Yu Qi felt excited when she got another lead.
Her fingers quickly dancing on the keyboard to find the owner of the number.
There was quite hard since the person did do some effort to protect his own safety but it was useless when facing Yu Qi. 

The identity of the person was the Minister of Tourism, Wei Zhu Feng.
It was quite a high position.
No wonder he had a lot of money and getting a lot of money from selling the drugs.

To make a politician like him go down, she needed solid evidence.
The evidence that he could not deny it.
So, Yu Qi decided to hack Wei Zhu Feng ’s information.
This time, there were layers of protection Yu Qi needed to face before she reached the information.

The protection was quite hard.
Yu Qi tried so hard to break the protection.
But someone noticed Yu Qi was trying to get the information from Wei Zhu Feng.
Yu Qi did not scared.
She tried to fight face to face with that person.

Yu Qi never fights like this.
She wanted to fight the person because she wanted to test her own capability.
She did not afraid for them to discover her because she was pretty sure that they would not be able to find her due to her space. 

The other party was quite panic when they found out that they had been hacked by someone.
They were sure that they were the best in the nation so they never thought someone would brave to attack them.
The layers of the protection that they made collapsed one by one.
They could not do anything. 

Yu Qi on the other side was very happy when seeing the layers of the protection collapsed in her hand.
It was quite challenging but fun at the same time.
When the last layer of the protection collapsed, Yu Qi did not wait for any longer.
She copied all the information about Wei Zhu Feng.

His legal transition, non-legal transition, Yu Qi copied everything.
Yu Qi would go through about all the information when she got time later. 

On Wei Zhu Feng ’s side

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”What? We had been hacked by someone. ” Wei Zhu Feng shouted to his subordinate that came to him to report about the matter.

”Yes, Sir.
Our IT team was trying to fight the person. ” The subordinate said.

”Make sure you win.
Don ’t let that person succeed. ” Wei Zhu Feng said.
He could not let that person succeed.
There was a lot of illegal transition that he made.
If that information leaked out, he was pretty sure that he would be arrested.

”Yes, Sir.
Our IT team is trying right now. ” The subordinate said.

Right after the subordinate said the sentence, another person ran and came into Wei Zhu Feng ’s room in rushing.
His face showed the worst expression.

”Sir, all of the information had been copied by the person that had been hacked into us. ” The man reported.

”What!!! ” Wei Zhu Feng ’s voice reached an octave.
He was going to be doom.
The things that he had right now would be gone.
He could not let this happen.

”Do you know that person? ” Wei Zhu Feng asked.

”No, sir. ” The man faced down.
His team was trying to find out the person but they did not succeed.
That person was very skilled in hacking.
The work was nice and clean.
They did not leave any trace at all.

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”Go and find out who was crazy against me. ” Wei Zhu Feng shouted angrily to the two men.

The two men ran out of the room.
Wei Zhu Feng frowned sitting on her chair.
He was thinking of the possible people that wanted to fight him.
He did have a lot of enemies whether in the politician world or underworld. 

If his enemies used that information, he for sure would be finished.
He would lose everything, his career, his position, his wealth, everything.
So, he needed to find out who was it.
He would extend his hands for cooperation.
If the other side did not accept, he would make sure the person would be losing his life.

At Yu Qi ’s side.

Yu Qi was very happy with her finding.
She was getting close to the white powder.
Wei Zhu Feng might know about this.
She wanted the white powder because it could be used in a good way instead of drugging the women. 

”Master, what makes you look so happy? ” Bo Ya asked.

”Oh, Bo Ya.
I got some lead to the white powder. ” Yu Qi answered Bo Ya ’s question.

”Oh, that ’s great. ” 

”To celebrate it, let me cook for you guys. ” Yu Qi said.

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Hearing Yu Qi was going to cook for them, Bo Ya and Aoi played alone not far from the place that Yu Qi standing right now, shouting excitedly.
Yu Qi laughed when seeing this scene.
She always got to see this kind of scene.

Yu Qi went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to see what ingredients left in it. 

”Ground meat, and shrimp…
What else? Oh, it is pasta.
Our main dish will be pasta then.
I want to eat some strawberry cheesecake. ” Yu Qi made her decide what to cook. 

She directed Bo Ya and Aoi to get some vegetables and strawberries.
Her two little cuties rushed out to make the work done faster.

Yu Qi made her preparation for making pasta.
Aoi and Bo Ya came back after completed the task.
Yu Qi asked Bo Ya to wash the vegetables so that Yu Qi could cut them later.
Bo Ya gladly accepted the task. 

Yu Qi cooked the pasta first.
When it finished, Yu Qi called her two little cuties to eat the pasta first while she baked the strawberry cheesecake. 

It was a happy time for them.
Yu Qi was quite satisfied with today ’s result.
After eating and relaxing, she went to bed. 

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