nie.

”Don ’t you dare touch my girl. ” Long Hui gave a warning to Huang Su Nie.

Huang Su Nie was stunned.
She then laughed.
”It is very rare to see Brother Hui getting jealous.
It is quite refreshing. ”

”Su Nie, I have asked you to invite the guest in.
What are you doing? ” Mrs.
Huang asked her daughter.

She then turned to Long Hui and Yu Qi.
”Hui, it has been a long time since I have met you.
Sorry, I have been busy and never knew you will come here. ”

Huang knew Long Hui since Long Hui was young.
He was her son ’s best friend.

”I know. ” Long Hui nodded.

Huang noticed the woman in Long Hui ’s arms and asked, ”And this is ? ”

”My girlfriend. ”, Long Hui replied.

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”I see.
Come in first. ” Mrs.
Huang invited them in.

The couple entered the house.

”Su Nie, go and bring something to drink. ” Mrs Huang ordered.

Huang Su Nie went to the kitchen.
Yu Qi saw there were some maids around doing her job.
She wondered why Mrs.
Huang did not just ask the maids.

Seeing Yu Qi ’s eyes at the maids, Mrs.
Huang seemed to understand what was lingering on Yu Qi ’s mind.

”We have preferred to do things that we can do by ourselves. ” Mrs.
Huang said.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Can we meet your daughter in law? ”

”She is cooking right now.
You can have lunch with us too. ” Mrs Huang invited them.

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui asking for his permission.
Long Hui nodded.

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”We will like to. ” Yu Qi said after confirming with Long Hui.

They were having lunch together.

”Congratulation for your marriage. ” Yu Qi said to Lin Ming Shu.

”Thank you.
I bet you are no far from it too. ” Lin Ming Shu smiled meaningfully to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

Yu Qi blushed for a little while glancing to Long Hui.
Long Hui also smiled meaningfully to her.

Yu Qi coughed.
She needed to change the topic.
”By the way, First Brother, Brother Hui tells me that you own a company. ”

”Well, it is not 100% mine.
Second Brother, he also owns 20% of the shares. ” Huang Lan Guan revealed the news to Yu Qi.

”Ehhh… ” Yu Qi turned to Long Hui.
She did not expect that.
She thought he was just a high ranking soldier in the military.

”Second Brother encouraged me to open the company.
He also gave me capital to me for the beginning.
Third Brother, Fourth Brother, and Fifth Brother, all of them also helped me with money.
Without them, the company would not exist today. ” Huang Lan Guan was very grateful to his friends ’ help for that moment.

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”I see.
What kind of business it is? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Mostly about software on the computer.
The business became a high demand nowadays. ” Huang Lan Guan told her.

”Oh, it is. ” Yu Qi understood.
The technology was still developing.


Long Hui sent her back to the university.
When she stepped out from Long Hui ’s car, she met her friends who had just returned to the dormitory from somewhere.

”No wonder, Yu Qi has told us that we should not disturb her this weekend.
Turn out that she was having a date with her boyfriend. ” So Pang Lim elbowed Song Ha Ting.

”I bet you are jealous, Pang Lim. ” Mei Lilli just laughed at her friend.

”Na An also was not available yesterday.
I guess that she also had a date with a guy. ” Song Ha Ting thought about that.

”What? How can I don ’t know about this? It is juicy gossip. ” So Pang Lim was bewildered when she heard the story.

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”I guess that she has not told you because of this. ” Mei Lilli rolled her eyes at So Pang Lim.

”What? ” So Pang Lim did not understand.

”Because you like to gossip. ” Mei Lilli said.

Forget about it.
Yu Qi, where did you go? ” So Pang Lim excited to hear it.

”Well, we went to his friend ’s wedding.
They got married yesterday. ” Yu Qi did not hide about it.

”I have thought you have gone to register your marriage. ” So Pang Lim was joking.

”Of course, she will not be getting married just like that. ” Mei Lilli.

They laughed.
And all sudden, Yu Qi ’s phone was ringing.
It was an unknown number.
She stared at the number for a while to remember if someone whom she knew used this number before.
However, none had crossed her mind.
Meaning she did not know this number.

”Why are you not picking up the call? ” Song Ha Ting asked.

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”Guys, I will leave first. ” Yu Qi said and walked away while her hand clicked the button on her phone.

”Hello, is this Sister Yu Qi? ” It was a man ’s voice.

Yu Qi frowned.
’Which man will call her ’Sister Yu Qi ’? ’ She could not think of anyone.

”Who is this? ” Yu Qi did not wait for any longer to ask his identity.

”Its me, Kim Ha Yang. ” The man said.

Yu Qi thought again.
’Kim Ha Yang.
Kim Ha Yang ’.
She had heard the name before.
’Wait, is he the boy whom I have met at the Harmony Orphanage? ’

”You are from Harmony Orphanage, aren ’t you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Yes, Sister Yu Qi. ” Kim Ha Yang was happy that Yu Qi remembered him.

”I see.
So, why do you call me? ” Yu Qi asked straight away.
She sensed there was something wrong in Kim Ha Yang ’s voice.

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”Sister Yu Qi, please help us. ” Kim Ha Yang begged her.

”Can you tell me what is going on there? ” Her sixth sense was correct.
Something was going on there.

”Harmony Orphanage may close down. ” Kim Ha Yang ’s voice was sounded very helpless.

”Tell me the details. ” Yu Qi pressed Kim Ha Yang.

”The government wants us to empty the building because they will destroy the building and make something on this land.
We have been given some money to compensate for this.
But even with the money, we can not find a suitable place to live. ” Kim Ha Yang explained.

”How much time you have to get out of the place? ” Yu Qi asked.

”The time left is only one week.
Actually, Grandpa Qian does not want to call you.
But I can not sit unbothered anymore.
My brothers and sisters need a place to live in.
Sister Yu Qi, do you know some place that has a large house that can be occupied by several children? ” Kim Ha Yang was desperate.

”Okay, don ’t worry.
Leave it to me. ” Yu Qi assured Kim Ha Yang.

”Thank you, Sister Yu Qi.
Thank you. ” Kim Ha Yang thanked Yu Qi.

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