The very next day, Wang Family received Wang Yu Jin in a gruesome condition, two of his legs were broken, one of his fingers was missing and his face was ruined.
Madam Wang was heartbroken when she saw her son appearing like this.

”My son…
My son… ” Madam Wang cried her heart out seeing her son in that state. 

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na were silent when they saw their brother.
They did not expect that those men would return him to this state, it was dreadful.
Probably Wang Yu Jin might be in bed for a long time.
They felt a little bit of pity for Wang Yu Jin.
However, they thought Wang Yu Jin deserved it.

”Mum, we should call the ambulance. ” Wang Fu Ya said.

”Yes! Call the ambulance. ” Madam Wang nodded.
Her son needed treatment as soon as possible.

Wang Fu Ya quickly called the ambulance, in about ten minutes later the ambulance arrived. 

The paramedic was shocked when he looked at the body of the injured boy.

It was unpleasant, he needs to be careful when lifting the injured boy into the ambulance.

Madam Wang entered the ambulance together with Wang Yu Jin.
Before she entered the ambulance, she told Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na.

”Take some money out from under my bed.
That money will be used for Yu Jin ’s treatment. ” Madam Wang said to them. 

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The ambulance left their house.
Wang Fu Ya did as Madam Wang told her.
She got the money; and calculated it, it was a very small amount of money. 

”Let ’s go to the hospital. ” Wang Fu Ya said to Wang Ha Na.

”Okay. ” Wang Ha Na nodded.

When they arrived in the hospital, in the emergency department, Madam Wang sat on the chair with teary eyes looking powerless. 

”Mum, here. ” Wang Fu Ya gave the money to her mother.

 Madam Wang took the money, seeing the envelope, she knew this money was not enough for Wang Yu Jin ’s treatment, but this what she had. 

Wang Yu Jin was still in the operating theatre.
After two hours, the doctor came out of the operating theatre.
Madam Wang quickly approached the doctor.

”How is my son? ” Madam Wang asked worriedly.

”I will talk about your son in my office, please allow me to clean myself first. ” The doctor said and turned towards the nurse.
”Bring them to my office. ”

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”Yes, Doctor He. ” The nurse obeyed his order.

”Everyone, please come and follow me. ” The nurse told Madam Wang and her daughters.

”Yes, ” Madam Wang and her daughters followed the nurse to the doctor ’s room. 

The nurse asked them to wait and to sit on the chair outside the room.
Before the nurse left, she gave a weird look to Wang Fu Ya.
When Wang Fu Ya saw it, the nurse quickly left them.

Wang Fu Ya frowned.
Why did the nurse give her a weird look before she left? Did she do something weird? Not to mention, the passer-by also gave her a weird look when three of them were waiting for the doctor to come. 

When the doctor arrived, he invited three of them came into his office.
Madam Wang sat together with Wang Fu Ya in front of the doctor while Wang Ha Na was standing behind her mother and sister.

The doctor sighed.
His patient ’s condition was serious.
The boy was only a 15 years old teenager.
He did not know who was cruel enough to do something like this to a teenager. 

”How is my son, doctor? ” Madam Wang asked when the doctor was still silent.

The doctor sighed again.
”Your son is out of critical condition, but his condition is still bad.
His legs have lost the function for mobility, he can not use his legs anymore due to late treatment.
As well as one of his fingers, it was missing.
If the finger is here and in range of the time, we can attach back but unfortunately, it was gone and out of the time.
For his face, he will have scars.
If you want to remove the scar, nowadays we have plastic surgery technology.
If you have the money, you can do it to remove the scar. ” The doctor told the truth to the family members of his patient.

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Madam Wang cried when she heard about her son ’s condition.
Her son could not walk on his own legs anymore.
How could she tell her son about this? That he was disabled.
Wang Yu Jin might not accept that.
That boy was still young and proud.
He could not accept this new.
He might shut of himself.

”Doctor, can you do something about that? Please. ” Madam Wang begged.

”I ’m sorry, Madam.
I already tried my best.
As I said, he did not get the treatment in time that make it worsening his condition. ” The doctor explained.
He continued again.
”For the case like this, Madam, you better go and make a report to the police station.
They beat a 15 years old teenager.
They must be punished. ”  The doctor did not know the exact situation.
So, he could not talk further detail.

When the doctor said that, Madam Wang felt it was right.
She should report them to the police station.
She wanted to make the men paid for what they had been doing to Wang Yu Jin.

”Yes, you are right.
I will go and make a report at the police. ” Madam Wang nodded.
”Fu Ya, you take care of your brother here.
Ha Na and I will go to the police station to make a report about those men. ”

Wang Fu Ya and Wang Ha Na agreed with Madam Wang. 

”Thank you, doctor.
We will count on you to treat my son. ” Madam Wang bowed to the doctor.

 Usually, Madam Wang was very arrogant to people but she could not afford to act like that to the doctor who would be the one to treat her son.
She needed to respect the doctor.

Three of Wang Family members came out from the doctor ’s room.
They went to the ward that Wang Yu Jin was placed at.
Wang Yu Jin was placed in the intensive care unit (ICU).
The visitors could not enter unless the visiting hour. 

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”Fu Ya, you wait here.
Ha Na and I will go and make the report. ” Madam Wang said to Wang Fu Ya.

”Okay. ” Wang Fu Ya nodded.

So, Madam Wang and Wang Ha Na went to the police station to make a report.
Wang Fu Ya sat at the waiting place.
There were some people that also waiting at the waiting place.
They looked at Wang Fu Ya weirdly.

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