”You bitch!!! What have you done to my friends? ” One of the men shouted to Yu Qi angrily.

Yu Qi did not answer that question.
Right now, in her mind, she wanted all of these men to suffer.
Since they had aimed her brothers ’ legs, she wanted them to feel the same pain as her brothers had felt.

She quickly robbed the guns from the two men.
In the same time, she kicked the hands which had shot her brothers.
The arms were immediately broken.
The two men shouted in pain.

Yu Qi did not give any time to other men to react.
She kicked the leg of the men one by one.
The men immediately fell on the ground as one of their legs had been hurt.
Right now, the alley was full with the voices which were out the pain they were feeling.

In the middle of them, there was a beauty standing gracefully looking down at them with cold eyes that voids any emotions.
The men felt very scared of the girl.
This was not a beauty but a devil who wore a beauty ’s mask.

Yu Qi put the guns away.
The men only had these two guns.
No more weapons.
Yu Qi thought it was kind of stupid of them.
They would have at least armed themselves.
Maybe with a knife.

But Yu Qi was relieved that these men were stupid.
They might think that guns were enough to scare people.
So, other weapons would not be necessary for them.

After a moment, Yu Qi turned back to her brothers with a worried face.
”Wait, I will call the ambulance and police. ”

Tang Jin Wei blinked several times while looking at his little sister.
Just now…
His little sister was very cool.
His little sister was very strong.

Yu Q looked at Tang Han Lee ’s wound.
It was not looking good.
The bullet had stuck in the leg in the middle of the bone.
It would be bad if that bullet would not be removed as soon as possible.

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The paramedic seemed to be arrived there late.
She needed to do something.

”Big Brother, do you believe me? ” Yu Qi asked Tang Han Lee.

Tang Han Lee was stunned for a minute.
But then he nodded while answering her.
”I believe you. ”

”Okay. ” Yu Qi quickly brought something out from her bag.
It was a small pouch.
But when she opened it, it was a complete set of surgical tools.

”Big Brother, I hope you can withstand the pain.
I ’m going to remove the bullet from your leg.
Before that… ” Yu Qi cut her own skirt.

”Little sis, what are you doing? ” Tang Jin Wei asked in a panic.

Yu Qi approached Tang Jin Wei and wrap the Tang Jin Wei ’s wound.
She had already checked his wound.
The wound was okay.
The bullet had passed through his flesh and was already out of Tang Jin Wei ’s leg.

”Your wound is okay.
Press this.
In order to stop the blood flow. ”

It was not like Tang Han Lee ’s wound.
Yu Qi returned back to Tang Han Lee.
Yu Qi wore a medical glove.

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”Big Brother, I will start now. ” Yu Qi put some cream the areas around Tang Han Lee ’s wound.

Yu Qi began to operate Tang Han Lee ’s leg to get the bullet out from Tang Han Lee ’s legs.
While she was working on it, the paramedic had arrived at the scene with the police.

They were surprised by the number of people who were injured.
And also the most surprising thing for them was a girl who was doing some operation on one of the injured men.

”Miss, what are you doing? ” One of the paramedics asked.

However, Yu Qi did not answer the question.
She did not even hear the question.
Her focus right now was only to take the bullet out from the wound.

”Don ’t disturb my little sister right now.
She is about to remove the bullet from our big brother.
Two of us have been shot by them. ” Tang Jin Wei tried to explain as simple as he could before groaning in pain.

The paramedics quickly helped him.

”But, it is dangerous to do it by yourself.
You should wait for the expert to do it. ” The paramedics said wanting to stop Yu Qi.

”She is a doctor.
She knows what to do.
The bullet is in a dangerous place that is needed to be removed as soon as possible. ” Tang Jin Wei argued.

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While Tang Jin Wei argued with the paramedics, Yu Qi had finally succeeded in removing the bullet.
”Finally, it is out. ” Yu Qi took a deep breath.

”Miss, let us take over. ” The paramedics said to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was surprised that the paramedics had already arrived here.
She looked around.
There were other paramedics who took care of people there.

Thank you. ” Yu Qi nodded.

She turned to Tang Jin Wei.
He was about to be lifted on the stretcher.
She took a relief breath again.

The police saw that Yu Qi was the only one who was not hurt.
So, the police approached her and asked her a few questions.

Yu Qi explained in a full detail.
But it was not included that she poisoned the two men who had shot her brothers.
She used the poison that killed the nerves which connected the leg nerves to the main nerves of the body.

They would not be able to detect the poison anymore since it had already left the men ’s body.
So, the men could enjoy their another life with the crippled legs.
That was a price that they needed to pay since these two men had shot her brothers ’ legs.
As for other men, their legs would be healed.


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